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Gbenga OwotokiTuesday, April 4, 2017
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Florida, USA




hen all hope is lost, God will help. When everyone has turned their backs on you and the environment has not been kind to you, God can help. His love for you is greater than any disappointments and His plans for your life are far greater than what you can imagine. Your travail will not last forever, you will definitely prevail. In that disappointment lies your divine appointment. Your waiting will not end in wailing. Don't underestimate what God is doing in your season of waiting. He will help you if you let Him. Let Him have His way. Don't try and manipulate or force the outcome. Just trust God to open the right doors at the right time. His timing is forever accurate. He will give you strength for every battle and the wisdom you need to make the right decision. He sees in you what you what you cannot see in yourself. It is time to stop worrying about the future and trust God instead. Don't let depression and anxiety destroy the plan of God for your life. Depression makes you lose interest in everything around you and gives you a fake impression that your life is worthless. Anxiety on the other hand makes you care too much about everything. It is the fear of the unknown. It is dangerous to be a slave to either of them. Give all your worries and cares to God; He will help.

Long time ago there lived a great king and two beggars who always stood at the gate of his palace every day. As the king rode by every day, the 1st beggar would say 'blessed is he whom the king helps' while the 2nd beggar would say 'blessed is he whom God helps'. The king always felt pleased to hear the praise of the 1st beggar. One evening the king decided to reward the 1st beggar for all the praise; he ordered his baker to bake a cake and wrapped gold inside the cake.

The next day as he rode by, he gave the cake to the 1st beggar as he hailed him as usual.

The 1st beggar who was in dire need of cash sold the cake to the 2nd beggar at a cheap price.

When the 2nd beggar cut open the cake he saw the gold, sold them and became a wealthy man.

He did not return back to the kings gate the next day. As the king rode out of his palace the next day, he saw the 1st beggar still begging for money and stopped to ask him if he ate the cake he gave him. The 1st beggar replied and said no sir, I sold it to my friend who was here with me yesterday; I have not seen him today. The king shook his head highly disappointed and confessed silently to himself that "Indeed Blessed is he Who God helps"

Interesting! Isn't it? They that put their trust in God will not be disappointed. When your time comes, no man can stop God from doing His will in your life. He will work and no one will hinder Him. God is a rewarder. It is not time to wash your net. Don't be through with yourself because God is not through with you yet. The idea that can change your life can still come. The door you have been knocking for a while now can still be opened unto you. That friend or family member can still be saved. Promotion can still come and long standing problems can be visited. Yes! You have toiled all these months and years with little or no results if only you will let Jesus into your boat, He will make you an epicenter of the miraculous like He did Peter. Don't wash your net yet, there is room for a net breaking catch that will change the trajectory of your life...This year must make sense. Trust in Him and walk by faith as you continue your life's journey. God bless you big.