October 1, 1960 - October 1, 2000


SPEECH, (Nigeriaworld) - We have every cause to celebrate and give thanks to God Almighty for Nigeria. Some of us can be very hard or cynical and say that all these foregoing blessings and achievements might be very well, but that we have squandered all the good will, opportunities and mutual fellow feeling and that there is little left to save. They cannot be more wrong, especially when they considered the alternative, or when they considered that there is really no alternative to a united, strong and confident Nigeria forging ahead.

STAFF, Abuja (Guardian) - ABUJA, the federal capital was yesterday the city of grandeur and elegance as Nigeria marked her 40th independence anniversary in a colourful fiesta witnessed by five African heads of state.

Anyim calls for unity

STAFF, (The Comet) - Anyim, in his message to the nation to mark Nigeria’s 40th independence anniversary particularly expressed joy that the nation was marking her 40th independence anniversary as a democratic society.

'Why we'll celebrate 40th independence anniversary’ -- Atiku

CHIOMA UGWUNEBO, (Vanguard) - VICE PRESIDENT Atiku Abubakar has explained the rationale behind the Federal Government’s decision to mark this years 40th independence anniversary of the country with fanfare saying the country has every reason to celebrate.


NAIJA ROONEY COMMENTARY: How Nigerians in the U.S. Celebrate October 1st
TONYE DAVID-WEST, Jr., Ph.D, USA (Nigeriaworld) - After several hours in front of the mirror and after being satisfied that they look like a million bucks, they would step out of the house carefully, bending down to make sure that the doorpost does not hit their head-gear. They take several minutes to enter the car, they negotiate their entrance into the car, making sure that their head-gear is in place.

Nigeria at 40: Obasanjo, Nigeria and the Burden of History
(October 3)

By: Wale Adebanwi
Which is to say that Obasanjo is a compelling stopgap, a necessary "time-out" that could be seized for better or for worse. What happens hereafter is the crucial issue to be resolved. But, we are not a forward-looking people, else, now, even those outside the opposing power-bastons should have joined the Taliban-cabalists in considering the post - Obasanjo options.

New York street closed for Nigeria's indepedence parade
LAOLU AKANDE, New York, NY, USA (Nigeriaworld) - A parade of close to 5,000 Nigerians thronged the streets of Manhattan, New York on Saturday on the eve of Nigeria's 40th independence anniversary. The New York Police Department from the 44th street to the 54th because of the parade shut the second avenue against traffic as police backed the parade and provided cover for the Nigerian march.

A giant at 40
REUBEN ABATI, (Nigeriaworld) - We are a nation in perpetual transition really because we are not yet a nation. There is so much distrust in the land. The Arewa Consultative Forum met last week, the Pan-Yoruba Congress met in Ibadan yesterday, the Igbo at home and abroad are all meeting today. They are all talking about the personal interest of their ethnic group.

Life reviewed at forty
DELE AFOLABI, (Nigeriaworld) - We search for glories to count,; In these forty years what gain,; Which song to sing, which tune?; Shout the victory or mourn the waste,; Jump for joy or bow in shame.

Nigeria at 40: Celebrate, Not
MUYIWA SOBO, Esq, Washington, DC, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The Constitution, I must say, spells death for Nigeria. So, as you decked up to celebrate the independence and the fake hope that the Nigerian-style democracy holds for your future, please don’t forget that each day of a man’s life only draws him nearer to his grave.

The Anguish of Nigeria at 40
STEVE U. NWABUZOR, Ph.D., Michigan, USA (Nigeriaworld) - At 40, Nigeria is shaky and its foundation is subjected to incessant seismic waves emanating from the epicenter of ethno-religious intolerance, graft, greed and injustice. These unabated waves have led to the battering of the national psyche resulting in lack of faith in the union and confused polity.

Happy Birthday, Nigeria
RUDOLF OKONKWO, Lynn, MA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Uncle, I know that one. I know that Nigeria. That is where Daddy came from. That is where people breathe in dust and have bugs that eat from the same plate with people. I know that Nigeria. But I am talking about that Nigeria that is a fool at 40.