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Continued from Part I

Where there is a sea there are pirates. (Greek Proverb)
The best armor is to keep out of range. (Italian Proverb)
Where there are no swamps there are no frogs. (German Proverb)
Anything that fell to the ground has been soiled (Ihe dara n´ala agwala aja) (Igbo Proverb)
Lomhlaba Unzima, Lohmhlaba. [This world is a harsh place, this world.] (Zulu Proverb)
The toad doesn’t run around during the day without a cause. (Awoo adighi agba oso ehihie n´efu). (Igbo Proverb)
The person moonlighting invited the name “spirit” to him/herself (onye oroo nkporo onwe ya nmuö) (Igbo Proverb in Ngwa dialect)
When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive--to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. (Marcus Aurelius)
He, who has diarrhoea, does not care if the nearest forest is an evil one if and when nature calls. (Onye afo na asa amaghi ohia emere nmüo) (Igbo Proverb)

Let’s compare Malaysia and Nigeria:


alaysia is a country that consists of thirteen states and three federal territories in Southeast Asia with a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometres (127,355 sq miles) Malaysia as a unified state did not exist until 1963. Previously, a set of colonies were established by the United Kingdom from the late-18th century, and the western half of modern Malaysia was composed of several separate kingdoms. This group of colonies was known as British Malaya until its dissolution in 1946, when it was reorganised as the Malayan Union. Due to widespread opposition, it was reorganised again as the Federation of Malaya in 1948 and later gained independence on 31st August 1957. Singapore, Sarawak, British North Borneo and the Federation of Malaya joined to form Malaysia on 16th September 1963. The early years of the new union were marred by an armed conflict with Indonesia and the expulsion of Singapore.

The Southeast Asian nation experienced an economic boom and underwent rapid development during the late-20th century. With a GDP per capita standing at USD14,400, it has, from time to time, been considered a newly industrialised country. At one time, it was the largest producer of tin, rubber and palm oil in the world. Mahathir bin Mohamad, was the person that took Malaysia to the enviable level it is now. He was in the least, a friend of the west because he told America and the west the truth they wouldn’t want to hear; that they are greedy and are the ones under developing the so called third world countries. He insulted them as he liked and because he had no need of them, he prevailed against their onslaught to get rid of him. No Nigerian leader has or can do what he did against the west. Mahathir Mohammed recognised early enough that for his country to develop, he must jettison the servitude relationship many of the developing countries have with the west in order to have free hands to initiate and implement the kind of changes that will uplift his people out from the doldrums and until Nigerian leaders recognise this, we are heading for the rock.

Nigeria is ranked 37th in the world in terms of GDP (PPP) as of 2007. In Nigeria development is marginal and poverty is still prevalent despite government’s acclaimed efforts. While economic development had been hindered by the years of military rule, corruption, and mismanagement, the restoration of democracy and subsequent economic reforms have not successfully put Nigeria back on more secure economic footing. During the oil boom of the 1970s, Nigeria accumulated a significant foreign debt to finance major infrastructural investments. Many of the projects financed by these debts were inefficient, bedevilled by corruption, or failed to live up to expectation. When oil prices collapsed during the oil glut of the 1980s, Nigeria was unable to maintain its loan obligations and eventually defaulted on its principal debt repayments, limiting repayment to the interest portion of the loans. Arrears and penalty interest accumulated on the unpaid principal and increased the size of the debt. However, after a long campaign by the Nigeria authorities, in October 2005 Nigeria and its Paris Club creditors reached an agreement in which Nigeria repurchased its debt at a discount of approximately 60%. Nigeria used part of its oil profits to pay the residual 40%, freeing up at least $1.15 billion annually for poverty reduction programmes. As of April 2006, Nigeria became the first African Country to fully pay off its debt (estimated $30 billion) owed to the Paris Club. A wasted venture! In a country where poverty is prevalent and people are dying from hunger, ignorance and diseases!

Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of petroleum in the world and the 8th largest exporter, and has the 10th largest proven reserves (The country joined OPEC in 1971). Petroleum plays a large role in the Nigerian economy, accounting for 40% of GDP and 80% of Government earnings. However, agitation for better resource control in the Niger Delta, its main oil producing region, has led to disruptions in oil production and currently prevents the country from exporting at 100% capacity.

Nigeria also has a wide array of underexploited mineral resources which include natural gas, coal, bauxite, tantalite, gold, tin, iron ore, limestone, niobium, lead and zinc. Despite huge deposits of these natural resources, the mining industry in Nigeria is still in it infancy.

Agriculture used to be the principal foreign exchange earner of Nigeria. At one time, Nigeria was the world's largest exporter of groundnuts, cocoa, and palm oil and a significant producer of coconuts, citrus fruits, maize, pearl millet, cassava, yam and sugar cane. About 60% of Nigerians work in the agricultural sector, and Nigeria has vast areas of underutilised arable land. Perhaps, one of the most daunting ramifications of the discovery of oil was the decline of the agricultural sector. So extensive was the neglect that Nigeria, which was a net food exporter in the 1960s and grew 98% of his own food, now imports much of the same cash crops it was formerly famous for exporting. Are we progressing or retrogressing?

Many of Nigerian citizens are dying of hunger in the mist of plenty and a few primitive but rich, "educated illiterates" and wicked slave masters with complex, cruise about in jeeps and jets while engaging in immoral sex orgies.

These are some of the feed backs I received:


Dear Temple,

My Brother I am referring to your article in Nigeriaworld titled: “These are turbulent and bad times being a Nigerian abroad”:

My name is Angus, a Nigerian student living in Malaysia which has border with Thailand in the north and Singapore in the south and water divided them with Indonesia in the central state of Malacca.

My Brother you have said it all except one thing, “immediate practical solution" that will achieve the desired results.

For the fact that I am living in Malaysia I know what's going on in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia regarding the plight and ordeal of our people, I can assure you that what you are hearing is just a tip of an iceberg... (I will write you next time to highlight just few incidents that will shock you to the marrow. our people have died for nothing)

However, the crux of the matter now is finding urgent practical solution, hence the problems have been identified because even the Nigerian foreign minister lamented about it few weeks ago but as you know Nigerian government is not a government that listens or cares for people unless in certain circumstance where Nigerian formula is applied, i.e. (Taking the law in our own hands).

They have adopted the philosophy of " people can talk whatever they like but we can do whatever we like" ( okwunu ga ekwu uche-ya, omenu ga eme ihe di ya nma ) if not what has been written in nigerianworld.com, nigeriansinamerica.com and Nigerian newspapers would have changed not only the attitude of the government towards people but the whole constitution of Nigeria.

Having said that, it will be necessary to adopt a measure that will be in commensurate to the heartless and stubborn attitude of our government because “desperate issues needs desperate measures" (anu gba'a ajo oso...agba'a ya ajo egbe „) and when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

As the saying goes that “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for the good men to do nothing” In the case of Nigeria it should be “for the good men to talk only”

As a result of what I went through in Asia, I have resolved to seek justice no matter how long and what it takes and to do my utmost best to reverse this trend of treating Nigerians as trash whether as a group or individual.

As I am writing you this mail, I 'm filled with anger and indignation and there is excruciating pain in my heart, I have become a sadist for many reasons both because of the utterly negligence of our highly corrupt political elites and the non-chalant attitude of our various foreign missions.

For your information I am now a proud RACIST and now I cherish blacks and ordinary Nigerians more than ever because those who were dejected and rejected cannot reject themselves, that's the beautiful lesson my Asians ordeal thought me.

Again if you are in Nigeria, you will have little idea of our "distractive corruption" and the harm they have caused the nation but you will never realise the extend and magnitude of harm and evil these monsters have inflicted on Nigerians. Now I realised how other governments are caring for their people and treating them with great respect and sensitivity.

To cut things short here are my suggestions, as lightening goes before thunderstorm, let’s take soft approach first, if it yields nothing positive then we speak in a language that arrogant and stubborn government can understand.

  • Let there be a data collection link in Nigerian .com where Nigerians in Diaspora will report abuses for comprehensive compilation of figures, facts and statistics.
  • Let registered Nigerian associations in abroad write directly to national assembly, senate president and foreign affairs minister for immediate action.
  • Hence the majority of the victims are of Igbo extraction, the association should write to prominent Igbo leaders who share the same sentiments such as Uche Chukwumereije and some firebrand senators including senate deputy president, Ike Ekweremadu.
  • Let the association affiliate with groups in Nigeria like human rights, Editors of major newspapers or others that are vocal to bring the pressure closer to government.
  • Let there be co-ordinated protest in our various foreign missions both through letters and physical assembly at various embassies and high commissions, to voice our concerns, though the participants of the physical assembly will be those with authentic documents and we should let it be carried by international media (print and electronics).
  • Let us encourage as many individuals as possible to write personally to various people in various positions in Nigeria concerning the harsh treatments of Nigerians abroad while foreigners in Nigeria enjoy the best hospitality and courtesy.
  • The association must persuade the foreign minister to instruct Nigerian missions to provide legal aid to all Nigerians in prison, to review their cases to determine whether they were given fair trials because half of Nigerians in prison in Asia to be precise were there simply because they are Nigerians, a Nigerian was given 21 yrs jail term in Thailand ( their own words ) for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and another Nigerian was given 15 yrs jail term when Thailand police wanted to extort money from him after telling him that his visa was fake, when the guy insisted that he will not give them any money ( because this has been their stock in trade) and his visa was original , they handcuffed him, took him to police station and brought out about 3kg of seized drug which they put in front of him and took pictures and videos which was splashed in front pages of newspapers and aired on Television Channels that the guy was caught with drug. What of the drugs planted by the police? When they enter the flats where blacks are living, they will order everyone into the hall and handcuff them. while this will be going on, some of them will go inside the rooms and plant drugs or black paper used to wash fake dollars at various locations, afterwards camera will be taken to those rooms while the police will be searching and extracting those things they planted, later it will be aired on TV and everyone will believe them, these evil tactics is being used in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia against blacks in general and Nigerians in particular knowing that no one will ask question from the Nigerian embassy ( just few examples).
  • Let this topic be in the agenda of any gathering of Nigerians abroad for collection of opinions, views and suggestion for best methods to be applied in search for lasting solutions.
  • Let everyone make it a point of duty to create awareness among Nigerians who don’t care because they are permanent residents or citizens of their host countries or those who seldom experience such humiliation from immigration and police.
  • We should find ways to organise protest in various foreign embassies in Nigeria and ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Finally, if all these don’t bear fruits, I am willing to take laws into my own hands, all those countries that are treating Nigerians with contempt have their own citizens in Nigeria and they are committing worse crimes in nigeria especially the Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, British, Americans, Russians, Germans, French, Malaysians etc, they are committing crimes individually and through their bogus companies duping Nigerians millions of dollars. Please don’t ask me what I will do and how I am going to do it.

Finally here are some addresses we can send our comments, complaints and protests: minister of foreign affairs Ojo Maduekwe, omaduekwe@nigeria.gov.ng or maduekwe28@yahoo.com Deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu at ikeekweremadu@yahoo.com, people can also visit his personal website to send mails direct .senatorikeekweremadu.com. National assembly website www.nassnig.org or write to the speaker at speaker@nassnig.org

For now take care and remain blessed as we pull our resources together to bring justice to the oppressed and restore Nigeria’s battered dignity.

N.B. spiritual problem can be solved spiritually, economic problem can be solved through strong economic measures and policies as is being done in the US senate now and political problem can be solved politically. Ours is political problem which requires a political solution, please don’t ask anyone to pray for change, it is the people that will bring political change not God, should our government summon all the ambassador of these countries and demand explanation and retaliate accordingly to their own citizens in Nigeria, all these should not have been happening , I was a " hardcore" born again in Nigeria but now I have been exposed to harsh reality of life, while my faith in God increased, my approach to issues have changed, they way we practice religion in Nigeria is full of emotions and sentiments and wrong believe that God can cook food and set it on our dining table as a result of combines factors of ignorance, illiteracy, poverty and complete lose of confidence in government, we think that God will play the role of government in creating jobs and providing infrastructure, fight corruption and formulate economic policies, it will never happen ! God has done his part in providing us with all the natural resources we did not worked for.

Best Regards


Maybe you are aware of this incident, a guy was killed in the street, and his hand phone was placed in his right hand while his Nigerian passport was placed in his left hand. This case was brought to the senate through Uche Chukwumereije after the dead guy’s parents tried in vain to claim his body for proper burial: Malaysian government refused to released his body for no just reason and Nigerian high commission did nothing until now and no further action was taken by the senate which made it worse for Malaysia to maltreat Nigerians with impunity.

Two Nigerian students were found dead recently in their room, a rented 25th floor condominium they shared with others in Taman Connaught, Cheras, Malaysia. The deceased identified as Olugboja Emmanuel Olawale and Abbas Alhaji was found foaming in their mouths. Olugboja, 22, was on the bed while Alhaji, 24, was on the floor. The two were business information systems freshmen at University College Sedaya International (UCSI). UCSI research & corporate affairs vice-president Prof Dr Norfadzillah Hitam said the two were brilliant students and that he was shocked to learn of their sudden demise.

The bodies were found by a housemate who went to their room around 10 am on the fateful day to wake them up after they were not seen in the morning as usual. There were no signs of break-in or struggle which made the police not to discount the possibility of drug overdose. Police ordered post-mortem to ascertain the cause of death and are doing background checks on the two with interviews of their friends and associates. According to City police CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah: The post-mortem was carried out yesterday at Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia in Cheras, and police are awaiting the result. Dr Norfadzillah speaking to reporters said UCSI had notified the deceased families in Nigeria and the Nigerian High Commission in Malaysia of the death of the two students.

Ibrahim Hamidun, Consulate Officer of the Nigerian High Commission speaking to reporters, advised them not to speculate on the deaths. He said "It has already been bad for us. We, Africans, have been wrongly accused for the recent Kepong murders and two of our people have been arrested without any solid proof."

Another two guys were poisoned in local restaurant in Malaysia recently, it happened as a result of an incident two days earlier when two local women were murdered by what's popularly known here as " loan sharks " illegal money lenders.

There were Nigerian students living at the upper floor of the house and when police arrived, they interrogated one of the kids of the deceased who said she saw a Blackman. Police together with media pounced on the Nigerian students, this news was all over the country that Nigerians killed two local women which aroused the anger of the locals and they went on a reprisal rampage, many blacks were attacked at various places, we don’t know the exact number of blacks killed, some were permanently disfigured till now. Later, the police found the real culprits and offered a lip service apology yet our high commission did nothing.

Most Nigerians here are doing hawking to make ends meet, they bought things like perfume, belt, wallet, watches etc in the capital, and they will then go to the countryside to re-sale them. Many times their goods will be stolen, confiscated or will be simply asked to surrender them for their own safety or they will be attacked. Many people have died in the immigration deportation camps for simple immigration offence. One Nigerian lady who was pregnant and wanted to travel to Europe was arrested at the airport for false document and sentenced to jail; she delivered the baby in prison. After serving her sentence she was sent to immigrant camp for deportation, when Nigerian embassy refused to offer help for her ticket, she was sent back to prison and after few months the baby died and the girl became insane until now. Another pregnant Nigerian was arrested for hawking without permit and was locked up for 14 days which led her to have miscarriage.

Another man wanted to go home because of all these problems Nigerians are encountering, so he obtained TC (Travelling Certificate) from the Nigerian High Commission , he missed his flight the day he was supposed to travel but reconfirmed it against another day , his TC was supposed to expire at 12 midnight while his flight was at 2am , two hours difference. He was arrested and jailed for 12 months for having no stay permit, the Nigerian high commission that issued the TC refused to offer any help.

If a black guy takes a taxi, the taxi will take him on a jolly ride all over the city even when where the guy was going is 10 minutes drive away which will normally cost five dollar, the driver will make him to pay 15 to 20 dollars, if the guy refuses, either he will be attacked or the taxi driver will spread the news that blacks don’t pay for taxi and no taxi will ever stop for blacks for the next two months. My brother it's too many, talk to you next time.



Thanks a lot for your wonderful write up, Plight of Nigerians abroad. I have been following all your articles and I must confess you are doing a great job. You wrote about the Nigerian Embassy In Jakarta Indonesia, [I hope the Nigerian government and our embassy in Jakarta (and elsewhere) should take up the cases of those claiming that they were wrongly accused and convicted; they should get to the bottom of it all to make sure no innocent person is killed] is one area I would want to comment about.

I can tell you that the Nigerian embassy staff in Indonesia are the worst set of diplomats I have ever seen, I have been living and working in this country for over 13yrs, I am married with children, as such have been privileged to meet about 3 ambassadors in the Nigerian embassy. The Indonesian Police does not only send innocent Nigerian to jail but they indulge in extra judicial killings of Nigerians, over 30 Nigerians has been shot and killed in their home, street or the police headquarters. The most recent happened 5 weeks ago with 3 young Nigerian killed in there respective homes by the Indonesian Police. These young Nigerians were not found with any drugs, rather they were suspected of being dealers. They were not given any chance to defend themselves in a competent court of law; they were simply shot to death. It might also interest you to know that such killing of Nigerians by the Indonesian Police has been going on since 1999, and our embassy and government has never deemed it fit or necessary to react towards such despicable and wicked act of the Indonesian Police and Government. I will stop for now till I read from you. Note that I have presently the pictures of 2 out of the 3 Nigerians killed 5 weeks ago. It might also interest you to know the response of our Ambassador and our so called diplomats when we went to the embassy last week to protest this killing.

Let me state it clearly that I am not holding brief for anyone and do condemn any form of criminality in its totality. I am only showing concern for my life and that of other Innocent Nigerians that does their business legitimately. We now live in fear of our life. Your reply will be appreciated and I will forward the pictures including all our letters to the so called Nigerian Embassy. Remain Blessed


Dear Temple,

In Furtherance to my message, attached are the 2 pictures of Nigerians shot and killed by the Indonesian Police three weeks ago. Note that these Nigerians were not given the opportunity to defend themselves in a competent court of law. They were never interrogated or investigated by the law enforcement agents. The police simply shot and killed them on alleged suspicion of being drug dealers.

The lifeless body in first picture is that of Mr. Richard Anako. He hailed from Osurmgho, Ihiala L.G.A of Anambra State. He was accosted by the Indonesian Police in his Hotel Room in Kamayoran Jakarta. When his hotel room was searched; the police did not find anything. Apparently looking for evidence to kill him, the police then told him that they were convinced he was a drug dealer and threatened to shoot him if he failed to call any Nigerian that would bring drugs to him in his hotel room. He was given six hours to do so or die. The late Mr. Richard Anako, sensing his life was in danger, called Mr. Jubrila, the counsellor at the Nigerian Embassy Indonesia. He informed the counsellor of his problem, gave him the name and address of the hotel asking that the embassy should please intervene quickly to avoid him being killed. He also called the president of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (N.I.D.O.) who quickly called the same counsellor, Mr. Jubrila pleading that the embassy should intervene on behalf of Mr Richard Anako. There was no response from Mr. Jubrila or the Nigerian Embassy until after the six hours when the Indonesian police finally made good on their threat by killing Mr. Richard Anako and planting some drugs on him. The statement from the police claimed that Richard Anako wanted to run away. Richard was handcuffed and surrounded by the police. Is the claim that he wanted to run away not laughable?

The Second Picture is the lifeless and mutilated body of Mr. Oliver Osondu, from Ihioma, Orlu Local government area of Imo State. He was said to have been accosted by the police on his way to a shopping complex. There was no evidence of drugs found on his person, but the police, convincing themselves that every Nigerian is a drug dealer, decided to do it their own way by shooting him to death. It might also interest Nigerians to know that Mr. Oliver Osondu’s corpse was mutilated and most of his body parts removed as shown by the picture of his corpse taken at the mortuary where his body was deposited.

We, as concerned Nigerians, visited the Nigerian Embassy to ask why they were not responding as expected to these extra judicial killings. At the meeting with the Embassy staff, where the Nigerian Ambassador to Indonesia was present, we asked Mr. Jubrila why he was not able to do anything despite being informed by Mr. Richard Anako and the N.I.D.O President several hours before Mr. Richard Anako was killed. He, in the presence of the Ambassador said that he had no power to stop Indonesian police from killing Nigerians and besides, the call came in after office hours which meant he had left his office and could not do anything. Though the Ambassador made an attempt to explain to him that diplomatic duty should not have had any time frame in such a dire situation, it ended at that. The president of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization told the counsellor that he could have easily saved Mr Richard Anako's life by just putting a call across to the state or federal police headquarters in Jakarta informing them of the situation. That would have made them know that the Embassy was aware of the situation and such extra judicial execution of a Nigerian under such a circumstance could have been avoided. One cannot help but wonder the kind of Nigerian Embassy staff we have here. Are we not supposed to call our embassy when in need of their assistance or in distress? The casual manner by which Mr. Jubrila answered our question was disappointing. You could not believe it was a human life we were talking about and someone who was sent to protect the interest of our country expressed such apathy.

Any Nigerian could assume that our diplomatic missions in foreign countries would have the interest of our nationals at heart. Considering the type of treatment meted out to Nigerians here by the Nigerian staff at our Embassy in Jakarta - Indonesia, many Nigerians know that Nigerians do not form part of Nigerian external affairs policy. This has been made worse by the ratio of tribal or regional representation in the Nigerian staff of our Embassy here. Presently, the Ambassador is from the North, the Minister is from the north, the counsellor is a northerner among others. The few southerners here occupy inconsequential positions. This makes a ruse of the much talked about federal character in national office composition. The Nigerian Embassy here is a laughing stock even among Indonesian officials who severally tell us that we have no representatives here due to the way our Embassy treats cases of Nigerians even when they are approached by Indonesian officials to help a Nigerian in trouble, not with money but official papers to facilitate their return to Nigeria.

We have to note that it has taken the president of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization asking the Ambassador to invite Nigerians in Indonesia to address them, which the Ambassador is yet to do despite the contents of our welcome address to the Ambassador on arrival and other letters written to and receipt of which was acknowledged by the Embassy. Attached are NIDO welcome address and a letter sent to the Embassy by a concerned Nigerian. Also attached is NIDO letter of protest on the recent killing and mutilation of our national. The Nigerian Embassy here seems to be serving a hidden agenda which is funded from the national purse. The levity with which they treat cases involving Nigerians here smacks of tribal or regional disdain and funding such a hidden agenda from our common wealth should be reconsidered. Nigerians will be better off without this clandestine outfit baptised 'Nigerian Embassy' here.

The present Nigerian Ambassador to Indonesia, Alhaji Ibrahim Baba Mai-Sule has replied to the letter of protest sent to him by Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, Indonesia Chapter on the mutilated Nigerian. He said they had sent a letter of protest to the authorities here asking for an investigation into the incidence and a delayed disposal of the mutilated body. He assured that the Embassy was working ‘diplomatically’ with the Indonesian authorities on issues concerning Nigerians here which he would not divulge to us.

This calls to question the type of policies on which Nigerians are being ruled. Why should a few ‘all knowing’ individuals sit on issues that concern millions of Nigerians, pursue such matters and decide without caring for feedbacks from the wider populace as a basis for their decisions? This calls to mind the issue of Alhaji Bello Lafiaji, former director of NDLEA. The ‘almighty’ Alhaji Bello Lafiaji came to Indonesia few weeks after the arrival of His Excellency Alhaji Buba Ahmed, the predecessor to the present Ambassador. He was said to have met with his NDLEA counterpart in Indonesia, Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN). As soon as he got to Nigeria, he made it mandatory for anybody seeking a visa from the Indonesian Embassy to produce a letter clearing him or her of drug related activities from NDLEA. A Nigerian applying for a visa at the Indonesian Embassy has to spend, at least, thirty thousand Naira on fees and tips at the NDLEA in Lagos.

After the NDLEA hurdle and getting the visa, what mechanism does NDLEA have on the ground in Indonesia to check the activities of those who came to Indonesia with their clearance? Absolutely NOTHING. Is that not a clear indication that such a policy was imposed on Nigerians only to extort them and line the pockets of NDLEA officers? The so-called NDLEA henchman in his dumbness did not even find it necessary to meet with Nigerians here to add to his facts, if he had any. He is now answering questions for wrongdoing. ‘Mr. clean’ is now swimming in a pool of excreta. Hypocrite! The recent killings of Nigerians being highlighted here is just a tip of the iceberg. Subsequent write-ups will bring to the fore more horrible acts against Nigerians here. The most painful thing is that our so called Nigerian diplomats here always feel unconcerned. They only come on long paid holidays here with their legion of wives, children and extended families. All being sustained from our common wealth for merely being ‘extra Nigerians’.

Nigerians should not be taken for fools by a mediocre group who want us to see them as ‘Alfa and Omega’. We need to know how we are being ruled and be part of solutions to our problems instead of leaving our faith in the hands of a few inexperienced and uninterested novices.

The Nigerian Embassy here will continue to be a failure until our so called diplomats swallow their misplaced pride and work closely with Nigerians here for the good of all.

Do assist us Nigerian here in publishing this message to our fellow country men and women, so they can read and understand our plight and total neglect from those who are suppose to look after our wellbeing as Nigerians.

Remain Blessed



Hi Temple

How are you today? Hope you are ok; I tried to get 2 other pictures of Nigerians Killed here in Indonesia by the Indonesian Police.

The man in the third Picture is Okoro Orji Igwe. A native of Isiofia Okwoko Nkporo in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia state, Nigeria.

On the 2nd day of October, 2006, his Indonesian girlfriend was allegedly arrested with 5 grammes of heroin. Police took the woman in a car to Petamburan and asked her to call Okoro on Phone to meet her there. When Okoro went to meet the girlfriend, he was arrested. Instead of making him face the law and allowing him defend himself, the police took him to Kebayoram Lama and shot him dead.

The second lifeless body in a coffin is Mr. Chukwuma Chinedu Casmir, from Ikeduru L.G.A Mbaitolu Imo State, the Indonesian police went to an Apartment in Kelapa Gadin Jakarta, looking for someone they believe is a Drug Dealer on getting to the apartment the meet Mr. Chukwuma Chinedu Casmir and demanded for Identification on producing his Identity the took him away claiming he has been on their wanted list and Shot him Dead.

Like I told you in my first message, over 30 Nigerians has been killed by Indonesian Police without giving them any chance to defend themselves, Indonesian Police is the court, prosecutors and executors. And when such killing takes place, they do not allow our people access to those corpses, the Nigerian Embassy Staff, also feel unconcerned, they reported the news of the killing in their local language not in English. It makes it difficult to have access to important information.

Note that up till this minute, despite the extra judicial killings of three Nigerians over 1 month now, Our Embassy is yet to make any official comments about this act of wickedness to the Indonesian authorities, neither do they deem it necessary to invite Nigerians to discuss with them. This has always been their stand on issues concerning Nigerians. And the Indonesian Police has capitalized on that by using Nigerians for Shooting Practices.

In 2002 a Nigerian who owns a barbing saloon was shot and killed in his place of work, the Indonesian police said it was a mistake as they thought the clipper he used in barbing his customers was a Gun, concern Nigerian went to our Embassy to complain about the killing, we were told to come back the next day, by our then Chief Minister Mr. Tony Aligbe, we respectfully agreed and left for our various homes, the next day we went back to the Nigerian Embassy only for Our Chief Minister Tony Aligbe to call in the same Indonesian Police to chase Nigerians away, It might interest Nigerians to know that this same man, Tony Aligbe is currently the Nigerian Ambassador to Malaysia.

I read the last article you posted in Nigeria world, about the Plight of Nigerians, I also noted you mentioned writing about our plight here in Indonesia in your article; Nigerians in Indonesia are hoping and looking forward to this, hoping that someday, with the assistance of someone like you, our Glorified Embassies and their legion of unqualified staff, that does not know what the job of a Diplomat entails will be called to order.

Remain Blessed


Continued from Part I