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Elnora Daniel, president of Chicago State University

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Elnora Daniel, Biography

Abdulsalami Lecture Series: Dealing with an undisgraced dictator
LAOLU AKANDE, New York, NY, USA (Nigeriaworld) - With due respect to Chief Adesanya, the making of a gentleman is not complete yet for Abubakar or any of those former dictators who want us to embrace them. Is it just that we don't like their faces as Abubakar charged? No! Actually, their faces look better and more humane out of power.
Notes on the Inaugural of The Abdulsalami A. Abubakar Distinguished Lecture Series
STEVE U. NWABUZOR, Ph.D., Michigan, USA (Nigeriaworld) - I salute Mazrui's courage for letting the world know that Sharia in Nigeria is in essence a 'bargaining chip' by the Islamic North after losing political leadership to a Christian southerner! In plain language, Mazrui posited that the Islamic North in Nigeria views the wave of globalization sweeping through the world as a Trojan horse for westernization.

Congratulations on your invitation to eminent Nigerians
CHRIS TUNDE ODEDIRAN, New Jersey, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The choice of these eminent Africans shows your institution's deep concern for development and the common good, particularly for Nigerians.
An open letter to the Chicago State University
TUNJI ADEOTI, (Nigeriaworld) - I know many have already protested but adding this would certainly not be too much. Many things are wrong with the association of the lecture series with Gen. Abubakar.
Blood money for Chicago State University?
MIKE IKHARIALE, Washington, DC, USA (Nigeriaworld) - It is ironic that when some people talk of Africa, it is the Africa that could only be exploited that registers in their minds. This new millenim ought to have seen to the end of that mentality. Unfortunately the State University of Chicago is turning such and attitude it into a virtue.
Ms. Elnora Daniels: Nigerian Leadership 101 - The Abubakar Lecture Series Saga
TAIWO JAIYEOBA, Sacramento, CA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - In your invitation, you stated that Abubakar is being honored as the man who peacefully handed over power to a democratically elected Government in Nigeria. The reality, however, was that handing over power at that time in Nigeria's history was not a choice for Abubakar.
Chicago State University: Beneficiary of Nigeria's stolen loot
WAZIRRI C. O., (Nigeriaworld) - My initial reaction was that of shock and betrayal and then I started thinking that money must have played a major role for Chicago State University to invite former Nigeria's military heads of state to deliver lectures on democracy.
Abubakar Distinguished Lecture Series: Where is our focus?
OGBONNA GEORGE NWOGU, Chicago, IL, USA (Nigeriaworld) - It is unfortunate that this display of unity of purpose in the condemnation of corrupt retired generals does not occur in Nigeria where these people reside, and where a trial for human rights violations and corruption should be derigueur.
The General's lectures may earn your distinguished college a bad reputation
TOBI OYELESI, (Nigeriaworld) - Millions of lovers of democracy all over the world will most definitely be offended by your action, should you decide to go ahead with the lectures.
Babaginda and Buhari
Dr. IMEINE A. UKHUN, (Nigeriaworld) - Babaginda and Buhari are the shame of Africa and Nigeria. They had the rare chance to make a positive difference in the lives of Nigerians, instead they used their power to kill, maime, jail, torture, and terrorize Nigerians.
Intelligence, goals and Babangida
ADEMOLA FADIPE, Thessaloniki, Greece (Nigeriaworld) - Overlooking how he became Nigeria's president, Babangida's goal for which the people allowed him to stay on in power, was NOT to outwit us. It was NOT to strip us of our collective dignity and throw us into those dark years.
Ali Mazrui in the cauldron of controversy
STEVE U. NWABUZOR, Ph.D., Michigan, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Ali Mazrui is not a man willing to run away from controversy. He seems to relish controversy, not that this really matters. But what is difficult to explain is Mazrui's choice of Nigeria as the epicenter of his controversy.
The Abdulsalaami's Lecture: A Look at the Contents
TONYE DAVID-WEST, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Since the story broke, I have been wondering what exactly would be the contents of this so-called lecture series since we all know that none of the three dictators are smart men neither are they known for their indebt scholarship.
The Dictators' jamboree
BENJAMIN U. NWOSU, MD, (Nigeriaworld) - It is a shame that the Hausa/Fulani dictators and their Middle Belt serfs are funneling stolen Nigerian wealth to Western universities when 97% of Northern youths are stark illiterates and urchins.
Abdulsalami Lecture Series: No, not in our backyards!
LAOLU AKANDE, New York, NY, USA (Nigeriaworld) - These are men who have been accused of murder, embezzlement, deliberate mismanagement, those who have done everything in their reach while in and out of power to put Nigeria out and to send Nigerians to hell on earth.

Obasanjo lauds Chicago State's Abubakar lecture series

STAFF, (Guardian) - THE establishment of the Abdulsalami Abubakar distinguished lecture series by the Chicago State University represents Nigeria's historical and cultural ties with the United States (U.S), President Olusegun Obasanjo has said.

BIG STEVE, (Messageboard)

Abubakar's lawyers set for a fight over case in US court

LAOLU AKANDE, New York, (Nigeriaworld) - General Abubakar Abdusalami may have secured the services of two US based lawyers to defend him in the case brought against him by pro democracy activists in a US district court in Detroit, Michigan.

Withdrawal of Visas to Generals Buhari & Babangida:Open Letter to Collin Powell
WORLD IGBO COUNCIL, Baltimore, MD, USA (Nigeriaworld) - We write to express our shock and dismay at the issuance of visas to Generals Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) by your Department through the American embassy in Lagos, Nigeria, to attend a lecture series at Chicago State University.
Disinvitation of Generals Buhari and Babangida: Open Letter to President of CSU
WORLD IGBO COUNCIL, Baltimore, MD, USA (Nigeriaworld) - After several meetings and deliberations, we wish to establish our anger and disappointment, as many Nigerian citizens and groups all over the world have done, at your invitation of generals Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) to attend the Abdulsalami Abubakar Distinguished lecture series.
Join the protest on Friday!
COPPED, Nigeria, (Nigeriaworld) - We urge you to cancel this fraudulent "Lecture series" in the name of decency, transparency, accountability, human rights and the suffering youth of Nigeria who have been robbed of their future by General Abubakar and his colleagues.
Abdulsalami Distingushed Lecture Series: Letter Campaign
MUYIWA SOBO, Esq., (Nigeriaworld) - In reaction to the upcoming Lecture Series, I have written a letter to the two senators from Illinios and the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, requesting an investigation of the university and its connections to the Abubakar Foundation. As many of us may not be chanced to participate in the protest in Chicago, we may conveniently express our opinons to these officials and call for an inquiry to the issue. They may be contacted as follows:
Letter to Chicago State University president
NIGERIAN PRO-DEMOCRACY NETWORK (NPDN), Pontiac, MI, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Upon reviews of the list of your invitees to the so-called Abdulsalami A. Abubakar Distinguished Lecture Series this year, we are stupefied that the Chicago State University would support such an amorphous group of Nigerians most of whose members have been discredited in their own country for various crimes against their fellow countrymen and women.
NCP, North America, protests Abdulsalami Lecture Series
NATIONAL CONSCIENCE PARTY, NORTH AMERICA, WASHINGTON, DC, USA (Nigeriaworld) - We ask Nigerians and their true friends to join us for a rally to show our indignation at the Chicago State University on Friday, February 23, 2001. NCP is providing free transportation from the following locations in North Eastern part of the United States.