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Gbenga OwotokiMonday, April 21, 2014
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Florida, USA




How to use competence:

here lies your competence? Competence is earned. You must learn how to build competence to use it. A person with competence will take what they learn and apply it to different situations in their life. A competent person always sees the new light at the end of each tunnel.

When a person has competence, he or she feels joyful. A joyful person will consider each incident, experience etc in life as something they can learn from; as well, this person will not allow himself to be weighed down by the negative energy around. He will always see the light and continue to learn from his mistakes.

We hear bad news each day. Wars and rumors of war all around us. Things are out of control but yet, we can still achieve what we are set out to do. For instance, you can say "I do not have control over the world, yet I have control over my actions." Once you see that you can only change you, you will live happier and free of chaos.

You will need to learn how to suspend judgment of self and others. You are not the Man in control. Only God has the right to call judgment down on anyone. Let Him take the weight on His shoulders. You may need to pray often to cease judging self and others. Since this is a common problem, we face in the world.

It is ok to have opinions, but when you do not have facts to support your claims, why speak. Too many times people suspect, offer opinions, speculate, or jump to conclusions, which has caused major problems in the world. If you do not have facts behind you to support what you say, shut up. Allow someone else in the world to make the next mistake.

If you want to live happier, you will need to build your energy. To build energy you will need to eat proper, exercise and take good care of yourself. You will need to associate with positive people and learn to help others as well as yourself. The more effort you put forth, the more you will get back from your efforts.

Next, you want to consider your health. Exercise, eating right and avoiding harmful chemicals and substances are a start to bettering your health.

Once you get your health in check, you can move to build self-awareness. In fact, you should have a degree of this already built in you, since you need this to see how to improve your overall life. Self-awareness is the process of evaluating yourself. You should ask yourself, 'What can I do to change this bad habit(s)?' When you identify this, then set out without delay to make this right. Your life may depend on the changes you make. God bless you.

Gbenga Owotoki, is the founder and Presiding Coordinator Hephzibah Network International Ministries; a Ministry committed to stirring up the 'sleeping giant' in people for end-time exploits. A US trained Business and Change Management Strategist. He is widely known as the 'Change Driver' for his simple but yet unique ways through which he initiates changes that are rejuvenating lives and organizations and helping to restore hope in individuals who had completely given up. A widely travelled international conference speaker and Convener of the annual Giant Conference and Life Summit that have been a blessing to many.