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Gbenga OwotokiTuesday, June 24, 2014
Florida, USA




ackers are on the prowl. You don't need to grant them any permission before they invade your system and cause unprecedented harm. So much money has been invested to create a defense mechanism against them. Firewalls have been raised and with each improvement in security, these hackers have come up with a more virulent way to attack and sought out ways to circumvent the system. Most often, the original intent of hackers is to gain access to information or data that ordinarily they should not have access to. Many had been defrauded as a result of hackers having access to their bank accounts. Organizations have crumbled as a result of the nefarious activities of these people. There have been situations when they had gained access to privileged information, encrypted them and requested for a ransom from the victim just to regain access to their own data.

There is a dangerous hacker from the pit of hell who is on the loose to cause chaos and pain to your life. That is why you must be at alert. This spiritual hacker needs no permission to invade your life before he comes in. He has been in this business longer than anyone of us. He knows all the loopholes. He is a master of cunning devises. Many great men of generation past and present had fallen prey to his antics. He gained an illegitimate access to the data of their life and used same to wreck untold havoc. No battle has been fought and won without first gathering secret intelligence about the enemy and most times the enemy is not aware that the opponent had gathered such information about them. This is not a time to slumber. You must guard diligently your 'data chest' and be very watchful because your adversary the devil is on the prowl looking for whom to entrap. The good news is we have the greatest 'Firewall' ever. He is our defense and protector. The security system of the world no matter how fortified, may not be able to withstand the scourge of the hackers. This is not so with our God. He is the defender of the defenseless. A sure protector and help in the time of need. There is no loophole with Him. Make him your guard and you do not have need to 'pay a ransom' to the enemy to get back what rightfully belongs to you. No 'code' can crash or crack Him. No attack can wear Him out. He is the ancient of days and yet He is never obsolete. The God who is always in Vogue. What else can we ask for? It is possible to go the devil and demand and command him to give back what he has taken from you and God has given us power to exercise such authority and most times the devil will release it and for some of us it may take several nights of prayers and fasting before he will let go. I have discovered an easier way over time that if I go to God and report the devil to Him of his many atrocities and things he had stolen from me (because he is a thief) that God can demand of the devil to release it immediately and without any hassle, he will release it pronto. If I have such great privilege then I have to connect more with this God who has and will never lose a battle and learn more of His ways so that I can experience more of His acts and you can also do same. God bless you big.