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Gbenga OwotokiWednesday, August 13, 2014
Florida, USA




"As soon as Zion travailed, he brought forth his children" -Isaiah 66:8

ringing forth is preceded by travail. Thus, it is in line to say before you prevail, you will need to travail. Just like a woman in labor, sometimes she will experience struggles and pain, yet the end result is worth it all, as the joy of giving birth supersedes the pain of labor. So it is when you conceive a dream or vision in your heart, it grows inside of you. There may be many painful struggles and many nights of travailing in prayer but when the time is right, nothing can stop your bringing forth. Giving birth to something can come with deep travail. There may be tears during the night, but joy comes in the morning. Don't be in a hurry. A pregnancy that is not carried to full term will result in premature delivery and if not carefully managed can result in the death of the child. There is always a period of incubation; such that happens within you. A time when you are in God's quarry site being worked upon and prepared for your glorious manifestation. When you are in haste and you evolve before you are fully made ready, you will fizzle away like the snowflakes in no time. There are yet many giants in God's quiver. God is 'cooking them' making them ready for the great exploits ahead. Are you one of them?

Don't be too quick to answer. Take a moment and reflect on your life. Are you truly prepared for what God is set to do in and through you? Perhaps, there are things to be corrected in your life. Maybe you need to allow the pruning hands of God to come upon you. For a plant to enjoy maximum yield, it would require Pruning. Pruning involves cutting off the parts of a crop that are unproductive in order to avoid the loss of nutrients. If a farmer does not engage in pruning, there is the risk of losing the harvest. Friend, if you must fulfill your purpose and make the needed impact in your generation then Pruning is non negotiable. If you desire to be productive, you will need to prune out some areas of your life you do not need. If you wish to remain relevant to your generation, you must consistently cut off every negative act, attitude or behavior. Pruning may reduce the size of a crop physically but it ends up making that same crop more productive. As you undergo Pruning in the hands of God, you may seem reduced, but you will become more relevant. Your circle of friends may reduce, but you will become more useful and impactful. You may look different from everyone else, but it will also set you on a higher pedestal of Relevance! When a man retains what needs to be cut off, he would finally become a flash in the pan-No Lasting Greatness.

In conclusion, your potential means absolutely nothing if you do nothing about it. God has deposited great treasures inside of you but you need to dig deep to bring them forth. No one lacks potential, people may lack the skill and will to get things done but everyone has got a potential. Realize your potentials and settle for nothing less. It is your road and yours alone. Others can walk it with you but nobody can walk it for you. God bless you big.