ChangeUP Tonic

Gbenga OwotokiWednesday, June 11, 2014
Florida, USA




riving within the city can be fun most times because of the expansive road network here but sometimes you are confronted with slow traffic or 'hold-up' as it is called. On one of such days, I had left home with the hope that I will get to where I was heading in 18 minutes (that's how well you can estimate your arrival time whenever you are heading out, all things being equal) but lo and behold, I became sandwiched in between other vehicles and was held up in traffic.

On this particular route, there were two lanes and I was not sure what caused the traffic as my vision was limited to a few meters ahead. After a while, I started feeling uneasy because the traffic was on a standstill particularly, the lane I was in. The other lane was moving gradually and vehicles I had left behind had overtaken me on the other lane. "This lane is not moving, if I don't want to be very late, I need to get to the other lane" I thought.

I prepped my car; 'trafficated' and the next vehicle let me in without any struggle. As I got on the other lane that was moving, I heard The Lord speak to my heart, "I am going to teach you a lesson today." Before long, the lane I was in stopped moving and the lane I left from started moving and vehicles that were behind me drove ahead such that I could not see them again while I was still trying to maneuver my way back. I had been on this lane but while I was there, it wasn't moving. Vehicles I'd left behind had overtaking me from the other lane. I couldn't see ahead to know exactly what caused the traffic. Because the other lane was moving and I was not patient, I drove in. How this capture the very essence of our lives here on earth.

You have a lane you must journey in to fulfill your God given purpose. That you are encountering bumps and delays on your lane should not make you become impatient such that you desire the 'faster lanes.' You might feel you are not making progress because people you left behind had overtaking you in this journey. You become uneasy. "How can so and so be in that position. When did he or she achieve that feat? But I started out before him?" Your mind begins to race back and forth trying to find explanation for this. You start to compare yourself. You scheme and plan with the intent of getting ahead either by hook or crook. You have failed to realize that on the journey of purpose, there is bound to be overtaking. There is always a season.

Identify your season and make the best use of it because it will not last forever. When you are at peace with your purpose, the 'speed' of others will not move you because your paths are not the same.

Also, remember that even though you might be walking on the same lane, your footprints can never be the same. You might be experiencing some slight delays or bumps on your lane, please stay on track. Jumping lanes on this journey of purpose will not guarantee you will get there faster than others.

If you are convinced of where God has placed you, don't worry the 'greatest traffic director' sees it all, He will ease the congestion on your lane. He knows when to take away the 'stop sign' and release the hold on you. And if only you could look away from selfishness and greed and search your heart for answers why God has allowed this delay, you will be amazed at what you will discover.

Some people who did not stop, when God placed the 'stop sign' ahead of them eventually met their Waterloo. Don't run ahead of God. Depend on Him every day for direction. Yesterday's grace is not sufficient for today's assignment, you need a fresh one. When you hand over the journey of your life and purpose to Him He is sure to get you to your place in record time. God bless you big.