Gbenga OwotokiTuesday, January 7, 2014
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ife is a process and should not be lived in a rush. Don't be in a hurry to grab everything all at once because you may end up being sorry for your actions later. A caterpillar must go through four stages before its metamorphosis is complete. They begin as eggs. Next, they hatch as caterpillars. Then, they go through a stage where they eat, and eat, and eat some more. Eventually, they become a chrysalis before the transformation is complete, and they can finally emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Often, we want to walk straight into the calling God has for us. We want to do and be everything God wants us to be but skip the journey and process that takes us there. We want to go from being 'caterpillar eggs to butterflies!' However, we all know that there are risks to anything being born prematurely. In order for anything to be birthed, whether it is a vision or a calling, we must be ready to go on a journey. We must go through stages and seasons of preparation.

A biology teacher was teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He told the students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon. But no one should help the butterfly. Then he left. The students were waiting and it happened. The butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon, and one of the students took pity on it and decided to help the butterfly out of the cocoon against the advice of his teacher. He broke the cocoon to help the butterfly so it didn't have to struggle anymore. But shortly afterwards the butterfly died. When the teacher returned, he was told what happened. He explained to this student that by helping the butterfly, he had actually killed it because it is a law of nature that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps develop and strengthen its wings. The boy had deprived the butterfly of its struggle and the butterfly died.

Some of us like the caterpillar in our story have emerged before time out of our 'cocoon' with the help of man. We have not been patient enough to allow God complete His work in us. A lot of 'spiritual larvae' have plunged into the ministry for the wrong reasons, they are so much in a hurry and have failed to undergo the full metamorphosis required to take up this huge responsibility and as a result they fizzle out before their time. This is also applicable to other areas of life. Imagine a 10year old boy getting into a marriage relationship, that marriage is bound to fail because that boy has not emerged from his 'cocoon' yet. A child born today cannot get into the university tomorrow; there is always a process, which involves time and effort. I have sited these illustrations to make us understand that when we rush into things we may end up being crushed. God is the architect of our life. He has the master plan concerning every one of us. Don't you think it's important to check with Him first before you take any step? If Joseph had emerged out of his 'cocoon' before time, he would not have been the Prime Minister of Egypt. Dear friends, there is a breakthrough at the end of the struggle. Like the teacher that walked away in our story, some of us may sometimes feel that God has 'walked out' on us but definitely He hasn't and He will not. He's only giving you space to evolve and when you are fully evolved then He allows you to emerge. He has made provision for you to go through this process. His grace is readily available for you, it is left for you to harness that grace. You must evolve before you emerge. Ministries, businesses, marriages etc run into deep waters when they emerge before their time. A fetus does not jump out of the mother's womb after 3months of conception singing and doing the break dance at same time; I can pretty much predict your reaction if you witness such. A fetus is conditioned to her mother's womb for nine months before she emerges as an infant.

Apply this same principle to our lives. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without an effort. Sometimes our lives can reach a point where they seem routine and mundane. Like the caterpillars, we are walking up and down, up and down. We may feel bored with where we are, like God has forgotten us, or as though we are not accomplishing much with our lives. We go through the day wondering, "Is this the day?" If we find it's not we should not give up because God has promised it, so we should prepare for it nonetheless! We should eat, and eat, and eat from the Word of God. We should spend daily time in prayer and worship. We should be building, preparing, and strengthening our spirit man to accomplish the things which God has stamped on our souls to do.

I'm convinced that, like the caterpillar, God wants to take us on a journey. I'm convinced there is a process. Job said "For He knows the way that I take, and when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold" (Job 23:10). Sometimes there is pain in the process. Sometimes the journey is difficult, but God knows and sees you exactly where you are. When others look and see an ugly cocoon, He looks inside and sees the beautiful creature that is being transformed. Before David became king of Israel, he was first a shepherd boy. Some of his brothers were greater in stature, but God did not choose them. Don't despise the cocoon. God may simply be waiting for your character to catch up with your calling.

It is in the difficult process of breaking out of the chrysalis that the butterfly becomes strong. However, if the caterpillar breaks its way out of the cocoon prematurely, he will never survive. His wings will not be developed enough to allow him to properly fly. God does not want us to simply arrive at our calling; He desires for us to be successful in it. You may be a caterpillar with the word 'butterfly' stamped on your forehead who is wondering "When is it going to happen?" Consider this thought: Is it possible that you have yet to visit the cocoon? Your manifestation is tied to your preparation. Don't be in a hurry so you don't end up being sorry. God bless.

Gbenga Owotoki, is the founder and Presiding Coordinator Hephzibah Network International Ministries; a Ministry committed to stirring up the 'sleeping giant' in people for end-time exploits. A US trained Business and Change Management Strategist. He is widely known as the 'Change Driver' for his simple but yet unique ways through which he initiates changes that are rejuvenating lives and organizations and helping to restore hope in individuals who had completely giving up. A widely travelled international conference speaker and Convener of the annual Giant Conference and Life Summit that have been a blessing to many.