Archbishop Gloria GraceTuesday, August 26, 2014
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Continued from Part 3-1

n commissioning Jeremiah for his prophetic work, the Lord God said unto him: Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, to destroy, and to throw down, to build and to plant (Jeremiah 1: 9-10).

God has placed the Keys of the Kingdom into the hands of the Church to decide who enters or who exits the throne of a nation. To prove that He is the owner of the Kingdoms and thrones, He momentarily displaced King Nebuchaddnezzar from the throne and turned him to an animal, but guarded his throne from being taken until king Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged Him as the ultimate King of all the Earth, and He restored him and his throne.

The authority to install and unseat the government is in the hands of the Church. When the people of Israel demanded for a human king, rejecting God from being their King, He sent Prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as King over the house f Israel. When Saul however, began to walk out of divine alignment through disobedience, the Lord sent Prophet Samuel again to go and dethrone him.

As a watchman however, Samuel began to seek the face of God on behalf of Saul for the next fifteen years, but Saul did not repent. God prepared a young man, who probably was a reject of his own parents, who was thrown into the wilderness to face lions and bears alone while watching his father's sheep, to go and anoint him the next King of Israel. He was God's own heart. All those while his father tossed him away to go and be killed in the wilderness, he trusted the God of his forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as his Father. The Lord uses the "nothings" of the world to confound the things that are mighty, so that no flesh will glory in His presence. Thus, having prepared him through thick and thin, he was ready to be presented as the King of Israel, after the heart of God.

The Church does not stand by and watch anyone just sit on the government and create trouble upon the nation. The Church seeks the face of God to know who is the God ordained leader for His people. When the Lord reveals such a person to the Church through the prophetic revelation, then through the apostolic authority and intercessory prayers, they establish the purpose of God upon the Earth. By this, they are releasing the nation unto her prophetic destiny or purpose. They will continue day by day, to abide in the presence of God for the nation continually seeing to it that the will and purpose of God is established on daily basis; the counsels of the Lord which is being revealed continually is being established so that the nation will become fruitful and enjoy the blessings of God.


Every nation and state, has a prophetic purpose or destiny. I know that God has plan to use Nigeria greatly in establishing His end time purpose. Nigeria has a major significance in God's agenda for this end time, and God is raising many Apostles and generals in the country. Seeking and understanding the Lord's purpose for the nation will determine how to pray for the next president of the nation. If a president sits on the throne in order to display himself and not to let God use him for the people, the nation goes into deep waters. The people of God will seek God based on God's choice of ruler ship, not based on what they see or understand.

Every state also has a prophetic purpose. The enemy however, does not want a nation or state to understand its prophetic destiny, but if the Church will understand that we fight purposefully to understand and embrace divine agenda for each nation, we will be more fruitful and more focused than merely idolizing and acquiring wealth and preaching prosperity and wealth transfers. Without a vision or purpose, people perish and abuse themselves and also abuse divine agendas.

Abia state for instance is called God's Own State. God Himself recognized that, but sometime few years ago, they had a governor that aligned himself to a particular shrine so much so that Abia state became synonymous with the name of that shrine. The devil used the governor (the legal authority of the state at the time) to transfer Abia State to Satan's Kingdom. I believe the people suffered during that phase. Sometime in 2012, I was searching something over the internet and read about the death of someone I knew in Maryland, somehow a close acquaintance. I first met her in Prince Georges Mall, where she worked with one of the stores there (Macy's). I went to evangelize one -on -one there. I sat face to face as she was taking her launch and began to share the word with her. Later, she introduced herself to me as an Igbo woman and also a believer in Christ. From then on, we became kind-of friends and met in a Church in Maryland where she was an usher that stood at the door. When I learnt about her sudden and mysterious death in that ex-governor's mansion in Maryland, I was so devastated that the next morning, as my Pastors in Benin gathered with me for intercessions through phone (I was connecting them through phone), we decided to throw down Okijah shrine. That morning, we rained serious fire and brimstone against that shrine and stood aggressively to release Abia State from the power of that shrine.

At the end, the Lord spoke to us through word of prophesy that since we are standing on behalf of Abia State, which is called God's own State, that He is taking back the State as His own. He is cleansing the state and restoring her dignity and excellence as God's own state. Thus, we regained Abia state to her original God-given purpose. Abia state is God's Own State, and God is watching over her as the State that is handed over to Him.

God said to Jeremiah, I have given you power to pull down, to thrown down, to destroy and to plant. It is the duty of the Church to identify God's original purpose for each state, each nation and fight to establish that state or nation according to divine purpose. That too will determine how they see or chose who rules over the states or nations, and who they don't want to govern the nation and the state. It's time for the Church to awake to her prophetic purpose!