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Gbenga OwotokiThursday, June 5, 2014
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Florida, USA




remembered that morning in March; I was about leaving the event management office as we prepared for my book presentation and launch when I asked the manager where I could find the closest branch of a particular bank. He did a good job by giving me a lucid description of the place which I thought was easy for me to understand. We hopped in the car and as usual with my wife by my side. Then began our interesting journey.

Based on the description and what we were told, we should be there in 2 to 3 minutes but alas our journey had already extended beyond that. I drove looking at both sides of the road with the hope that I will find the bank and this was a distraction because I wasn't able to really concentrate on my driving. My boy had started his usual 'singing' you need to hear him sing when he is really in the mood, you'll have no choice but to listen to him. "Maybe we can turn back hopefully we may find another branch of the bank on our way back" said my wife. That was all I needed to hear as I was already contemplating same and I just needed a nudge from my wife.

At this point, I navigated to the left hand side of the road having seen an exit sign. As I drove to the left waiting to take the exit route back, I lifted my head and looked ahead and the bank we have been searching for was just ahead and less than a minute drive away. We have exited too early because we thought we might not find the bank. The person who described the location painted a picture of a bank not far away and as result, that guided our every move and when it did not turn out as described, we gave up. We have to navigate to the exit route before we found the place we were headed. My son through his 'melodious singing' facilitated our wanting to make a U-turn. I was not alone as my wife supported the decision to turn back. This became a great lesson learnt as we discussed at that time.

Nobody can describe accurately where you are headed in life than your creator. No matter how well they claim to know the place, don't trust men with your destiny. The journey of purpose that leads to fulfillment of destiny is not a sprint but a marathon, don't be in a hurry. Take it easy. That you have not seen the destination yet, should not make you 'navigate to the left' and take that exit. You will be surprised, you are just a few inches away to your destination and it may be too late at that point. And sometimes you have to be on the 'left side' of the journey to see where you would have headed if you had remained on the right path. Avoid distraction which could come in the form of a 'sweet melody' -as is the case of my son- to distract you from where you are headed. Let God have the final say over your life. Don't give that position to a man no matter who he or she is. We have to exit and then made another U-turn to get back on the right path. Lessons learnt. When you realize you have taken the wrong exit in life, there is still an opportunity to make a U-turn back to the right track. Take it and make it count. God bless you big.