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No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character (John Viscount Morley)

The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid (Art Spander)

Iran is playing with fire - they don't appreciate how 'kind' President Obama was to them. Not me (President Trump tweeted)

The possession of unlimited power will make a despot of almost any man. There is a possible Nero in the gentlest human creature that walks (Thomas Bailey Aldrich)

Usually a newly elected president is at the peak of their popularity and enjoying their honeymoon after taking office. But Donald Trump's making history once again with a sizeable share of voters already wanting to impeach him, and a majority of voters wishing they could have Barack Obama back (PPP President, Dean Debnam)

ince Trump's inauguration, as the president, about two weeks ago, it has been mainly fury, tumult, confusion, change, executive actions and demonstrations at the White House, in Washington D.C., and all over America. What kind of a president is Trump that he even said that torture works; he praised Russia; he banned some Muslims from coming to America; he suggested there should be punishment for abortion etc? Trump has been un-presidential; makes undiplomatic utterances; behaves like a bully and a tout, as he harshly replies almost every criticism, against him, even the most trivial ones. That's not how the president of the United States, the most powerful man on earth, should be behaving. I thought that packing into the White House would have bridled Trump's unguarded utterances and behavior, but nothing has changed so far.

Van Jones of CNN, on what's going on in America, noted, in Trump's first week, that "The truth has never been messier than it has been these past six days. We've got a boastful, strong man who plays fast and loose with the facts." On Trump's unsubstantiated claims that 3-5 million people voted illegal to rob him the popular vote, Van Jones added that we should "Consider there may actually be a method to all this madness. Remember, Trump does not see himself as a normal politician. And he never had the strategy of a normal politician. A normal politician who wants to prove himself would just point to the Constitution and the Electoral College and be done with it. But notice something, Trump almost never mentions the Constitution. Instead, he talks about polls and ratings and crowd sizes. Why? Because Trump sees himself as the leader of a mass movement -- first and foremost! Americans need to understand his mythology and strategy, which is to position himself as a populist president. It's actually rational in his mind for him to talk numbers. It's not just psychopathy. It's also strategy."

Some of you missed this last paragraph of my last article, as it was added late:

Hillary Clinton's faults unleashed Trump as the president, and today, Americans, and infact, the whole world has started paying huge price for that. Hillary Clinton, and of course, the democrats, should have gotten their act together, and should have saved the world from this schizophrenic fellow called Trump. To summarize, huffingtonpost.com, noted that under the less than ten day old Trump presidency, it seems that every day there's a new war. A war against the facts. A war against the president of Mexico. A war against the media. A war against the environment. A war against NATO. A war against Muslims. A war against our election system. A war against Hollywood celebrities. A war against women's rights. A war against China. A war against presidential etiquette. A war against refugees. And to add, Trump has started a war against Australia. A war against Iran. A war against Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so on. Barack Obama's presidency is just a few days into the rear view mirror, and already questions are being raised about whether or not these wars that Trump has incited, will ever end. The sitting president's continued flame-throwing and open hostility towards the world, both domestically and internationally, is increasingly raising tensions inside the United States and abroad, while sowing the seeds of conflict, chaos and instability across the planet. Trump's actions are even raising questions about whether his dangerous and divisive moves are putting Americans, and all of Earth's human inhabitants, on a collision course destined for global war. We sincerely hope not, as this question is downright scary to imagine or even to conceptualize.

At the heart of what makes the Trump presidency so dangerous is his overt willingness to look the American people in the eye- and flat out lie to them. For me, the worst of Trump is yet to come, and the world should have Hillary to thank for the mess we are getting into with Trump. It's unfortunate!

Where do we start to recount the problems which president Trump has been creating, just only two weeks, as the president? Trump has been targeting regulations put in place by the Obama administration; he has ordered the review of financial rules; he continues his feud with former California Governor and current star of "The New Celebrity Apprentice" Arnold Schwarzenegger, by tweeting that he (Schwarzenegger) was bad as California governor and on TV, 'but at least he tried hard', due to low ratings of that show; his phone calls are causing concern, as it was even alleged that he hung up on Australian Prime minister, after a terse phone call; he's quickly remaking U.S. foreign policy; and his White House calls the deadly Yemen raid, he ordered, few days ago, successful "by all standards", a day after the Pentagon concluded that civilians were likely killed, and President Trump himself honored the Navy SEAL, Michael A. Memoli, gunned down in the assault. The depressing thing here is that even the deliberative Senate is caving faster to the partisan divide, if to borrow the words from CBS News.

Trump is creating chaos everywhere: Obama's administration is just about two weeks gone, but Trump has started reversing everything that administration put in place. The Democrats in the Congress, who pledged to find common ground and work together with Trump's administration, have recanted, and are now girding their loins to fight dirty, and as I see it, the new Washington D.C. picture is political gridlock and cynicism, The Democrats are threatening to treat Trump just as the Republican lawmakers in Congress treated President Obama by stalling all his moves, thereby preventing him from achieving much of his agenda.

How can it be possible that Obama just left and Trump has just lifted parts of the sanction his predecessor imposed on Russia for interfering in the United States' election? It then means that Trump really has close ties to Moscow, and that Russia really influenced the election for Trump. The CBS News, on Feb 2, 2017, wrote that "the Trump administration appeared to loosen U.S. sanctions, Thursday, Feb. 2, that the Obama administration had imposed against Russia in response to its cyberattacks in the 2016 presidential election. The Treasury Department published a license that authorizes certain transactions between U.S. companies and the FSB, Russia's security service, and for the importation, distribution or use of "certain information technology products in the Russian Federation." Such transactions had been prohibited under Obama administration sanctions imposed on Russia in late December. At the time, the U.S. sanctioned nine entities and individuals including the FSB and GRU. The Obama administration said that the FSB had assisted and provided material support to the GRU in its efforts to interfere with the U.S. election.

Not only that, The Trump administration, on Friday, Feb. 3, also hit Iran hard by imposing sanctions on 13 people and a dozen companies in response to Iran's recent ballistic missile test, increasing pressure on Tehran, even when the United States has a landmark nuclear deal with that country signed during Obama's era.

America is now a land of demonstrations and law suits against the government, all caused by Trump. Women and many others have been demonstrating for different reasons such as the rise of Trump, and his controversial executive order that banned immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The order sparked protests nationwide and confusion at airports, as some travelers were detained. The Hill wrote that a number of major protests have punctuated the first two weeks of Trump's presidency, including over women's issues and Trump's order last week denying U.S. entry to travelers and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries. Democrats and civil rights organizations have hammered Trump's move as unconstitutional and biased against Muslims. Trump has dismissed those criticisms, arguing that the order is crucial for protecting the nation from terrorism.

Do you know that Trump has been named in more than 50 lawsuits, all over the United States, since inauguration? That will tell you how bad it is. According to NBC News, President Donald Trump has been named in more than 50 lawsuits since taking the oath of office, a staggering number compared to the first days of past administrations. Since being sworn in Jan. 20, Trump has been named in 52 federal cases in 17 different states, according to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. Comparatively, Barack Obama was named in three and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were each named in four cases between Jan. 20 and Feb. 1. While the president is often named in court cases against the federal government, the Trump administration is facing a wave of legal challenges for its two controversial executive orders that focus on immigrants from Muslim-majority nations or immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally. They also will have to battle lawsuits over Trump's possible conflicts relating to his business holdings: They're: Lawsuits against U.S. Entry Restrictions; Lawsuits against Orders to Build Border Wall and Defund Sanctuary Cities; Lawsuits Alleging Trump Violated Emoluments Clause etc

Now, a federal judge in Washington State, James Robart, on Friday, Feb 3, temporarily blocked enforcement of President Trump's controversial ban on entry to the United States, and airlines planned to begin allowing passengers from banned countries to board, according to The Washington Post. Following the ruling, government authorities immediately began communicating with airlines and taking steps that would allow travel by those previously barred from doing so, according to a U.S. official. About 60,000 people from the affected countries had their visas cancelled. The ruling is temporary, and the ultimate question of whether Trump's executive order will pass constitutional muster will fall to higher-level courts. Legal analysts have said the ban could be difficult to permanently undo because the president has broad authority to set immigration policy. The White House can't understand what the furore is all about, and has said that the Justice Department would "at the earliest possible time" file for an emergency stay of the "outrageous" ruling from the judge.

Infact, Americans seem to have gotten an overdose of Trump already, and many "are not seeing what they saw before". It's no longer what many bargained for. Trump has the lowest approval rating of a new president since 1952; he's so unpopular, too soon, that 4 in every 10 Americans support his impeachment. The Hill, on Feb. 2, tells us that "Forty percent of registered voters support impeaching President Trump, according to a poll released Thursday from the Public Policy Polling (PPP). Nearly half of voters, 48 percent, are opposed to impeaching Trump, and 12 percent remain unsure, according to the poll. Pollsters also found that a majority of voters, 52 percent, would prefer former President Obama in his old role rather than Trump; 43 percent prefer Trump, and 5 percent are uncertain. PPP polling found that 49 percent of voters disapprove of Trump's performance since his inauguration on Jan. 20, and 47 percent approve. Overall impressions of Trump remain negative, according to the poll, with 52 percent viewing him unfavorably and 45 percent viewing him favorably. Even a member of Congress, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), on Wednesday, Feb. 1, said Congress should mull impeaching Trump, if he orders federal agencies to ignore a judge's ruling halting parts of that immigration ban order. In the Congressman's words, according to BuzzFeed: "There should be a resolution of censure. And if he does it again, there should be articles of impeachment."

President Trump seems to have entered office with a "big heart", and if he refuses to embrace tolerance, patience and develop cool head, he will soon be history. Nobody starts like this and ends well. Even, almost half of Americans think Trump's moving 'too fast'. Delivering on campaign promises to get to work quickly, President Donald Trump began his term with a flurry of executive orders aimed largely at pushing policies he espoused on the trail, but new polling suggests many Americans think he should slow his pace. According to NBC News, quoting a new Gallup poll released on Thursday, Feb. 2, almost half the country thinks President Donald Trump is moving "too fast" in implementing his agenda. According to the news, Gallup asked about three aspects of Trump's executive orders: building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border; suspending the Syrian refugee program; and temporarily barring entry to the U.S. of people from seven predominantly-Muslim countries. Of the three, the temporary entry restrictions from the seven nations was the most popular, Gallup said, with 42 percent of those polled expressing approval, while 55 percent disapproved. Trump's order on the border wall followed in approval rate, but it also had the highest disapproval rate of the three issues. Thirty-eight percent approved, while 60 percent disapproved, Gallup said. The suspension of the Syrian refugee program saw a 36 percent approval rate in the poll, with 58 percent disapproving, according to Gallup. The poll was conducted between Jan. 30 and Jan. 31. Trump said the restrictions on refugees and those entering the U.S. from the seven countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - were necessary to protect the country from terrorism. Trump has called for "extreme vetting" for some entering the country. Trump's overall job approval rate among those polled was 43 percent, compared to 52 percent disapproval. Six percent had no opinion. The job approval polling was done from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31.

Here and now, I want to give my own personal opinion on the temporary barring of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - from entering the United States. For me, the decision was taken in haste, and it didn't go deep enough. If you know how 9/11 changed the world for the worst, and its negative impact on air travel, you will not pity those terrorists. The problem is that due to the faults of the bad ones, good people are also being punished. If there's a way to isolate the good from the bad, in order to punish only the guilty, it would have been better.

I support this ban, but for me it's too little and partial, as Trump left out Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon etc, the main producers of terrorists, because of his business interests in those countries. That's a double standard, and should be condemned. Having said that, I would add that President Trump is only creating messes and chaos everywhere, without thinking of their after effects! For instance, he wants to build a wall between America and Mexico, but wants Mexico to pay for it, and he didn't tell us who will own the wall, if Mexico pays for it. How can someone else pay for another person's property by duress?

To be continued