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People on the inside say he (Trump) keeps getting worse - and mentally, keeps getting worse (Joe Scarborough, On MSNBC's Morning Joe programme, co-host)

We have many reporters, myself included, who have talked to numerous people, Republicans on Capitol Hill, who in private will tell you they doubt the stability of this president (Carl Bernstein, the legendary journalist who uncovered the Watergate scandal and corruption within the Nixon presidency)

There seems to be significant strain in their marriage since Donald Trump was elected president, and what I think we're seeing in these small exchanges is Melania attempting to stand up for herself. Also notable is the distance between the couple - sure, each are capable of walking down a flight of stairs on their own, but there's a distance between their bodies, suggesting that while they move together, they're very much separate. By fixing her hair with the hand closest to her husband, Melania seems to reject him - she was looking down and surely noticed his hand reaching out (He could have put his hand on the small of her back to guide her down the stairs. Not very respectful) (Susan Constantine, a body-language expert who trains law enforcement and the Department of Defense personnel).

ust as I wrote in my last article: While President Trump is away, abroad, on officials visits, his problems are piling up, more and more, at home, waiting for him to return. There's no respite for Trump, as his woes and gaffes continue. The latest news, apart from asking the former FBI Director to shut down Flynn investigation, is that President Trump also asked two top U.S. intelligence chiefs to push back against the FBI's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and his presidential campaign, the NPR quoted the Washington Post report, on Monday evening. According to the Post, the president made the request to Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and National Security Agency Director, Adm. Mike Rogers, shortly after then-FBI Director James Comey - who Trump fired almost two weeks ago - confirmed the existence of the FBI investigation, during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, on March 20.

I have said it, all along, that even though Trump is moronic, he's also a dunce; but the problem is that he refuses to learn, or ask questions. Tell me how the president of the United States, and the commander-in-chief, doesn't even know that Saudi Arabia and Israel are in the Middle East? He just messed himself up, the more, in Israel.

The popsugar, on May 23, puts it better that it would be nice if the president of the United States was required to pass a basic geography test. But it's clear that, if such a test existed, Donald Trump would not be president - which he proved, at a press conference, in Israel on May 22. Let's get this out of the way first: Israel and Saudi Arabia are both in the Middle East. While Israel's population might not be as homogeneously Arab as the other countries it borders in the region, it's still in the Middle East. Trump, who just flew roughly 850 miles north from the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, to Jerusalem in Israel, revealed his ignorance while speaking to Israeli ministers. "We just got back from . . . the Middle East. We just got back from Saudi Arabia," Trump said in the video while hesitantly looking at Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Expressions of disbelief pervade the room after Trump's comment; the American-born Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, visibly face palms while the other leaders awkwardly grimace.

Is it just me, or is it unnerving that the commander of the world's largest nuclear arsenal is unable to recognize what subcontinent he's on?

Trump accuses the press, and the "establishment" (outsiders) of witch-hunting him, but in his own house, he has, or knows, no peace. Couples do quarrel or fight, from time to time, within the four walls of their home (it's natural, as there's no perfect marriage anywhere), but will put on a brave face outside, cloaking their internal problems, pretending that "all is well", in order not to betray their emotions before outsiders. More especially, the first American couple should be role models, for other couples, all over the world; but for the Trumps, they always want the world to know that they're only just "hanging on" there. In three years, Melania only posted one picture of herself and Trump and that was on July 1, 2014.

Melania Trump, the American first lady, really despises that role, and it was alleged that she's unhappy, and has complained how her new role is destroying her life, as she doesn't want any of it, and didn't plan for it. It was also alleged that Donald and Melania are as good as separated, as they don't sleep in the same room, not to talk of, in the same bed, again. These are still rumors. But what happened in Israel and Italy, on May 22 and 23, said it all. Melania refused to take Donald's hand.

The CNN reported that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his wife, Sara, rolled out the red carpet for President Donald Trump and first lady, Melania Trump, at Ben Gurion International Airport, Monday morning, but one moment stood out: a flick of the wrist seen round the world. As the Trumps and the Netanyahus walked the red carpet following a formal welcoming ceremony and remarks, the President seems to reach for his wife's hand. The first lady appears to swat her husband's hand away with a visible flick of her wrist.

The White House has not responded to CNN's request for comment and context on the moment, but the video clip is already going viral. "Well this is embarrassing," Israeli publication, Haaretz, wrote on its official Twitter account with a slow motion clip of the moment.

The USA Today wrote that Melania Trump is making headlines over her apparent refusal to hold the president's hand. Example one happened Monday, May 22, when she and President Trump were walking down the tarmac after landing in Israel. She appears to swat his hand away.

Example two took place Tuesday, May 23, when the pair were disembarking from their plane in Rome. The president appears to reach for his wife's hand, but Melania quickly moves it away, brushing hair out of her face.

A website, madammenoire, wrote: "I'm sure it's not easy loving someone who is a public figure. And it damn sure can't be easy loving or even liking Donald Trump, but there is something oh so interesting when it comes to the way Melania Trump interacts with her husband in public. Honestly, it's funny bordering on sad. And despite the White House saying reports that Melania is unhappy are false, she keeps the people talking. Whether she's visibly uncomfortable by the touch of his hand, going from a smile to a scowl when he turns his back, or most recently, slapping his hand away when he reaches out to hold hers, with cameras watching, she's just not feeling it! The website ended the report by attaching clips, asking readers to "check out nine other times Melania Trump gave us the idea that she feels the same way we do about her husband, Donald Trump".

I can't move on here without bringing the HuffPost's version: Melania Trump appeared to want nothing to do with President Donald Trump's hand on Monday. After FLOTUS and POTUS arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel, for Day 3 of the administration's first international trip, Trump reached one hand backwards toward his wife ? but she quickly rebuffed the gesture with a flick of her wrist. At the time, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, was holding hands with wife, Sara, beside the Trumps. A Twitter user captured the swat heard 'round the world: Naturally, Twitter was in an uproar about it:

Someone with the name: Voice of reason tweeted:

LOL! Melania in Tel Aviv is as MISERABLE, as Melania in the U.S... Watch her push away the CREEP's hand. This guy is DISGUSTING!

I present to you, the REAL NEWS from Tel Aviv. We'll all be invited to the IMPEACHMENT and DIVORCE parties real SOON.

Kara Calavera tweeted:

He only tried to hold her hand after he saw Bibi and his wife holding hands. He was like, "Wait, is this how humans act? Melania!"

To sum it up, what's going on between the Trumps didn't start today: Donald has humiliated Melania before, and what she did in Israel and Rome might have been a pay back. The Yahoo News wrote that on Inauguration Day, when the Trumps arrived at the White House to greet the Obamas, Donald exited the limo and bounded ahead without acknowledging his wife, fueling rumors of marital strife. That same day, a meme of Melania smiling at her husband with her face melting into a solemn frown when his back was turned, went viral, along with the hashtag #FreeMelania.

People used to say that "one finds nothing good inside the head of a pig", and I've reiterated this point, times without number, that Presidents Trump and Buhari are one of the worst things to happen to their respective countries. They're disaster, clueless, crisis-prone, chaotic, tumultuous etc. Trump and Buhari were supposed to be the least qualified persons to lead their respective countries, and for reasons I still can't understand, they were "elected". Now, look what they've done to the respective countries!

If it comes to groping women, frolicking or molesting them, or bedding them, as his own national assignment, while his contemporaries, such as Senators McCain, John Kerry etc, were "fighting and dying" in Vietnam, serving their father land, I would say that Donald J. Trump is the most qualified, but ruling America as president, NO. If it was about rearing cattle or being the chief MaiGuard, guiding a small bungalow with bow and arrows, I would say that Buhari is qualified; but ruling Nigeria, NO. Some may argue that he was once a head of state, but don't forget that he forced his way unto it, and we must ask how Nigeria fared then, and how it's faring now.

Since Trump packed into the White House, there has never been a dull moment, as he moves from one controversy after another, in quick sequence, as such that it's even hard to keep pace with them. Trump's White House, now a House of Scandals, is being hit by one crisis after another, and his aides are always scrambling to do the damage control, albeit unsuccessfully. As the AP wrote, it's becoming a familiar scenario in the crisis-prone Trump White House, where big news breaks fast, and the aides paid to respond seem perpetually caught off-guard.

I concur with Trevor Noah, that 'the whole idea of Trump is a lie'. The latest alleged scandal surrounding the U.S. president and Russia has Trevor Noah wondering, yet again: Is Donald Trump being sneaky, or is he just plain incompetent? According to the Huffington Post, During Tuesday's episode of "The Daily Show," Noah tried to make sense of the report by The Washington Post about how Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian officials. "How are we not getting this? How are we still confused by this?" Noah said. "No one wants Russians getting information! It doesn't matter what the information is! ... If you tell the Russians, it's not going to end well."

The comedian's humor was replaced with frustration, halfway through the segment, when he discussed how Trump, having loose lips, could compromise America's own safety. If the United States' allies can't trust the president to keep secrets, Noah said, then countries might not share valuable Intel with the government at all ? potentially shutting America out completely from global security talks. "The whole idea of Trump is a lie, even by his own standards. He's complete bullshit", Noah stated. If Trump spilled confidential information to Russian officials, he essentially broke his promise to protect the country at all costs ? which he touted throughout his campaign ? the host added. "So, here we are once again people. The eternal question: Is Trump incompetent or did he purposefully collude with the Russians to give them information?" Noah said. "Nobody knows."

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Trump, as a president, has been a human tsunami wracking himself with controversies and scandals. Is Trump so mischievous or deranged to be behaving the way he has been, despite occupying the highest office in the world?

Right from the beginning, I have said it that I don't think that Trump has the mental stability to lead the world. Now, Trump's mental health is an issue. I read, from the Independent, that Washington insiders claim Donald Trump's mental health 'keeps getting worse'. The Paper wrote that concerns over Donald Trump's mental status are taking hold in Washington and the media after the latest report that he leaked classified information to Russian officials. Reporters and television news programme pundits have been diving into comments, from sources close to the president, that speak to his mental health and mood in a way that has not been done with other presidents. However, the recent news about Mr. Trump is also somewhat unprecedented.

Even aides are infuriated about Trump's behavior, and some see their principal as being 'undisciplined' and 'self-destructive'. The Business Insider, on May 20, wrote that President Trump is abroad on his first foreign trip, but that hasn't stopped his problems from piling up at home. And despite administration officials' public attempts at pivoting the focus to the national security risks of leaking information to the public, staffers are privately "exasperated" by Trump, according to Axios' Jonathan Swan and Mike Allen. "They view their boss as completely undisciplined and self-destructive," Axios reported.

Although Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is 70 years old, and the oldest elected president so far, but still, he behaves like an infant. I borrowed the caption of this article from David Brooks of the NYT, where he wrote that at certain times Donald Trump has seemed like a budding authoritarian, a corrupt Nixon, a rabble-rousing populist, or a big business corporatist. But as Trump has settled into his White House role, he has given a series of long interviews, and when you study the transcripts it becomes clear that fundamentally he is none of these things.

At base, Trump is an infantalist. There are three tasks that most mature adults have sort of figured out by the time they hit 25. Trump has mastered none of them. Immaturity is becoming the dominant note of his presidency, lack of self-control his leitmotif. First, most adults have learned to sit still. But mentally, Trump is still a 7-year-old boy who is bouncing around the classroom. Trump's answers in these interviews are not very long - 200 words at the high end - but he will typically flit through four or five topics before ending up with how unfair the press is to him. His inability to focus his attention makes it hard for him to learn and master facts. He is ill informed about his own policies and tramples his own talking points. It makes it hard to control his mouth. On an impulse, he will promise a tax reform when his staff has done little of the actual work.

Second, most people of drinking age have achieved some accurate sense of themselves, some internal criteria to measure their own merits and demerits. But Trump seems to need perpetual outside approval to stabilize his sense of self, so he is perpetually desperate for approval, telling heroic fabulist tales about himself. "In a short period of time I understood everything there was to know about health care," he told Time. "A lot of the people have said that, some people said it was the single best speech ever made in that chamber," he told The Associated Press, referring to his joint session speech.

By Trump's own account, he knows more about aircraft carrier technology than the Navy. According to his interview with The Economist, he invented the phrase "priming the pump" (even though it was famous by 1933). Trump is not only trying to deceive others. His falsehoods are attempts to build a world in which he can feel good for an instant and comfortably deceive himself. He is thus the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence. Trump thought he'd be celebrated for firing James Comey. He thought his press coverage would grow wildly positive once he won the nomination. He is perpetually surprised because reality does not comport with his fantasies.

Third, by adulthood most people can perceive how others are thinking. For example, they learn subtle arts such as false modesty so they won't be perceived as obnoxious. But Trump seems to have not yet developed a theory of mind. Other people are black boxes that supply either affirmation or disapproval. As a result, he is weirdly transparent. He wants people to love him, so he is constantly telling interviewers that he is widely loved. In Trump's telling, every meeting was scheduled for 15 minutes but his guests stayed two hours because they liked him so much.

Which brings us to the reports that Trump betrayed an intelligence source, and leaked secrets to his Russian visitors. From all we know so far, Trump didn't do it because he is a Russian agent, or for any malevolent intent. He did it because he is sloppy, because he lacks all impulse control, and above all because he is a 7-year-old boy desperate for the approval of those he admires.

The Russian leak story reveals one other thing, the dangerousness of a hollow man. American institutions depend on people who have enough engraved character traits to fulfill their assigned duties. But there is perpetually less to Trump than it appears. When we analyze a president's utterances we tend to assume that there is some substantive process behind the words, that it's part of some strategic intent. But Trump's statements don't necessarily come from anywhere, lead anywhere or have a permanent reality beyond his wish to be liked at any given instant.

We've got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar."We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him," David Roberts writes in Vox. "It might give us some sense of control, or at least an ability to predict what he will do next. But what if there's nothing to understand? What if there is no there there?"

And out of that void comes a carelessness that quite possibly betrayed an intelligence source, and endangered a country.

Americans should fasten their safety belts, because, Trump is taking them on a bumpy ride. Let's keep our fingers crossed!