Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Monday, May 5, 2014
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n my very considered opinion, Nigerians are embarrassing the country by calling on the USA to come and help to quell an internal insurrection known to be sponsored by some domestic political fanatics. Boko Haram's war with Nigeria is an internal problem of Nigeria whether the murderers have been declared a terrorist gang or classified as being part or supporters of Al Qaida by the international community or not. Was it not in some media reports sometime ago that some politicians had promised that should they lose any of the past elections that they will make Nigerian ungovernable? At least General Buhari was reported to have made that statement. Is Nigerian not becoming ungovernable now; why have some of such politicians not been held to account for what Boko Haram is doing to the country now?

I have just read in a report monitored from Abuja today, May 4, 2014 that in a televised chat with the media, that President Jonathan Goodluck said that "he has been asking for and getting help from the United States but that President Barack Obama has expressed concern to him about allegations of gross human rights abuses by security forces and accused of summary executions and the killings in detention of thousands of people." The President's statement is annoying to me because calling on a supper power to come and help to stop an internal insurgency is an admission of incapable of being a sovereign state. More annoying is the fact that this Supper Power had predicted the fall of Nigeria by 2015; if this Supper power has being helping since President Goodluck "has been asking and getting help" from this Supper power, why has the abducted students not been found and freed since then? If this Supper Power is actually willing to help to free the abducted students, what connects the urgent need to find and free the abducted school children and human rights abuses at this time which President Jonathan said that President Obama is accusing him of? The Human rights of the over 300 school children which Boko Haram has taken away by force and that the rights of the gang of murderers, which is more deserving to be protected and preserved? There are states that have violated human rights of others over the years and nothing has been done to those states even when the United Nations has passed resolutions which the states ignored claiming sovereign status. I am unable to blame anyone but Nigeria that is taking permission from others who have no genuine interest in Nigeria's survival.

President Jonathan has said before that there are known members or supporters of Boko Haram in his government; what stops the President to use state security apparatus to ensure that such people are detained? Finally, what stops Jonathan from calling on all Nigerian traditionalists in the country who know and have the means to stop Boko Haram to come and help him and the country? Why do we continue to neglect and under rate what is ours? There is a Vigilante leader in one of the affected areas in the North who had a press confess sometime ago and boast that members of Boko Haram were afraid of him. I read report of the Press conference where the man exposed his hand to show the news men the Armlet or charm with which he uses to terrorize Boko Haram. The Churches and Mosque have being praying for Nigeria for long now and quite large sums of money has been spent to organize those "special prayers." Is it not possible to summon the traditionalists or native doctors of the country as well and request them to pray to God and our ancestors and ask them to do whatever they know how to do to destroy Boko Haram's devilish mission, at least to show that Nigeria can handle its affairs in whatever way and nature it may be? It is not gain saying the fact that many of the politicians and officials of government run to the Nigerian men and women of traditional knowledge at nights asking for help to win their elections or gain their upper hands over their opponents in their offices. Even with the mushroom of churches in the country, some of the "men of God" are known to go to the native doctors and Diviners at night before they go to their pulpits to face their congregations. President Regan of the US was known to have had an Astrologer; there is no known difference between an Astrologer and a true Nigerian Traditional or Native Diviner. Nigerians please, know it that the peace of the mundane world comes from the spirit world, the invisible world, and our world rest on the invisible world with which our Diviners interact.

Mr. President, use what you have to do what you have to do to ensure the survival of Nigeria under your watch. Do not sell the prestige of the nation by calling on those who have the least interest of Nigeria to come and help you. Do away with advisers who have not been able to guide you to succeed in this matter. The abducted students' human rights are valued more than that of the murderers.