Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Tuesday, May 13, 2014
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here should be no negotiation with hardened criminals like Boko Haram. It is my candid advice that the Federal Government of Nigeria should not attempt to negotiate with Boko Haram over the abducted girls. Boko Haram is willing to release the girls because the International community is now involved in the attempt to rescue the girls and it is not because Nigerians and the State have asked Abubakar Shekau to release the Nigerian girls. This is an abuse and criminal insult on all Nigerians and the Nigeria State. This is treasonable. To show that Nigeria is an African power with all the necessary forces and competence to do what the people of Nigeria desire to do, there should be no compromise and, Military force or the force of modern weapons should not be dependent upon in the drive to get Shekau to release the abducted Nigerian girls. Negotiation is a wrong route to take, and not with criminal murders. The safety of the children is paramount.

The International community is already in the country; Nigeria should do all in its power now to get these abducted girls released. A council of Traditional Rulers of the country should be constituted and consulted now; some of the Traditional Rulers know who is who among the spiritualists and diviners or native doctors of our land; they must be available in the country. Nigeria should tap into the natural and super natural energies within Nigeria to compel Shekau to release the students against the will of Boko Haram. Neutralize Shekau's force and that of his followers; cause the members of the sect to be paralyzed; the girls will be released with Shekau unable to understand what is happening to him and his murderous gang members. I believe, Shekau is not doing all that he has been doing with his empty head and hands; I also feel that he is being guided and protected, by an influence greater than Shekau; such influence could have been generated by some "knowledgeable Islamic scholars" or "Mallams" working for the gang in their devilish political mission to destabilize Nigeria. Shekau and whoever is behind him and the gang are biting the fingers that fed them as Nigerians; Boko Haram's activities are treasonable, therefore there should be no dialogue with devilish murderers. No one person or group of murderers can be greater than Nigeria and its 170 million people.

In order that Nigeria may not let itself further down or lower its viability or importance in the scheme of things in the world, Nigeria should deploy whatever it may be, to paralyze Boko Haram members, now. Nigeria, fight the enemies of the country, Boko Haram, with the weapons at your disposal. Stop this unwanted invasion of Nigeria by your foreign adversaries or competitors on the global scene. The unintended consequences of allowing imperial powers to invade your domain to the extent it has gone on so far, is greater than what can be imagined by our feeble minds.

Yes, in the current inter connected nature of our world, nations should be able to come together to help one another when the need arises, but Africa and Nigeria in particular has not been favored as attempts had always been to smear or dent the image of Nigeria out of bigotry and racism. Harmonious International Relations is possible in a civilized world, but intrigues and deceits are the order of the day. As a result, the current convergence of imperial powers on Nigerian soil reminds me of the Berlin Conference of 1884 to 85 whereupon the partitions of Africa took place; and when I hear that Israel and France, a small country in Northeast Africa and France, a small country in Europe, respectively, are coming to assist Nigeria with their intelligences to find and secure the Nigerian girls from Boko Haram, I immediately think of the invasion of Entebbe Airport in Uganda and the botched attempt to bring Umoru Diko back to Nigeria from Britain to face corruption charges in Nigeria. And I remember also when France dropped the atomic bomb in the Sahara Desert that brought Apollo eye disease to many Nigerians.

Nigeria needs to be careful dealing with foreign powers.

It is very shameful that none of the Spiritualists and Diviners or native doctors in the country has said anything with regards to assisting in the search for the abducted girls nor have they said any word with regards to showing that there are Spiritual forces that Boko Haram cannot withstand. It is hard to believe that all the Nigerian traditionalists, Diviners and native doctors would keep quiet because of the non-government or societal recognition of the traditionalists' natural or supernatural knowledge. For this reason traditional doctors have gone underground even in time like now when Boko Haram is bent on its destabilization of our country. It is my thought that times like this would have been when to show your knowledge and gain the respect and recognition from everybody including foreign religionists who oftentimes despise traditional power and knowledge. Nigeria should compel Boko Haram to free the girls without any negotiation or ransom; this will restore the honour Nigeria needs in Africa and the world community.