Babs AjayiThursday, May 1, 2014
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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada




For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent me,
not to do what I want. And this is the will of God, that I should
not lose even one of all those he has given me, but that I should
raise them to eternal life at the last day." (John 6:38-39 NLT)

his dispensation has been one littered with one bad luck after another. The process has been the same: talk, talk, and more talk, then recalibration, rejiggling and recalculation to deceive the unwary, and the determination to preserve the benefits, the opportunities and the funds for the greater good of Jonathan and his sidekicks, the very same who is directly responsible for the endless run of bad luck he brought with him, not minding his name. But just like his name, the good and the luck of the times are reserved for him and his family that is fast growing into some special brands of Michelin products. This has been a government (can we really call it a government in the absence of any responsible action and proactive steps?) that is not interested in the welfare and well being of the people; the people are on their own and the government is essentially on its own building its own nest and making merry while the people die in the hands of criminals spread around the nation. It is not just Boko Haram that is having a field day in Nigeria. Kidnappers, baby factories, hired killers, and several other monsters are roving freely and operating openly in Nigeria these days. As these miscreants engage in their daily businesses so is Jonathan going about his own personal business of protecting and minding his own business; everyone for himself/herself and God for us all.

It was definitely because of this reason that Jonathan just did not bit an eyelid and simply moved on with his own agenda and business the very same hour after the bombing of the Abuja motor park. On his calendar were trips to Ibadan to partake in the jollification relating to the Olubadan's 80th birthday, PDP Unity Rally with his rats in Kano and verbal war with the Kano State governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, and many other self-driven agenda. Everything this government has done has been about how the very people who run the government will benefit the most: petroleum transformation agenda, oil subsidy, kerosene subsidy, centenary celebration, etc., were calibrated to profit them and plunder the treasury and impoverish the people.

The absence of a people-centred, citizens-oriented approach to governance is the real reason why things are the way they are. It is the reason why Madam Private Jet is still at the petroleum ministry, it is the reason why there is no kerosene in the filling stations, it is the reason why our daughters are in the filthy hands of Boko Haram and Jonathan has not lost sleep, rather he has been enjoying his riotous life and his health minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu gleefully celebrated his 52 birthday in Abuja a few days ago, it is the reason why no one is mourning the murder and dismemberment of innocent Nigerians at the Nyanya Motor Park, it is the reason business has continued as usual and the parents of the girls abducted by Boko Haram several days ago and their friends and family have been left to go after Boko Haram in the bushes by themselves. Dr. Onyebuchi Chukwu should do the right thing today and resign his post. For a minister of health to hold a birthday celebration during this trying time just show how unmindful and unconcerned he is about the plight of the hundreds of victims of the motor park bombing.

To imagine that Chukwu engaged several top officials of his ministry along with other top staff from agencies controlled by his ministry in this birthday program showed how insensitive Jonathan and his sidekicks are. In recent days, I have been shocked and bewildered each time Jonathan and his men and women are shown in newspapers with smiles on their faces and grin spread across their lips and cheeks. This is criminal and very unacceptable. Will Jonathan have been celebrating if his son had been kidnapped and taken into the forest by Boko Haram? Would Onyebuchi Chukwu be celebrating his 52nd birthday in Abuja if his son or daughter was in the firm grip of Boko Haram? None of these men and women commingling with Jonathan is worthy of the position they occupy, but since shame was not shared proportionately and these men lack it, they are happy to celebrate and go on like nothing has happened. You do not want to entrust a nation or its health ministry to men like these, because they are not people-centred and are not interested in the well being of the man on the street, the very taxpayer whose money they are squandering and mismanaging. The hospitals in Abuja are very poorly equipped and lacked trauma and emergency equipment that would have helped the victims of the Nyanya bomb blast. Emergency medical services are almost non-existent and yet the minister of health has the temerity to celebrate (in your face-like) his odd birthday. I probably won't be surprised if Chukwu's children are not in Nigeria, most likely in school overseas, which is essentially part of the story of Nigeria.

Nobody is sober in Aso Rock including Jonathan's men and women of opportunism. Sobriety is not welcome among them; they love life and they will not let anything or any event - no matter how catastrophic - deny them the joy and fun that comes with all the freebies made possible by the taxpayer and oil wealth. They are not sensitive to the mood of the nation, they do not even care about mood and such non-oil-related, non-dollar denominated issues like that. What concerns the motor tout with overload? In this case, what concerns Jonathan with the plight of 190 abducted girls of the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State? They are not his children, he does not even know the girls or their parents, he is not from Borno State and he is too busy now with his electioneering campaign. But Borno women are taking up the challenge. They have come together under the banner of BAOBAB Women's Right and have decided to go into the Sambisa forest where they believed the abducted girls are. They know they cannot afford to wait for Goodluck Jonathan or his lying army officers. They appreciate that every minute count; and they cannot afford to do nothing. They understand that talk-talk and doing nothing is the leadership style of Goodluck Jonathan, but the situation at hand is very bad and talking about it or doing nothing will not help the situation of the innocent girls.

I must add that it is unwise of anyone to advise Jonathan to cancel his Adamawa rally which is slated for the coming week. Why must he cancel an already scheduled and well-timed political rally of the rats? He has to make sure that his campaign funds for that state has not been stolen by Musa Kwankwaso. Oh, no, no, no! Not Musa Kwankwaso, this time it is Murtala Nyako. Surely, Jonathan will have one or two words to say to Murtala Nyako. He has to kick Nyako in the gut and return fire for fire. Is anyone aware if the smoke at the Nyanya Motor Park has been put out and the bone fragments, tissues, blood and personal items of the victims cleared from that terror site? Oh, it is not the job of the federal government; it is the duty of the FCDA? Did someone say that no one is sure whose responsibility it is? But who has been issuing tickets and collecting park fees from the buses using that motor park? We are trying to find out the details. Ah, that is where we are, but who can confirm to us whose duty it is to give the motor park a makeover and restore it? Maybe the federal government can raise a special, extra-budgetary fund that will allow it to award a contract to clear, rebuild and restore the motor park. I think Oronto can handle such a contract on behalf of the government, he has all the experience needed to do that work. I think the president would like this contract awarded immediately, and in view of the urgency involved we do not need to follow any contract tendering process; that has been waived to enable the contractor to mobilize immediately to site upon payment of his mobilization fees.


To Mum, she's an angel! To Dad, a princess! To brothers, a priceless jewel! To Sisters, a best friend! To aunties and uncles, an adorable sweet child!!! I am certain everyone reading this has one such girl in his/her life! A girl child, a joy to the world! To be pampered, protected and loved! Over 200 of this precious ones abducted and taken away from their loved ones, forced to become sex slaves, cooks, maids, and every unimaginable thing to dark, evil, demented, dirty TERRORISTS! What a tragedy! Yes, they seem far away in Borno State, born to poor, ordinary people, BUT just like you and I, to them these gals are princesses, angels, priceless jewels and sweet adorable nieces! Don't be numb to the pain. 7days and counting and still no word! No daily progress report or any kind of info from the Government! This is unacceptable! I cannot launch a Rescue Mission and neither can you but our government can! The buck stops at their desk! Let's come together and demand Action. Please re-broadcast and mount the pressure. It works. Say a prayer and keep talking about it until the Federal Government takes action and bring them home. Don't do it for me, do it for the Girl Child in your life.