Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Wednesday, November 30, 2016




rothers and sisters, kinsmen and kindred of yesterday are today being split into becoming foreigners to one another in the guise of political democracy and human rights. Before now, the Ukrainians and the Crimean were one and the same people. All of a sudden, and seemingly too, they are becoming two strange bedfellows in the name of seeking democratic political freedom and human rights; how genuine are these desire or quest? The Libyans were one until they were instigated against one another; Egypt is the same, the Moslem Brothers and the Christians lived together before recently they are almost becoming enemies of one another. The same is happening in Syria where the same people before now are now killing one another. The heat is on in Venezuela as the forces of division are yet looming upstairs. These conflicts have a cause and effect as nothing cannot give rise to something, what is the steering force behind these conflicts? Do we ever look for the actual causes of these conflicts with a view to stopping them before hand instead of aiming for war or a means to impose sanction to “punish” those who may be rightly defending their territorial integrity and sovereignty?

Does the current seemingly orchestrated Ukrainian revolt call for President Barack Obama’s war machines? Should Obama not concentrate on his domestic agenda for the American people? I believe he should focus his concentrated attention on the home front for now because at the time Barack Obama became the President of the United States, America’s prestige in the world was questioned; its image abroad was zero because his predecessor, Mr. George W. Bush had destroyed America’s image with the unnecessary and ill-motivated war in Iraq in which thousands of human lives were lost and are still being lost. In International Politics, there is a dictum that strong domestic policy gives rise to dynamic foreign policies, in other words, foreign policy activities of most actors in the international arenas are better pursued with vigor when the domestic economy which include political stability are at their best. Is the economy of the United States and the political terrain at this time conducive to accommodate muscle flexing in the international scene? How legitimate and genuine are the current hue and cries of “America’s lack of leadership in the world” coming from the “Near and Far Rights wingers of the American political ideologue? The Right wingers include those who could not come near Barack Obama at the polls during the elections that made the Blackman the first to be elected President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world. They are unable to accept it that Barack Obama is actually the President of America. It is like a dream they have not being able to figure out how it happened on their watch.

All the vicious attacks on any of his progressive accomplishments, policies or programs, including unwarranted insults on his person and his office; all stem from his political wisdom, ability, and sagacious pragmatism. The insult on President Obama by those who know better broke protocol; no American President had been so disrespected by fellow Americans, and not in recent time. How do we reconcile the Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner saying that the budget of the President is irresponsible, or did we not hear Mr. Newt Gingrich asked: “who is he?” referring to President Barack Obama?

The Affordable Health Care Act, coined “Obamacare” is a case in point. Of all the industrialized or developed countries of the world, America remained one country whose citizens never had government sponsored healthcare insurance of which many of its citizens who were able, had to go to other neighbouring countries, Mexico and Canada to use their healthcare system to meet their health needs. Such a far reaching achievement that provides healthcare insurance for the American people has drawn the wrath of the Republican far right wingers. There is a principle that no matter how plausible a good deed or program may be, such a good deed or programs can be made to become a bad deed and unwanted in the eyes of the people by merely continuing to repeat it that such a good deed or program was actually an ignoble accomplishment, and the people will eventually come to believe such a lie. Is this not what the Affordable Health Care Act that was certified by the Supreme Court of the land has almost become for the American people? Is such a repeated lie not a psychological tool used by those who would not stop at anything to destroy and negate every progressive effort of a Black person in America?

The negative effort to seek the down fall of President Obama’s administration began in Libya with the uprising of dissidents in Benghazi, Libya followed by Egypt, Syria, and now, Ukraine and Venezuela. It appears western democracy and human rights slogans are becoming the new pseudonym for imperialism propelled by the long arms of racism where it predominates in various guises in Europe and the western countries. The impression and perception including our doubt seem to be very high, that the so called popular revolts in these countries, the Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, now Ukrainians and the Venezuelans, all who are claimed to be fighting for their political democracy and human rights in these countries, are all victims of forces they know nothing about, having been covertly instigated by the long arm of racism and political ideologues.

The bottom line appears to be to destabilize President Obama’s Administration and thereby discredit his legacy which undoubtedly he has made, but yet to be admitted by the President’s political foes in Congress and elsewhere in the country. The long arms of those who wish for Obama’s failure would stop at nothing to see that President Obama’s history and legacy tarnished just because he is a Black American. Of course, it has always been their held notion that the Black man never had a history nor had he made any contribution to human development, a notion that has been discredited and destroyed by archeological and anthropological records and scholars like Cheikh Anta Diop, John Jackson, Molefi Kete Asante, and Basil Davison, to mention but these few. Being that as it may, President Barack Obama has an unquestionable legacy in the annals of American history. No overt or covert effort of the long arms of racism can erase Obama’s history in America.

How else do we look at these spontaneously generated conflicts in which a lot of human lives are being lost almost on a daily bases in these countries without an end to them? President Obama without a second thought went into Libya and Libya is yet to stabilize since then. The Libyan experience was a painful one because some of us saw it then as an attempt to clog President Obama’s agenda without cogent and profitable political reason. Egypt is also unable to resolve their political debacle; Syria is burning; Putin had just marched his army into Crimea to safeguard his ethnic Russians there while Venezuelan President, Nicolas Macduro is yet accusing America as the one instigating insurrection in his country and had expelled three American diplomats from his country. Putin’s action of entering into Crimea with his army is being charged and castigated in the west as a gross violation of international law. These crises do not put America in good light as political leaders in the victim nations and international political observers point their fingers to America. It seems, somebody knows something at the EU as no statement has been issued by the body.

President Obama seemingly unable to cry foul over what are clearly sabotage from the long arms of those who constantly oppose him, is managing the affairs of the country as best as he could under the circumstance. His statements so far on the crises in Ukraine are subdued in diplomacy, a kind of face saving for a country that shouldn’t think of war with anyone at this time. Many of the corporations who are friends of Republican conservatives have refused to re-employ many Americans who were laid off as a strategy to help the Republican Party against the Democratic Party which President Obama belongs. Many Americans are out of work and efforts of the Administration at creating jobs for unemployed Americans are being diverted by these conflicts on the International scene. The next elections are going to be on the economy and jobs. Therefore, to expect the Obama Administration to deploy his forces against Putin is to further divert attention away while the current economic progressive condition will come to a halt, and it is what Obama’s adversaries want, but Americans do not need that now . It is a time to concentrate on the economy and the unemployment in the country in order to assist the Democratic Party in the upcoming Midterm elections in the Country. President Barack Obama is wise to not go to war with Putin.