E O EkeSaturday, March 3, 2018
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he utterances and modus operandi of the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, continue to be a source of concern about his objectivity and ability to act fairly in enforcing the law as his position demands.

Since the escalation of attempt by the Fulani oligarchy to extend their control of Nigeria by using Fulani herdsmen to terrorise and cause displacement of indigenous populations, the inspector general of police seems to have forgotten his statutory duties as far as Fulani herdsmen terrorists are concerned.

He has also stepped up his harassment of critics of the government by arresting and detaining ordinary citizens and journalists who have criticised the government on trump up charges. Nigeria is today a de facto police state. The police no longer act according to the law, but according to what the inspector general thinks. He seems to have the power to lock people up before manufacturing the charges against them. This something that no country can allow and still claims to be a democracy.

In fact, the Nigeria police Seems to see its duty as the enforcement of the will of the government, instead of protecting the rights of the people. It fails to enforce the law, when the rich and powerful and members of a particular region and or religion break the law.

Therefore, the Nigerian police has become an instrument of oppression in the hands of corrupt leaders. It serves the greed of its members and the enables corrupt leaders to suppress the people.

At the moment, the Nigerian Police is detaining many journalists and has charged Messrs' Timothy Elombah and Daniel Elombah with Terrorism and cyber crime, cyber stalking, cyber bullying , for running on line publishing outfit, which sometimes criticises the Nigerian government shenanigans. This is how far the Nigerian police sinks in carrying out the wish of those who are stealing Nigeria dry.

The police is able to charge these Nigerians living in Britain for terrorism, when they visited home, but unable to arrest a single Fulani terrorist, who are committing crimes against humanity all over Nigeria.

They conspire to free convicted Boko Haram terrorists, while they look up law abiding citizens because they protest corruption and abuse of power by the leaders.

The inspector general of police and his backers the Myetti Allah and benefactor, president Mohammadu Buhari must think Nigerians fools.

The police under his command has failed to act fairly and decisively after any attack by Fulani herdsmen by bringing them to book.

However, the police are constantly harassing people suspected to be critical of the shambolic Fulani dominated Buhari administration and extorting from the public at road blocks particularly in the south.

The IG has sort to justify the actions of Fulani herdsmen terrorists by implying that their unjustifiable demands must be made. He fails to protect communities at risk, but quick to send his men to prevent reprisal attacks.

In a multiethnic country, this is very dangerous and undermines the faith and confidence of the people in the police.

Would the inspector of police behave the same way, if the president of Nigeria and majority of the service chiefs, majority of judges and top office holders in Nigeria are not Fulanis or Muslims from the north?

Few days ago, the IG advised state governors to prioritise the establishment of cattle ranches before enacting anti-grazing laws, to avert conflict between farmers and herdsmen.

This statement shows that his sympathy lies with Fulani herdsmen. He has not demonstrated that he cares for the victims in this evolving pogrom. He has not condemned the grazing of cows on farms.

He has refused to take on board the simple fact that it is the Fulani herdsmen that are breaking the law and that there is neither reason nor justification for the terror they are inflicting on law abiding citizens. His overriding consideration seems to the fact that he shares ethnic and regions ties with the terrorists.

It is as if it is one rule for Fulanis and another rule for Nigerians. Why should fulani herdsmen feel at liberty to attack villages and graze their cattle on farms? What can be the justification for these heinous crimes? Why has the police refused to treat fulani herdsmen the way honest police forces treat terrorists?

Why should fulani herdsmen be allowed to carry military assault rifles, while the police embarks on operation to disarm the villagers at risk? What kind of police chief and force protects the vulnerable by making them more vulnerable?

Why should the inspector general of Nigerian police differ to terrorists, simply because he shares ethnicity and religion with them?

The IG says states should provide cattle colonies before passing anti grazing laws. What arrogance, what insensitivity and what audacity.

It is obvious that cattle colonies is a fraud to siphon public money into Fulani pockets. After the fraud of two different exchange rates, this is another fraud to enrich a section of the population at the expense of others.

This is simply happening because Buhari, a Fulani is President. It is the same way Boko Haram is used to loot Nigeria, by providing excuse for inflating defence budget.

Cattle rearing is a private business. The government has no business subsidising private business.

Every animal farmers buys feed for their animal, why should fulani herds men be free to exploit everything and destroy farmers investments to advance their own?

These cattle colonies will become Fulani colonies from which armed herdsmen will launch operation all over Nigeria.

It is an attempt to forcefully establish ranches for Fulani herdsmen all over Nigeria as a prelude to declaring the whole of Nigeria an Islamic Caliphate.

This is the feudal north executing its strategy to conquer and dominate Nigeria. This is politics of impunity and domination being played out on a huge scale in the most arrogant and contemptuous manner.

The feudal north are no longer content to set those who commit murder against non Northerners free. They want to subjugate and dominate.

Middle belt is already conquered, which is why men like Gowon have lost their voices.

The Emir of Kano last year declared the Sultan of the father of Nigeria. A week later, the Sultan was hosted in Enugu, where he failed to condemn Fulani herdsmen terrorism. Instead, he threatened Biafra agitators and justified Fulani aggression. The question is who made the Sultan the father of Nigeria?

It would be simply madness for communities to allow Fulani enclaves with armed herdsmen in their midsts.

The idea of Fulani colonies called cattle colonies is madness. Allowing grazing colonies or whatever people chose to call it, would be a monumental mistake of the proportion the Hausas made by allowing Othman Danfodio to settle in their community.

These colonies will harbour armed Fulanis, who will do what they are doing in southern Kaduna, when they run out of grass in their colonies.

Fulani are single minded about taking over any land they want, unless they are resisted at the onset.

They will exploit politics, law and force, to achieve their aim. After what we have seen in the middle belt and southern Kaduna. How can any body allow a poisonous snake to bread in his house?

Nigerians should understand that the Fulani herdsmen are at war to conquer territories in Nigeria and killings will not stop until the people also arm and fight back,

The reaction of the president of Nigeria to Fulani herdsmen terrorism mirrors exactly the reaction of Sudanese President to the Darfur crisis. The interesting thing is that the janjaweed are Fulanis

Buhari is ensuring that Nigerians are internally displaced from their ancestral land for migrant Fulanis to take over their land as grazing ground for cattle.

No one should believe anything Buhari says about Fulani herdsmen, until he sends in the army for operation 'Cow dance' in Benue State, orders the arrest of the perpetrators of this genocide and the disarming of all Fulani herdsmen.

Without it. The president of Nigeria the Trustee, and members of Myitti Allah and, the inspector general of police, should be held responsible for this crime against humanity, which has been and being committed by Fulani herdsmen all over the country .

The Nigeria National Assembly should convene a special session on Fulani herdsmen terrorism, if the speaker and senate president refuse, legislators from middle belt, south East and West Nigeria should boycott the National Assembly.

All Nigerians should boycott cow meat until this matter is resolved.

Any Nigerian who continues to consume cow meet should know that he or she is funding the ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages.

Nigerians should demand for federal appointments to reflect federal character.

Buhari should be take to Court for discrimination and nepotism. He has not upheld the constitution he swore to uphold and administer.

Nigerians must rise up and reject the abuse of power by the inspector general of police and the poisoning of our democracy by Fulani supremacist, executive nepotism, ethnic and religious discrimination and impunity. Nigeria belongs to all and the Fulanis herds men and their sponsors and the inspector general of police are not above the law. Enough is enough.