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‘We are not paper tigers; we are the real blood tigers!’ --Jafta Kgalabi Masemola

‘People in South Africa have woken up. They know that Mandela sold them out. In South Africa- and I live a few minutes away from a place where 500 people have to share 3 toilets- White people own 87% of the land, minerals and resources. Mandela's prison -mates wrote books and made documentaries saying Mandela sold out. He negotiated for Whites to keep the land. What independence is there without land? According to his cellmates, Mandela had a bank account in prison and he could visit Cape Town whenever he wanted to while his prisonmates were suffering. Japtha Masemola did more than Mandela before they went to prison; Japhta Masemola stayed 28 years in prison why don’t they talk about him since he spent more years in prison? Japhta Masemola got killed after that while Mandela was having cookies and tea with Queen Elizabeth. All his prison mates at Robben Island say he sold out which is why whites love him so much.’ --Tsepo Phokeng

he struggle for social justice wears a lot of faces as different phases of resistance roll out in rigmarole-intricacies; which faces, humanely faceless beasts wealthily manipulate to caucus-benefits, making crimes appear noble and ignoble deeds some dire demons to be stoned to death by sponsored choirs and undiscerning majority. This way has the human race roamed the wilderness of existential meaning: the traits of jungle-dwelling are still being retained even while on the speeding train of beautiful civility that requires no fraud to fetch all to the expected haven of survival and dignity.

Were his roles in the survival of Blacks in South Africa worthy of tagging Nelson Mandela a great man? No! Read my conversations with friends on Facebook for details; these transferred chats represent the moods of the unsuspecting majority about Mr. Mandela. Read carefully please:

First Conversation

Mankind: Nelson Mandela, shall we mourn or declare you a traitor? He died at 95, and like a regular stake holder, we will miss him, surely as we daily those unsung heroes attacking the exploitative measures of the West. The sublime soul-choice that relocated him in gaol roars at Black South Africans still; why abandon his imprisonment in the first place? Why such worthless compromise at the expense of true freedom and peace? Real freedom ought not to emanate from ruinous co-operation with forces and beneficiaries of hate and exploitation. Greatness is not what the White call it; it is the uncoerced perception of psychological bliss oozing out of the Blacks' condition. Freedom in the South African experience is baneously doomed from being the ceaseless fight with those who celebrate our cheap acquittal in social arrangements that consolidate the deadly status-quo to the metaphorical elevation of personal heroism to dupe a people's aspiration of self-assertion. Obama and Cameron who said he was the world's all in the aspect of social struggle know their own republic and kingdom were not established on concession with cowardly connivance with foreign assailers in the fake name of peace. Did Mandela blunderously do it for blunderous peace? Was Madiba used as figure-farce of peace? Did he betray South Africa? Well, as we falsely recognize his derailed inputs and ignorantly mourn Mandela's departure as Africans in painted chains, let us remember always that South Africa is very far from being free, that his and others' horrendous compromises consolidate Africa's stay in worse woes!

Ali Shydeed: The king of the zulu nation.

Odeniyi Sunday Oludare: Exploitative cooperation with the West? How can that be? Nelson led his country to freedom with the dignity of the black race intact,it is easy to talk the talk in the comfort of our bedrooms,but to walk the walk is another matter entirely,NELSON like all other humans has his own limitations,political naivety of Thambo Mbeki has led to Jakob Zuma tragic rise to power, Zuma has eroded the gains of Mandela,but that doesnt make him a traitor! HE WAS AN HERO IN LIFE AND DEATH. There is a whole difference between Idealism and Realism

Mankind: @Sunday: Mandela led himself out of prison on the terms of the oppressors, ignoring the needs for true freedom. The social condition that informed his imprisonment were never altered, only his status was; he rewarded himself with West-sponsored imagery of burnished personal image at millions' expense even as economic inequality burnt his people's survival to irreversible ashes. South Africans are still very much in merciless touch with tragic inequality: the banking and the mining sectors are held by the Whites in Black man's land; the vast areas of land are owned by the White still; immorally criminal clause of status-quo sustenance clause was inserted in the nation's constitution to protet the initial advantages segregation afforded; the English, Americans or Frenchmen would not accept this, let the earth explode! It takes greater moral courage to express a contrary opinion from one's apartment than misuse the public facility by speaking and living for social lies. And while realism differs from idealism, the intelligent know which better serves the good of millions in this confused context.

Tunde Olaoye: Mandela is seen as a stooge of the west, when the apatheid govt was collapsing and they saw that war was imminent, they need a blackman to negotiate with to still be in control indirectly. hence the likes of Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Raymond Mhlaba, who were also incarcerated ANC leaders were made irrelvant in the picture. Robert Mugabe is demonised in consequence of his Agricultural reforms, sending out the white guys, but the white still owns the most juicy places of South Africa. Mandela was a great man no doubt, but it is also difficult to doubt the fact that he was used by the west to douse tension. they will go any lenght to control. just like they used a Falae/Obasanjo ticket to pacify the Yorubas in 1999 (imagine a Christian/Christian Yoruba ticket for Nigerian presidency, that wouldnt happen all other things being equal).

Mankind: @Tunde: Most educated Africans do not understand this dynamics, let alone organise against it; saddening.

Tunde Olaoye: Its not our fault, CNN, Al Jazeera and BBC define our world.

Ali Shydeed: He was the last black king there would not ever be another zulu king like Nelson Mandela in our days and time he came from a long line of zulu kings.

Mankind: And, are we foolish, are we so intellectually marooned that we cannot offer new perspectives to the given, read deeper meanings to the bogus exactitudes of political media that assiduously scheme against our hope?

Ali Shydeed: One thing i can say about the zulu nation they all way were a strong people since the time of Shaka Zulu.

Mankind: Yes Ali. The Zulus were remarkable warriors in history; but watching studiously, one sees that such bravery suffered certain depth of foolishness, villainy or betrayal in Mandela's time.

Timothy Seye: The conspiracy of the wild wild west.

Mankind: @Timothy: We are not just to talk about it; we are to conquer their conspiracy with our growing awareness and fearless action as patriotic Africans.

Seye Timothy: Yea,i got you,our gloom darkness is gradually seeing the strays of sunlight,the shift is noticeable.

Odeniyi Sunday Oludare: @MANKIND, for an old and frail man that serves only a single term when his country is at the brink of civil war,you are downplaying his achievements, to violently take away those assets would have cast a slur on reconciliation and peace which South Africa needs at that time,successive governments ought to do something about economic inequalities,he gave South Africans freedom for which he nearly paid the supreme price, whatever they do with it is not Mandela's business..idealism is when we forget that where our rights ended,someone else's right is just starting to take shape, 20percent of South Africans are Whites and the have rights to be treated with human dignity.

Michael Ogunshina: Biko owns the glory, nobody can bury the truth!!!

Mankind: @Sunday: South Africa belongs to the Black South Africans; the Whites got there as bucaneers and invaders. You cannot wish to be at pal with natives without moral crises. No African tries that in Europe, Asia or America without consequences. Why share our resources with, why lose our dignity to them on their imperialistic terms? Mandela was active in the 1990s and in charge of his own deeds; his leaving the prison on the terms of his evil imprisoners was an introductory course to his slaughtered principle as an activist. Your definition of idealism is not too captivating: idealism is normativism, the idea of things as they ought to be. Realism is obtainability, the idea of things as they are. The later loses us to ordinariness we should strive to overcome as humans; only through the former alone can any ambitious republic soar.

Ali Shydeed: I think all black people from africa and beyond need to stand up for africa once and for all you don't see a black man in any European country as president blacks african all over the continent of Africa should come as one sovereign nation rul africa with European because whites then hurt africa and her people to long and too much it enough they are not doing any good for africa or her people we been hurting too much.

Michael Ogunshina: One day the spirit of biko will rise again

Ali Shydeed: Africa is not at all a poor country like they have people believing it very rich.

Ajisafe Michael Oluwafemi: Adieu Mandela, the White Supremacist chosen African hero, may you rest. Let there be more of Thomas Sankara, let the likes of Patrice Lumumba multiply, Stephen BiKo must be re-incarnated, let the unsong heroes of africa come back. We no longer need African military leaders who are CIA agents, we refused to elect Politicians who takes shots from the White House, we have eyes; oh may it truly see for us Africans; may we break free and stand tall. May the histories of our great ancestors be re-written! I know my hero; come let me teach you how to identify an hero: any man that the Western media say his bad is not actually bad for you, he is only bad for their interest and anyone who they say is an idol...uhm beware for such a person already sold you out.

Michael Ogunshina: No wikipedia on Japhta Masemola and he spent more years in prison than Mandela.

David Egbeama: Very strong and logical perspective Mankind ...The compromises for freedom were enormous...truly, South African blacks may be free from Political domination but the vast majority of our fellow blacks wallow in abject poverty and still 'do the dirty dishes' of the progenies and beneficiaries of Apartheid. May God rest his soul... ForAfrica...it is not yet Uhuru...The struggle continues.

David Egbeama: @ Tunde Olaoye and Mankind.... I strongly share your well coordinated sense of history and overall perspective on the Mandela question...He was more of a timely stooge who rendered himself available to negotiate a half-baked truce on the terms of the Western Nation in a bid to douse what was turning out to be a conflagration of enormous intensity....then the West put their media propanganda to work...Nonetheless, we mourn Madiba's passage as much as we know that the job is far from done....Majority of Black South Africans apparently still remain in economic chains.

Odeniyi Sunday Oludare: @Mankind,thank God you defined Idealism,idea of things as they ought to be, unfortunately, it is reality that we must confront and leave idealism to philosophers, freedom, education,trade and technological advancement are by-products of whites voyage to africa,but like all good things,they also have flipside like slavery,apartheid and others,to love one without embracing the realities of other would be hypocrisy,afterall every human loves food,but the reality that we eventually produce feaces must not be lost on us..AFRICA must help herself..time to bemoan what the whites did to Africa is already in the past.

Mankind: @David Egbeama: Thank you, great friend. @Sunday: Those who brought their own ways to us did not do it without discrediting our own as violators and rogues. Must their imposition bind, must we hope to rise by their evil realities? I clinch to the actualisation of things as they should be as an idealist philosopher; we are of different worlds, Sunday.

Abubakar Mao Mustapha: May hE rest in peace

Bright Ebenezer: @Sunday, Philosophy Is Not All Idealistic. Its A Robust Endevour Dt Encompasses D Ideal, D Real, D Material, D Metaphysical &Wot Hav U.

Opeyemi Emmanuel Adetayo: Mandela, an hero and traitor! He sacrified his rightly freedom for the people of South African but on the run he sold them for his freedom he was never told or forced to sell. His acts cannot be judiciously and sagacious fathom, we dont know his real identity. @ALL - I think Mandiba should not be judged!

Eminent Joseph Ibikunle: When ideas lock horns, when knowledges flows in a counter direction, when worthwhle beliefs debunk another spellbounding belief, when nobles and geniuses come to a contrasting agreement. Yes, we spar it. Philosophy and all its branches of thought, white exploitations, invasion and colonisation, they all have a leaking hole through which they could be render untrue and worthless and they all have obvious or hidden beauty upon which they could be praised and magnified. So do me and you whom the legacies were given. So do Nelson Mandela whose spirit we now conjure. I mean we are humans found wanting of perfection. Remain noble!

Mankind: @Eminent: Funky romance finds no bearing in beauty's abode; none who sees things as they ideally deserve to be settles down for irrelevant semblances by welling up impractical emotions. Mandela is dead, we all shall die; the more reason fauspax must never be tagged a moral pal: Humans who claim to, or are ceremoniously said to be great are not yet great until they pass the litmus assessment of the dispassionate, the fearless and the enlightened fraction of the world. And though anthologies already exist that sell the fraudulent misrepresentation of Madibo's rigged eminence in African experience, the truth is set to retell our story. If some brave General goes to war to fight a cause, and getting to war, he pulls his triggers and detonates his bombs- of course with loyal fighters as captain-casualties piled up at his heroic biddings- does he make his people believe they are victorious when their enemies are not yet dead and are still in charge of things, at work to further exploit and oppress? Mandela was that leader-General. He fought and had the rewards of fighting hard reflected only in his changed status as West's ambassador ib his quisling-capacity. His people remain poorer than they were; the aspirations of the struggle were not realised. The South African Blacks are now more divided on the worthiness of of social struggle. None can be noble unless they think and live and die nobly by every standard of nobility. Mandela was the enemies' hero, not our own!

Eminent Joseph Ibikunle: Mighty Mankind, the nub is that Mandela was unable to maintain and stand on his course. That's has been his flaw. Stay noble Mankind.

Lord Wallington Dowie: Finally, a long walk to freedom has began

Mankind: @Eminent: The sung hero who loses the imperativeness of his crucial cause in the course of haggling himself out of agony may as well be cursed; derailment is as bad as ignorance. Why would a hero sacrifice so much only to cap it up with smart betrayal only few can decipher? I would be the kindest to him if millions of Blacks would not suffer as a result of Mandela's ethically lean choice... Quite tearful you know. May we both remain in well-living. @LordWallington: Yes. The long walk to freedom commences now... May we have the strength and the principle to complete it, this time.

Master Victor Alao: The Top 5 NelsonMandela Quotes of AllTime:1) “There is no easywalk to freedomanywhere, and many ofus will have to passthrough the valley ofthe shadow of deathagain and again beforewe reach themountaintop of ourdesires.”2) “Never, never andnever again shall it bethat this beautiful landwill again experience theoppression of one byanother.”3) “If the United Statesof America or Britain ishaving elections, theydon't ask for observersfrom Africa or fromAsia. But when we haveelections, they wantobservers.”4) “No one is born hatinganother person becauseof the color of his skin,or his background, or hisreligion. People mustlearn to hate, and ifthey can learn to hate,they can be taught tolove, for love comesmore naturally to thehuman heart than itsopposite.”5) “For to be free is notmerely to cast off one’schains, but to live in away that respects andenhances the freedomof others. Also afterclimbing a great hill, oneonly finds that there aremany more hills toclimb.”Nelson Mandela diedin his home at the age of 95

Ibukunoluwa Ozioma: We live to CONTINUE the struggle... Don't know at which point Mandela was forced to accept the terms of the Africans' enemy. However, after so long an incareration, who remained outside those captives'gates, to continue the fight? Did the flame to be free died with his imprisonment, thus, imprisoning the freedom of the people? Winnie Mandela continued the fight, her hand was stayed by the lying media of the enemy. Children were used to infiltrate and to reveal the inner workings of her organisation and she responded by proceeding to deal horrifically. She, in her ire, wanted to send a strong message to those within the ranks and without that betrayal will be dealt in a sever and unforgetable manner. Unfortunately, to her disadvantage, killing children was not an acceptable exercise to have undertaken, that instantly put the world at large against her. Nevertheless, as he once was, in his hay day, a warrior, his memory should live on in our minds as such. He was mighty up to a point... but, our business is unfinished... May he rest in peace.

GCFR Udomity: If we wish to live to be emulated, we ought to give every merited appraisal and perhaps, honour to whom such is due. Is Madiba a traitor? I bet to disagree on this, but will pave the way for a detailed consideration. Thanks.

@Ibukun: @Ibukun: Good points. Our business is unfinished! @Udomity: Read eeverything on this thread before you agree or disagree.

End of Facebook conversation!

The Joe Slovo-led ANC millitary wing that Mandela launched a day before he was arrested and charged with treason showed his (understandable) aggressive approach towards achieving progressive justice for the oppressed, dehumanised Blacks of South Africa. Along the line- probably owing to the (understandable) agony his years of incarceration afflicted-, he altered his tactics. If Mandela was not a sell-out, he was patently unintelligent not to have insisted on economic justice as a condition for building a multi-racial democracy that would be a pre-requisite to the establishment of his new dream of a rainbow republic. He ought to lay a solid structure for the maintenance of that condition, too. He never did that! Now, Black South Africans, more than sixty percent of South African population, swim in the hot pool of poverty with dire consequences that stiffle the breath of rights and the health of hopes. But now, dubious dignitaries and unconscientous celebrities fly into South Africa to post-humuosly adore Mandela's horrible choice; horrible because the pouring fake anthology of griefs in news pleases the West's immoral mood that Mandela was a hero. A hero-villain history will call his more befitting name, only Mandela could afford to be such. Killing more activists and leaders whose questions, analyses and politics pose unanswerable questions to the monsterous West, we here are resolved never to call reconciliation with poverty peace, nor any agent of such reconciliation hero. Heroism is more beautiful and has more endearing attributes to the human heart. Unsung, the hero lives in the immortality of their, unimpeachable, perpetually true feats. Was Mandela a hero? Let us think dispassionately deeper as hourly affected humans in Africa. Why would any true icon of social equality pursue peace at the detriment of justice?

In recognition of the repentance-devoid forgiveness, the forgiver-Mandela was extravagantly honoured; the affected kinsmen continue to wail in copious sufferings because of the undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, Mandela's Day and Mandela's presidency that turned out to be the rewards of selling his own people out. Black South Africans alone know what they hourly go through because of that singular but profoundly encompassing betrayal. Mr Madiba, you were an ignoble man!

Mandela was neither loving, nor great! Love is hate when opted for as preference against responsibility and justice. Greatness dwells in pursuing a noble cause to its logical end, not a smart betrayal of hope-in the sight of dangers- in the name of affection. The fruits of love may not always include material gains; the few that come along do not erode hope. The truly great poison no promise from which posterity freely breathe and aspire for collective meaning. In South Africa, Mandela's compromise of the struggle- for which thousands of unremembered South Africans died- stifles Blacks' hope, impedes South Africans from happily walking and proudly surviving in South Africa as the English do in England, Americans in America, or the French in their native France! The hypocrites who fly into Pretoria to insult tributes are either idiots or the calculated beneficiaries of Mandela's immoral choice. Mandela? Not Blacks' noble man, was the enemies' hero!

Mankind Olawale Oyewumi is a language and literature teacher from Africa's Nigeria. He has published SONGS OF THE LAW (a poetry anthology) and IMMORTAL INSTRUCTIONS( his brilliant collection of philosophical reflections on life's different spheres) as a writer of repute. HOPE OF THE BRAVE is his coming novel on the serious need for collective courage against as regards actions on social, economic and political oppressions in any part of the world!