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Gbenga OwotokiMonday, July 14, 2014
Florida, USA




hat happened to Brazil? Has been the question asked by many. They were seriously mauled by the indefatigable German machine. Four goals scored in 6 minutes! This may hold the record as the highest number of goals scored within that time frame. Brazil, a country that have mastered the act of modern football now holds the heart wrenching record of the worst semi final defeat in the history of the World Cup. This memory can never be eroded not with winning 10 World Cups in the future. It may go down as the worst defeat in the history of Brazil as a great football nation. The third place match was equally worrisome for many Brazilian fans across the world. The Brazilian team was walloped by the Dutch team. How Brazil could be this humiliated on their soil beats the imagination of many.

These are my thoughts: Brazil already lost the match against Germany before they got on the field of play. I could see they lost the desire to play after conceding the first and second goals. When Neymar was injured and ruled out of the rest game of the World Cup, the whole nation did not hide their grief. Many wept and many people across the globe believed it was over for Brazil. There woes were compounded by the non-availability of Sylvia (the captain) for the match but so much depended on Neymar. I saw many of the Brazilians both at the stadium and outside the stadium wept because of the loss. These people may not have been the actual players on the field but the trouncing defeat of the team made them weep. I hope some will not end up committing suicide.

I have thought like many others that how could Brazil suffer such humiliation and I realized that what happened to them is a kind of allegory of life. Dear friends, you may have been knocked down but this is not the time to stay down. There are many destinies attached to yours. They are watching you. You are the bible they read. Don't ever think you are invincible to defeat. Keep your guard and maintain your tuff. The knock downs are not knock outs. It is your attitude that will determine if you will stay up. I have heard of people who committed suicide because the companies they worked for closed business and they lost their jobs in the process. Perhaps they had believed their survival in life was tied to those companies. I have heard of people who turned their backs on Jesus because a 'Man of God', who they have held in very high esteem and followed through and through, messed up. I have seen children who grew up worse than their fathers because of the terrible life lived by such men. It is not just about you. Think of those looking up to you. That is why you must stay on track. That you are losing presently does not mean it will end that way. Win the battle inside of you before you step out to fight the war. Tears will flow when you fall. Let this be your motivation. Think about it. God bless you big.