Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Monday, July 28, 2014
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he Saturday Sun of July 19, 2014, in Lagos, has it that members of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN), met recently at Afuze in Onwan (Owan) East Local Government Area of Edo State. The meeting which its focus was on the frightening state of affairs in the country; the political and socio-economic challenges facing the nation was called for by the Witches and wizards of Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states. Top on the agenda was the horrifying menace of the murderous Boko Haram, according to the Saturday Sun. According to the Newspaper report, the spokesman of the Witches and Wizards, "people with knowledge," borrowing from the Russians, Dr. Okhue Iboi revealed that Nigerian Witches and Wizards "are deeply worried by what is going on in the country especially Boko Haram," and that "As stakeholders in the Nigerian project," they, the Witches and Wizards "can no longer afford to fold our hands while the nation burns." Other important revelations by the spokesman include, that the fate of the leader of Boko Haram, Shekau is sealed by the Witches and Wizards; that his days are numbered; that in collaborations with Witches and Wizards of Tanzania and India, intercessory spiritual work was done to preserve Nigeria; that Nigeria's Witches and Wizards in this international collaboration, the Witches and Wizards have resolved that Nigeria will not break up, but that there would be election related pockets of crisis here and there in the country.

This is a very welcomed development in the history of Nigeria, and a BIG congratulation to the "people with knowledge." It is inspiring and gratifying to learn for the first time in Nigeria that Nigerian traditionalists and some Nigerians with "spiritual knowledge" have come to recognize that they are also stakeholders in the Nigerian project. This understanding has been lacking over the years whereby many citizens without the skills of the craft became victims of the forces they know nothing about. As a result, many Nigerians and Nigeria as a country have gone through ugly and arduous experiences since nationhood lacking positive collaboration between the people and those with spiritual knowledge to aid the people and the Nigerian state. This author knows and believes that the wealth of the people is the property of the state as well because the people are the means by which the state functions and is recognized. This is one of the reasons this author has been advocating relentlessly that Witches and Wizards of Nigeria needed to be recognized by those at the helm of affairs, and be requested to join in the crusade to rescue Nigeria from the shame to which Boko Haram has subjected Nigeria and the people of this great country. It is also the reason that the recent Afuze meeting of the Witches and Wizards is highly commendable in our knowledge and opinion.

Although, Dr. Okhue Iboi, the spokesman of the WTZAN alleged that the Witches and Wizards that met at Afuze belong to White witches as a result they do not participate or use their spiritual knowledge to do negative deeds. Without a doubt, an erroneous impression is thereby created that there is Black Witches and Wizards and White Witches and Wizards; Black Witches and Wizards do evil deeds while White Witches and Wizards are angels who do positive things only.

I would argue that spiritual knowledge, Black or White is all spiritual, therefore good, whether White or Black. However, I may agree that there could be difference in thoughts and actions between the levels/grades or ranks amongst the Witches and Wizards which could affect the level and quality of thoughts and contribution to the kinds of activities of the Witches and Wizards. I would also argue that prejudice of the Imperialists and Iconoclasts against the traditional wisdom and knowledge of the traditionalist and their religion in Africa brought about hatred and non-recognition of the Spiritual knowledge and wisdom of Witches and Wizards; this in-turn drove the Witches and Wizards underground where they have been doing evil things instead of assisting humanity in its life journey.

It has been the notion of this author that Nigerian Witches and Wizards are in a position to assist in the true establishment of a democratic Nigeria as an African Power that leads the continent in a way than commands respects and honour from the rest of the World. No nation in the world that has achieved it desired heights within the comity of nations without spiritual guide from its adept, sages and mystics amongst it citizenry. The Unseen Hands and Mind of the Divine assist the nations through the peoples' ancestors, select Illumined minds of the country in question. Anyone who may doubt this assertion might just need to consult "The Big Secret" by David Icke, (1999) or "The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies - Their Influence and Power in World History," (1989), and "The Secret Destiny of America," (1944) by the late Manly P. Hall. Nigeria needs Spiritual support. Unfortunately in the face of an over whelming search for materialism many of those who profess to deliver in the name of other spiritual guides have failed to deliver Nigeria.