Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Friday, May 16, 2014
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he leader of this band of murderers called "Boko Haram" reportedly to mean that "western education is a sin" are human beings having the same blood like other Nigerians; breathing the same air every Nigerian breaths in and out; they are susceptible to the Nigerian environment, and are not immune or insulated from the vibrations and energies of the Nigerian soil. These murderers can be dealt with in the Nigerian native ways. It is shameful that Nigerian traditionalists who understand the language of the leaf, roots of plants, trees and vines are silent in the wake of current activities of the murderers. Over 250 school children, girls are kidnapped by the band of killers and everyone is waiting on government to do something. A government is as good as the people it governs. Those who can toil with the lives of young girls have no hearts therefore they deserve no mercy from any government or people; Nigerians should rise up in unionism against a common enemy which Boko Haram has come to symbolize. I heard Ruben Abati, the Spokesperson for government shouting on top of his voice telling a foreign Journalist that American and British Intelligence are working with Nigerian Government to free the school girls from the abductors; what an embarrassment for Nigeria and its people?

It is becoming a shame that Nigeria, the one with the greatest potential to lead Africa is being held to ransom by a band of bandits, unable to crush the insurgents. Are we saying that we are not competent as a nation; Nigeria is not one of those little states in Africa; what are we saying to the outside world when we go out to seek foreign Intelligence support to combat criminal activities of bandits within Nigeria? I am not unaware that a gorilla type of warfare is difficult to fight, but there is no known reason why Nigeria should be hobnobbing with murderers who are bent on destabilizing the country with the help of those who are thinking that they and only they alone must rule Nigeria. Those who hold tight and have more allegiance to their strange faith in foreign religions in Nigeria are allowing the country to fail its cultural traditions and sovereign status within the comity of nations of the world. Nigeria's rulers must not fail Nigeria and Africa by neglecting the country's most potent power - culture and traditions.

My question to all Nigerians, Christians, Moslems, non-Moslems-Christians and traditionalists is this: Is there only one way to fight in this world? The answer is NO. There is physical warfare where guns, bombs, missiles and all kinds of modern weapons of war and what have you, are used in today's world. There is another kind of war, psychological warfare in which thoughts and minds are used; there is verbal war, which is normally followed with either physical and or both psychological and physical wars . And there is still yet another kind of warfare which is non-physical-psychological, but spiritual and traditional. In this kind of warfare in which Africans should dominate, involves the use of traditional African science or knowledge, mysticism, occults, and African magic. Of course, hunger is another weapon of war and there is no reason Boko Haram cannot be starved to surrender.

Is there any known reason for Africans and Nigerians in particular, to be coming to foreign capitals looking for ways and means to curb internal dissention and insurgencies, such as Boko Haram? It was reported the other day that some Nigerian governors were in the White House in Washington, D.C. meeting with those who do not always have Nigeria's best interest at heart. The report had it that the governors where there to seek advice from the Security Adviser to President Obama. That was sad and bad news for conscious and consciencious Nigerians. There is a Yoruba saying that what one is looking for at "Sokoto is in his or her shokoto." It translates to mean that what one is looking for far away from home is actually at home. In other words, what those Nigerian governors had come to look for in Washington DC was actually left behind in Nigeria. Nigeria has no business looking for the use of foreign drones by a foreign power in Nigeria's domain. You fight with what you have to fight and don't allow yourself to be killed, and capture instead of being captured and vow never to be a war prisoner. Nigeria needs to be careful asking for the US drones and spy planes because any assistance from the US is like "Moimoi" and Sand. Moimoi is a delicious menu in Nigeria made of beans which some call Black eye peas; in Etsako, Moimoi is called Alielie. Alielie or Moimoi never falls to the ground without picking up sand with it. The drones and spy planes may not look only for Boko Haram; they will look and find those other things and infrastructures that will not be in the interest of Nigeria should foreign forces find them. Is it not a truism that those who ride on the back of a Tiger or Lion might just end up in the stomach of the wild animals?

I know there are some Nigerians who will argue that since the US already has the capacity to find and know whatever they are looking for anywhere in the world, it does not really matter if Nigeria should ask for US drones and spy planes to hunt down Boko Haram. I think it matters. My simple question to such people is this: Is it wise and proper that because some thieves already know where you keep your money it therefore becomes an excuse to open up the gate that leads to the safe for the thieves to have easy access to the money? Nigeria needs to be carefull to not do things any of the things that those little states in Africa would not do.

Another reason why Nigeria should stop asking for certain kinds and types of assistances from certain foreign powers such as the US, China, and others, is the Israelis commandos raid at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda on July 4, 1976. An Air France with some Israelis hostages in it had landed in Entebbe Airport. The hostage taking and the Israeli commandos raid was part of the then ongoing of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Idi Amin, the then President of Uganda had allowed the plane to land and allowed the high-jackers to add more high-jackers to their band, and non Israelis hostages on board were released by the highjackers retaining only the Israelis and Jews were held. The Israelis were the builders of the Airport for Uganda. Therefore they the Israeli Commandos lead by the then Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, senior brother of the current Israel's Prime Minister knew every nook and corner of the airport. Although, he was killed in the fight that ensued; when it was time for the Israeli Government to raid the Entebbe Airport to free their citizens who were taken prisoners while on board, they simple went and invaded the Airport without asking for any permission from the Ugandan authorities. This was a big embarrassment and disgrace for Uganda and its people.

An additional aspect of the importance of the Entebbe Airport Raid by the Israelis that is very relevant to our discussion on how to combat Boko Haram, is an aspect of the method used by the Israelis. The Commandos did not rely solely on their war planes, and other military weapons; they were equipped with the use of the known Israelis traditional and ancient knowledge called Kabala. Kabala is an esoteric form of traditional knowledge of the Jews. The commandos landed and unloaded a Mercedes Benz and two Land Rovers with which they disguised themselves as Ugandan top Officials at the airport and invaded Entebbe at will in the cover of darkness with little or no resistance; it was as if a spell was cast on Entebbe, the operation went smoothly without a hitch; the commandos did what they had planned to do; lives of many Ugandan soldiers were lost, destroyed the 11 Ugandan MiG-17 fighters to prevent any attempt by Ugandan authorities, and they freed the held hostages; took off and flew away at the dismay and shame of the people of Uganda.

Nigerians can deal with Boko Haram problems with Nigerian traditional scientific ways if it chooses to do so. Nigerians do not have to go out to look for foreign methods and weapons to counter whatever insurgency it may face IF ONLY Nigerians can recognize their own just as the Israelis recognize that their Kabala can be used for peace and war. Nigerians should have limit in their consultations with outsiders; especially with those who are envious of the culture and potentials of Nigeria as an African Power. Nigerians have the means and well with all to neutralize the forces of Boko Haram if Nigeria can look inward and tap the recourses and forces available within. I know and I am aware that there are those, who, due to blind faith and foreign religious fanaticism would argue from ignorance that foreign science and technology are superior to my idea which they are apt to call primitive. But many of us are aware that many of the Western-European advancement in ideas and technology are based on the so called primitive ideas and traditional technology of the Africans. I have no apology for those who may oppose what we have been advocating for our people and country.

The reason for what I advocate for Africa and Nigeria in particular at this time is as follows. In the first place, there could only be a few homes, if at all there is one, that has not been impacted by what we are referring to as African traditional science. The impact of African traditional science or arts, is all around in many homes in Africa, Nigeria not excluded. Day and night, witches and wizards torment the lives of Nigerians at every level of the society. There are many known who have publicly confessed about what they have done; "The Confession of the Wizard of Igbinse in a book, the 'Confession of a Wizard: The Devil's Arsenal' is available in black and white. The knowledge of the witches and wizards in Africa and Nigeria particularly, properly harnessed can be used for the good of our society. Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest military general the world has ever known was defeated in 1802 by native Africans in the Islands south of the Americas. The Slaves had no war weapons but they remembered and used the knowledge they brought with them from Africa to the Islands. It is on record that of the 32,000 French soldiers, Napoleon's men, 24,000 died in the Napoleonic war to re-colonize and re-enslave the Africans. The soldiers were afflicted with plague and yellow-fever while 8,000 were hospitalized from unknown diseases.

Africa is known for its rich natural resources, human capital, culture, rituals and spiritualism. Where are Nigerians' traditional rulers who were supposed to be proficient in the use of traditional knowledge to bring peace to our lands? I remember the unsung story of the Ogitso (Oba) Idugboe Ovonramwen Nogbaisi. Oba Ovonramwen was a Nigerian of Edo origin, the British could not kill him hence he was deposed to Calabar where he passed through transition in January 1914; I also remember the unsung history of King Jaja of Opobo who was sent on Exile by the British to the Island of West Indies; also is King Nana of Itsekiri exiled to Ghana; and The Right Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe of recent past was made a powerless Governor General by the British. What I am saying here is this: these Nigerian men of stature were such that the British could not take their lives but could only banish or reduce their physical strength because they were real Africans and real Nigerians.

What one is calling for in this discussion is simple for the natives to achieve. Nigerians, be not afraid of the weapons used by the enemies of the people because the war weapons of the Boko Haram do not move by themselves to wherever they may be used; it is people that will carry these weapons, therefore, get the men behind the weapons; get them by any traditional means possible; they are there with the people in Nigeria. Compelled or force the release the female students they have abducted. It must be hard on the students and the parents.

I used to know a hunter who will, after sighting a group of elephants in the bush, would turn invisible and walk closed to them; he would then feel the tusk to see how big it was. After ascertaining that it was big enough, he will walk back and fire at the elephant at a close range. Once the animal falls, he knew the leaf he would plucks and place it on the Elephant to make it invisible to other eyes because it was in an era when the British had banned the killing of Elephant in a reserved forest especially. After, he will removed the tusks away and allow the dead animal to rot there unseen by others until months or years later before the skeletal of the dead Elephant are found. What has happened to this kind and type of knowledge of the people of Africa and Nigeria in particular? We should not allow others to see us as less than a nation if we cannot stop the menace of a group of hired killers called Boko Haram. Earnestly, Traditional Rulers of Africa, Native Diviners and Herbalists, Alfas and Mallams of our land, Witches and Wizards of Nigeria, do not let Nigeria down, Do not fail to show the power of our ancient knowledge possessed by many of you and save the lives of the abducted students in the North of our country, Nigeria. Cause the safe and unconditional release of these students who would be leaders of our beloved country tomorrow. Let us not wait only for government for the children belong to all of us in the country. May God bless whatever form of prayers you may offer to God for the immediate release of the students that have been abducted, and may God bless our country, Nigeria.