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Gbenga OwotokiFriday, April 11, 2014
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Florida, USA




ou are a product of the choices you have made. A man can never be greater than his choices because that is who you become. You cannot make a bad choice and expect to live the good life. Choices have made great men and at the same time, it has destroyed individuals, families and even impoverished nations. When you consider it carefully, you will discover that the global financial meltdown faced by various countries in the world was a result of the choices that were made. God created man as a free moral agent. You choose who you will become. The scriptures says in Deuteronomy 30:19 "This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you, life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live." God will not force anyone to become what they have not chosen for themselves. Choice is important as its impact can be felt generations down the line. Choices influence every aspect of our life that is why it is expedient to make the right choice. The question usually is how do I make the right choice? Let's consider the following:

Analyze the expected outcome: When you make a choice, you expect a result. Take time to consider and analyze the expected outcome of your choice before you eventually take that step. Also ruminate on what the unlikely outcomes could be. Consider the consequences of not making that choice and consider what will be the result of making a completely opposite one.

Be true to yourself: You will always live with the consequences of your choice. Why not be sincere with the choices you make? Don't let the temporal respite or comfort override the true sense of your judgment. Look at the long term effect. I hope you can say sincerely and happily that you are what you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.

Avoid unnecessary influences: Don't be cajoled to make a choice you know runs contrary to your heart. Don't let people make decisions for you because they will not be there when you face the consequences. I know there are times when parents or guardians have to make decisions for their children, this is quite plausible and I also know that sometimes, you might be confused and you need counsel to guide you right; there is nothing wrong with this too but it is your duty to call the final shot. Sieve every advice you must have received and make do of those that will contribute positively to your life. Don't allow people to poison your life with their words or opinions. Be careful!

Consider the Pros and Cons: Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of your choice. A simple way to do this might be to highlight the pros and cons on a table you have created and also consider the impact each listed parameter will have on the outcome of your decision. You should go ahead with the decision if the advantages are more when compared and vice versa.

Seek God's Guidance: Your decision must be God-influenced. He sees the end from the beginning and going to Him for direction helps take the pressure off you. Like I pointed out in the opening, God will never force you to do anything. He has presented options before us; it is left for you to make the right choice. Usually, He leads through the still small voice and you will usually experience peace when you have made the right decision.

You are responsible for whatever choices you make and this includes the wrong ones. A wrong decision is not the end of the world. There is always a lesson to learn from every step taken. Get up! Dust yourself and avoid getting your fingers burnt the second time. Remember, you are the choices that you make.

Gbenga Owotoki, is the founder and Presiding Coordinator Hephzibah Network International Ministries; a Ministry committed to stirring up the 'sleeping giant' in people for end-time exploits. A US trained Business and Change Management Strategist. He is widely known as the 'Change Driver' for his simple but yet unique ways through which he initiates changes that are rejuvenating lives and organizations and helping to restore hope in individuals who had completely given up. A widely travelled international conference speaker and Convener of the annual Giant Conference and Life Summit that have been a blessing to many.