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People accept only that person as leader who is radiant with good knowledge and karma (deeds) (Rig Veda)

The glue that holds all relationships together - including the relationship between; the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity (Brian Tracy)

It's time to care; it's time to take responsibility; it's time to lead; it's time for a change; it's time to be true to our greatest self; it's time to stop blaming others (Steve Maraboli)

Blaming others is an act of refusing to take responsibility. When a person can't accept the fact or the reality, they blamed another person or the situation instead of taking accountability (Dee Dee Artner)

An important decision I made was to resist playing the Blame Game. The day I realized that I am in charge of how I will approach problems in my life, that things will turn out better or worse because of me and nobody else, that was the day I knew I would be a happier and healthier person. And that was the day I knew I could truly build a life that matters (Steve Goodier)

fter my last article, someone wrote me, asking how and why I should be living in Germany and be commenting on American politics; why I moved from criticizing Buhari to Trump; and who do I think reads my article in America?

I wanted to ignore this fellow and his questions, as I didn't want to dignify him with a reply, but, on a second thought, I decided to clear the air here, at least, for other people thinking that way.

As many have noticed, my writings about Nigeria or President Buhari have lulled. This became imperative, because, there's no more Nigeria to write about. What I mean is that Nigeria is almost over the cliff right now; and president Buhari has moved from bad to worse, and has no government to lead. Any semblance of a nation has dissipated since Buhari took over. Until the rise of a new Nigeria, and until purposeful leaders and government take over the new nation or nations that might rise from the ashes of this old and corrupt one that will soon pass into oblivion, there will be no need writing to change what's about to "die". Nigeria, as it's today, might cease to exist anytime, maybe, it's just a matter of time for that to happen (the plausible options are reverting to regional system of government or the complete break up of Nigeria); and President Buhari might probably be the last "president" of Nigeria. So, it will be useless flogging a dead horse.

What good is a country where the ruling elite have siphoned everything for themselves? A friend sent me what Major Ken Chioma Obi (rtd.) wrote. The officer asked the senators to adjust their pay to enable the employment of about 5 million Nigerians, or else, he suggested that the senate should be scrapped via a referendum. The officer wondered why the people the senators claim to be representing are jumping into the Lagos lagoon while they, the senators, will be sitting in a cozy chamber, importing N300 million worth of bullet proof jeep for their pleasure. Also, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi told us that any change should start with the national assembly, because, despite the hardship in Nigeria, a senator receives N36 million monthly - 200 Nigerians will be able to live a comfortable life on half a senator's monthly salary (multiply that number by 109 senators we have). A member of the House of Representatives receives N25 million monthly, and there are 360 members- half of their salaries can employ 48, 600 Nigerians, who can live comfortable lives. What good is Nigeria when the Fulani herdsmen, supported by Buhari's government go on killing spree in other parts of Nigeria, from time to time, and nobody pays a price for that, but instead, the victims will become the accused. Look at what happened in Ile-Ife recently, and how only the Yorubas were arrested, despite the fact that the Fulanis brought the fight to them. Fani-Kayode has questioned why the Yoruba elders and elite in APC kept quiet while their people were arrested? Where are Tinubu, Soyinka etc, why are they not speaking out again? Karma's really a bitch!

How can Nigeria continue to exist, when people have been reaping where they didn't sow? Look at what Alexander Otti posted:

"The Amanyanabo of Okrika kingdom has a lot of oil wells situated in his kingdom. He has no oil well. But the Sultan of Sokoto has over 10 oil wells in Niger Delta. The Amanyanabo of Bonny in Niger Delta has oil wells in his kingdom, but he has no oil well to his name, but the Emir of Kano has over 5 oil wells in Niger Delta territories. The Amanyanabo of Kalabari has so many oil wells in his kingdom, but has no oil well to his name in his kingdom, but the Emir of Gwazo has over 5 oil wells in Niger Delta territories. In Ogonilands there are so many oil wells but none of the kings in Ogonilands have any oil wells, but General Danjuma has over 10 oil wells in Ogonilands. The list can go on, but Niger Delta people and their kings don't have oil wells. Such a situation, will you say it is fair to the Niger Delta people in Nigeria? Let's restructure and live in unity. The cheating is very bad and not fair. This is the bane of the corruption in Nigeria".

As many must have observed, I write now more about the American politics, because, that country is still the leader of the world, but will lose that status soon, if Trump continues the way he's going. The point is that anything going on in America, for better or for worse, affects the whole world somewhere. For instance: We just read from the Punch how Nigeria has lost some of its oil market share in Europe, its biggest regional market, as crude oil exports from the United States penetrate more destinations. That means that America has taken over some of Nigeria's oil markets, and that will definitely affect Nigeria's ability to meet its financial obligations in future.

On the question of whether Americans are reading my articles? Of course they do. My readers are all over the world. In America, many of my readers there are Nigeria-Americans, African-Americans, Caucasians etc. After getting my articles published by Nigeriaworld, I do share them through my Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp Accounts to friends and the general public all over the world. I'm in Twitter friendship with many Americans and organizations such as CNN, Joe Scarborough, Athena Jones, the Democratic Party (I'm not a DNC member anyway) etc. Right from Obama's first presidential bid in 2008, I have been involved in American politics and campaigns. That's why, through the years, even though I've never met any of them, I have received mails from personalities such as Presidents Obama and Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, all the DNC national chairmen and top officials since 2008, Maya Angelou of the blessed memory etc. I received mails from these people, because, I'm in their mailing list, and I'm sure some of them do also read my articles. Since Tom Perez, the new DNC Chair was elected, few weeks ago, I have received about 4 mails from him, and the latest he posted, to me, was this:

"I've been around some great leaders in my time, Temple -- my old bosses Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy were two of them. They taught me that in order to lead, a good leader must listen. It's the most important ingredient in the kind of culture change that the DNC needs today.

Over the last couple of months, I've talked with party leaders, local officials, and supporters like you all across the country. And like many of you, when it comes to how we build a Democratic Party for the future, I have as many questions as I have answers.

That's why I want to hear from you today, Temple: what do you think our priorities should be? What are the most urgent challenges we need to meet?

I want to make sure this party has a place for everyone, and I want to see a level of involvement from the grassroots on up like we've never seen before. That's the only way we can turn around the Democratic Party and beat the GOP in all 50 states, seven territories, and the District of Columbia.

So let me know what you think!"

Let me make it clear here that I don't belong to any political party, as I criticize or commend anybody, irrespective of his or her party affiliation, when necessary. Those following my articles through the years, will know that I hit Goodluck Jonathan harder than I did to Buhari, from 2011-2015, when the former was the president. Anybody accusing me of being his supporter during the election didn't get it. I endorsed Jonathan then, simply because he was the better candidate out of the two. I even challenged the APC then to present a better candidate than Buhari, and that I will support that person against Goodluck Jonathan. If we can be truthful to ourselves, we must now acknowledge that I was right then, as Buhari has failed, just as I predicted in 2015. Despite his shortcomings, President Jonathan achieved a lot, but remained unsung, because, his media aides didn't publicize his achievements. Knowing what we know now, he deserved re-election, only that the forces against him then were overwhelming.

I'm not a democrat or a DNC supporter, despite the fact that I helped campaigned, in my own very little way, for Obama in 2008 and 2012. I did that because he's a black man. But, those following my articles can attest that I have criticized Obama for the mess of Buhari as the president of Nigeria, since he helped in foisting him on Nigeria. I also expressed my anger for Obama's support for same sex marriage. I've also criticized President Obama for not empowering more blacks in America, and for not doing much for that race as a whole, during his tenure; a mistake that might make it impossible for a black man to ever rule America again.

In some of my articles, I've blamed Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the mistakes which cost her the White House. The DNC and Hillary Clinton abandoned their base - the middle class, during the campaign, and they paid the price for it. I liked Trump's travel ban, but criticized it for not going far enough. I wondered why Trump didn't include those Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Lebanon etc, which are the main producers of terrorists, and where he has business interests, thereby putting his personal interests above those of the country. I have problem with Trump for accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him; and when it became glaring that such thing didn't happen, he should have apologized and moved one, but instead, he continues to hang on to it.

Let me draw an analogy here: Trump is to the United States, what Buhari is to Nigeria. The two presidents have glaring similarities. While Trump is a rich man, because of his business all over the world; president Buhari claims to be a rich man, because of his cattle roaming about. The only difference is that Trump is the president of a country where the institutions are working, and can sustain the system, even without anybody in power (the institutions can run America without the politicians). Also, where Trump is the president, the constitution is paramount, and the principle of separation of powers, in other words, Checks and balances, are clearly stated, so, the institutions will pigeon-hole or cage Trump, just as one of them has started to, with the lifting of his travel ban. If he survives it all, which I doubt, Trump will then have the "clear eyes" to tell others not to mess with a system you don't know when and how it came into existence. Unlike America; Nigeria that Buhari claims to rule, is a lawless country, as the president sees himself as being above the constitution, and the judiciary and the national assembly are powerless. In Nigeria, attainment of any higher position, in the other branches of government, is mostly on the goodwill and the prerogative of the president, but that's not what the Nigerian constitution says.

Presidents Trump and Buhari seem unqualified for the office they're occupying. President Trump was helped by Putin of Russia to win; while President Buhari of Nigeria was helped by President Obama of the United States to win.

Presidents Trump and Buhari seem sick; the former, psychologically unbalanced, and the latter, suffering from mental and physical illnesses. Only God knows what's ailing Buhari. I pray that he will live to complete the job he has been destined to do. We never knew that the end of Nigeria would come so soon, thanks to President Buhari, "he's the best"! Also, because of Trump, California wants to secede from the USA. Most of all, many Americans are renouncing their citizenship, like never before, because him.

Presidents Trump and Buhari won their respective elections when they least expected it. Both of them seem unprepared for the task ahead. They have the crown, but not the clue. Churning out executive orders, which create only problems; do not convey intelligence on anybody.

President Trump has refused to show his tax returns, and claims that the American people, who elected him, care not about his tax certificate. But, I wonder how such a thing can happen in America; that a person will contest and win, and become the president without the presentation of his tax certificate. This can't happen anywhere else, but only in the United States. Also, President Buhari of Nigeria has been a presidential candidate, for four consecutive times, but he never presented the minimum educational requirement for that post - WAEC Certificate, and till now, Nigerians have been waiting for his certificate. As an addendum, many Americans have started doubting Trump's educational qualification too. One wonders what his degree in finance teaches him, afterall, he has declared bankruptcy six times, making one to wonder how he can manage the American economy well. Running a family business is quite different from running a country!

President Trump and Buhari have no regards for women. Trump sees women as objects to fiddle, grope and use for sexual satisfaction; while Buhari sees women as belonging to the kitchen, the sitting room and bed room. Their respective wives, Melania and Aisha, are not happy with them since they took office. It has been reported that the American first Lady, Melania Trump, is unhappy with the turn her life has taken since her husband was elected President of the United States. According to sources speaking with US Weekly, the wife of Donald Trump didn't sign up to be in the political spotlight when she married him in 2005. The reluctance to play the role of wife of the president may be why the very private Melania has remained in their Manhattan penthouse while Trump spends his weekdays at the White House. According to a friend of the family, the former model "Is unhappy with how her life ended up. She is miserable." On the other hand, Aisha Buhari has complained that she doesn't know most of those working with her husband, and that the cabal around her husband prevented her from taking care of her sick husband in London, the way she wanted to. That made her to be coming and going! Even before her husband went to England for medicals, she has started complaining that they have subjected her to making an appointment before seeing her husband.

Presidents Trump and Buhari's presidencies seem to have been hijacked by other people. In the case of Trump, by Steve Bannon, the chief strategist and senior counselor to president Donald Trump, and co; and in the case of Buhari, by Daura, the DSS Director-General, and co.

The comparison to be continued!