Babs AjayiMonday, April 21, 2014
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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada




lack Monday must now represent the sum total of the wanton failure of Goodluck Jonathan and his team of non-performers who enjoy the rejigging of the finish lines to create an illusion of improvement. Boko Haram came to Abuja, found it defenseless, vulnerable and without direction, and they inflicted a carnage on the ordinary people. The following day there was a picture of a miserable Jonathan at the bed side of a victim, really a victim of Jonathan's inaction and failure.

The doctor beside the victim looked helpless as did David Mark, Jonathan's co-traveler in a greed-laden junket, a contraption created by the PDP and made possible by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. I am not sure that is the kind of hospital bed Jonathan was placed when he took ill in London the last time, or his wife when she was hospitalized in Germany for several weeks at taxpayers expense. I still wonder why the Boko Haram did not plot their plan for the past weekend and impact the gathering of High Thieves who came at the invitation of Jonathan. Why inflict death, pains and tragedy on the poor and the helpless when power grabbers and thieves are enjoying the wealth of the nation without looking back? Security is now zero and can no longer be expected or taken for granted, unemployment is now at an all time high and jobs are as scarce in Nigeria as electricity and water, and Goodluck Jonathan is pretending to be in control; repeatedly and by word of mouth only, this man promised to defeat Boko Haram, but every time they return with an even greater attack and Jonathan again spoke words, empty words and made promises, the very same empty promises. Everywhere he went, everything he did, the outcome has been failure, defeat, fruitless, hopeless, empty and disaster.

But ours is a society where no one accepts responsibility for failure and disaster in the tasks entrusted to him/her, even for the murder and annihilation of subjects under their control. The not-so-able minister of immigration (immigration to hell?) is still there enjoying the trappings of his ministerial position despite the death of job applicants he invited for tests, the very same applicants he took money from to be invited to a job interview. "We will defeat Boko Haram," "We will defeat Boko Haram," but when? After your repeated and endless defeats in the hands of this rag-tag group? The other day, the group actually operated willy-nilly near Aso Rock and terminated several lives, and your media mongers and sidekicks were forced to issue a press statement that you are alive! Hurray, Jonathan was not hurt by Boko Haram, he is alive! Was Jonathan alive after confronting the enemy on the battlefield or after escaping their bombs and bullets through some dogged maneuverings by the presidential fleet through some side streets in Abuja? And where was Jonathan less than 24 hours after the Nyanya Motor Park bombing with David Mark in tow? He went to Ibadan to celebrate with the Olubadan and then to Kano to attend a PDP Unity Rally with his fellow vultures! The unity and bonding of looting and corruption! Having visited a few victims of the bombing that was due to his inept leadership, Jonathan considered his work regarding the Boko Haram bombing at the Nyanya Motor Park done! He resumed his junket, he returned to poli-tricks and exchanged hot words with the Kano State governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. But trust Kwankwaso not to yield ground; he insisted that Jonathan and his deputy are sustaining corruption and being insensitive to the mood of Nigerians by embarking on merry-making trips when the nation was mourning those who died in the Abuja bomb blast, "At a time when several innocent lives have been lost, when many of the victims are in hospital seeking blood donations to survive, the president is gallivanting the country in the name of PDP Unity Rally." Kwankwaso said it all, wondering why "the president should be travelling aimlessly with taxpayers' money while the common man is being killed daily because of failure of the Federal Government to adequately protect lives and property." Goodluck Jonathan is a ruse, a fraud and a mindless soul.

What we have seen in the last three years are the weak work and acts of a man bereft of ideas and lacking in imagination and leadership, but who has refused to go, preferring to hang in there so as to continue to enjoy the trappings of office, evade prosecution for his atrocities - and these are legion - but continue to pretend to be leading while Boko Haram run roughshod over him and his government wherever they please. Sometime ago Jonathan even asked the international community to come down and fight Boko Haram for him. He asked the United States to fight Boko Haram for him suggesting that Boko Haram is not his problem but the problem of the Americans. Then, recently, he said it was the APC that was behind Boko Haram. At another time he said it was Sanusi Lamido that was sponsoring them. It has now become his practice to open his mouth and speak long before thinking things through. I guess that was the new competence brought to Aso Rock by Doyin Okupe: big mouth, big talk, big brag with no thought before it, nor even behind it.

Newspapers around the world are daily regaled with stories and horrendous photographs of the killings of Nigerians who are going about their normal duties. The comments by contributors to such a story in The Daily Mail of London just left many in tears, including yours truly. The poor and innocent are daily slaughtered while trying to find some work or pursue some small trade to enable them feed their families while legislooters, political thieves and their sidekicks relax in the cozy comfort of their palatial estates, fortresses and rocks. What has been the gain of the average Nigerian since Jonathan took office? I will provide you a short list that proved that Jonathan has been a disaster for every Nigerian:

  • The fall in the production of crude oil to about 1.6 million barrels a day from nearly 2.3 million before the coming of this bad luck
  • The endless scarcity of kerosene in every nook and cranny of the nation
  • Rapidly growing unemployment industry with more than 20 million young and not-so-young people looking for work
  • The steady increase in the price of food
  • The disappearance of more than $20 billion from the Federation Account,
  • The leaking and unaudited accounts of the NNPC
  • The free-for-all vandalization of oil pipelines
  • The looting (in billions of naira) of the oil subsidy account with regular fuel subsidy to the bargain
  • Unending overseas trips by Jonathan that cost the nation millions of dollars
  • Less than 15 minutes of electricity a day for every home in Nigeria
  • The murder and dismemberment of hundreds of innocent Nigerians in the hands of Boko Haram due to Jonathan's unwise action and inaction
  • The steady increase in corruption and looting since Jonathan assumed office and refused to declare his asset. Surely he has so much to hide being the protégé of Diepreye Alamieyeseigha
  • The poor management of the economy and waste of billions in unprofitable ventures
  • The bottomless pit that Aso Rock has become as it abuse and waste funds. The details of the 2014 budget has not been released so no one will know how much will be spent on food, travel, etc in Aso Rock
  • The lack of accountability and transparency at every level of government

The details of the 2014 budget must be provided to Nigerians to see. A budget of 4.6 trillion naira ($29.3 billion) and yet Nigerians have no idea about this budget that is laden with billions that will serve the need and greed of Jonathan and the gang of rogues around him. We need to know what is in this budget for the Nigerian people. I had to search to locate the breakdown since the government did not make it public. They have a lot to hide and that meant good bye to openness, no way to transparency. I was able to locate the budget proposals that contained a breakdown of the budget on the website of the Budget Office. I am not sure the finance minister saw the breakdown of the 2014 budget. considering the large chunk of funds allocated to unprofitable, wasteful and selfish items in the budget breakdown. Below are some dubious allocations contained in the budget. They provide glaring evidence of how the nation's money is being wasted, looted and abused:


State House - HQTRS -N8, 739, 307, 625
State House Operations - President -N2, 995, 106, 500

Nearly N3 billion will be squandered at the presidency without one single capital project while the State House will cost almost N9 billion to maintain in one single year! This is bad luck extraordinaire for the Nigerian people. A total of 11.7 billion naira will be squandered at the presidency in 2014.

State House - HQTRS

Drugs and medical supplies - N208, 072, 611
Food stuff/catering materials supplies -N200, 831, 774
Maintenance Services - General -N1, 198, 197, 770
Maintenance of office building/residential Qrts -N907, 115, 934
Financial consulting - N37, 804, 795
Miscellaneous - N834, 973, 228
Refreshment and meals - N162, 555, 500
Honorarium & sitting allowance -N320, 222, 801
Medical expenses - N29, 414, 258
Welfare packages - N267, 775, 698
Purchase of canteen/kitchen equipment -N131, 750, 000
Purchase of residential furniture - N52, 000, 000
Purchase of health/medical equipment - N105, 731, 002
Purchase of sporting equipment - N18, 850, 000
Wildlife conservation - N105, 670, 000
Furnishing of the vice president's guest house at 41 Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro - N40, 000, 000
1 No. sewage truck (Balance payment) - N67, 000, 000
Purchase of x-ray machine - N34, 132, 630
Purchase of mammography machine - N41, 083, 102
Purchase of embalming machine - N1, 650, 000
Purchase of 1 No. hydraulic post mortem table - N4, 000, 000
1 Nos. Massage bed - N2, 100, 000
Individual car tracker for 100 presidential ground fleet & utility vehicles =25, 000, 000 - N22, 000, 000
Construction of VIP wing in the state house medical centre = N1, 300, 000, 000 - N705, 330, 000
Completion of extension of dental wing at SHMC - N50, 000, 000
Upgrade of Villa facilities - N1, 500, 000, 000
Purchase of service equipment (Heavy duty) = N121, 900, 000 (vii) Purchase of service equipment (crested cutlery, flatware, & Glassware - N100,000,000

State House Operations - Presidential

Local travel & transport: Training - N1,219,621,417
International travel & transport: Training -N1, 159, 240, 600
Maintenance of motor vehicle/transport equip -N132, 964, 485
Publicity & Advertisements - N426, 493, 083
Medical expenses - N56, 786, 915


What more evidence do you need to understand and see why nothing positive is happening to the Nigerian people? Most of the allocations above are greed-induced and pointless. Some of them are repeated allocations and most highly unnecessary in a difficult economic environment. It is clear that Jonathan and his sidekicks are in this for what they can get out of it, directly and indirectly. Corruption is rife, the waste and abuse of state funds are rampant, looting is encouraged, money is worshiped right inside Aso Rock, poverty is on the rise and the masses are terribly exposed to hunger and diseases, thanks to the absence of leadership. Jonathan's days are numbered and it is our collective duty to make sure a non-performer is kicked out and ultimately held responsible for the corrupt and dysfunctional government he ran.