ChangeUP Tonic

Gbenga OwotokiThursday, May 22, 2014
Florida, USA




t is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Darkness will continue to pervade our land if we are oblivious of the light in us. "Let your light so shine that others will see Jesus in you…"

This is my thought: If (at the time of the Apostles) twelve men turned the world upside down by letting their light shine even in the face of the stiffest persecutions and difficulties; then what is wrong with our generations with millions of people professing allegiance to Jesus and yet there is still gross darkness all around. I guess our priorities and focus have changed. We have stopped being a reflector of the 'Son's Rays' to rather becoming a repellent.

Someone was narrating an experience he had that drives home the truth i am about to share. He said that in the darkest corner of his basement he had made a surprising discovery. Some potatoes in that darkest corner had sprouted and were growing. At first he could not figure how they had gotten enough light to sprout and grow. Then he noticed that hung from the ceiling near the basement window was a shiny copper kettle that was brightly polished and was in the perfect position to reflect the sun's rays onto the potatoes in that darkest corner of the room.

This is a great lesson. Do you know that regardless of where ever we may find ourselves we can also be a 'copper kettle' reflecting the light of the SON to a dark and perverse world. You do not need to be a preacher or a teacher of scriptures to do this. There is so much darkness in the world but if we can be the light and shine forth, we can make a world of difference. "Arise and shine for the glory of God is risen upon you." And the youth world troubles me more. The young people who walk away from the faith see right through the charade of those who profess the faith but don't live the life. May heaven depend on you to be the change agent in this generation. This will not happen overnight. God will not make use of emergency vessels; they will need to evolve through His process before they emerge. We should let our light shine, and if it does, we won't need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine without any hassle. Take off the veil, the world needs us to shine forth as true light that we are. God bless you big.