Babs AjayiThursday, February 27, 2014
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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada




oodluck Jonathan removed Stella Oduah (aka BMW Queen), Orubebe and a few other ministers the other day. BMW Queen and others were not sacked as claimed by some mainstream media; theirs was a removal from office. Aloota continua, only the thieves are welcome in Abuja! In Abuja, members of the Jonathan cabal thrive, gather up and move on to other personal projects and plunder-able plots. This is the world according to the good luck that pushes members of this cabal around. Corruption is endemic and stinks to high heavens in the Jonathan Aso Rock as confirmed by recent oil funds looting of more than 10 billion dollars from the Federation Account, the revelation from the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Funds are being freely looted from the Federation Account by the men and women in Aso Rock, who are being aided and abetted by the management of NNPC. Since it is business as usual, the facilitators at NNPC are also helping themselves to some of the loot. The Federation Account cannot be balanced, the national reserve is also being steadily depleted and the masses are left poor and desperate. Jonathan wants to do something about it, but he wants to ensure that poverty is banished from his family and see to it that no one in his family ever has to go without shoes before doing something about the hunger and poverty affecting the rest of the nation. At least when fire engulf your homestead you have a duty to quench it (even hunger) from your person before thinking about helping to put out the fire burning others.

It is not just because this regime is weak, lazy and bereft of ideas, but far more because it is the fountain from where the oil - literally - of corruption flows. Jonathan has no integrity and lack the image required to sack anyone for reason of corrupt practice, not even a messenger right inside Aso Rock. He is the leader of the pack - and these men and women around him only take a queue from their master, and, in most cases, follow his instructions. They could not have been acting out from a different script beside the one provided to them by Jonathan and expect to be walking the streets, or even retain their positions over the years and without a bother from the EFCC. The EFCC only bark at the people Jonathan ask them to bark at and bite only the perceived, real and unreal enemies of Jonathan. As Jonathan and his mentor, the convicted treasury looter DSP Alamieyeseigha, marshal their troop towards a clean sweep of state coffers before the 2015 elections they are hopeful life will be wonderful with excess cash at their disposal even if they lose executive power.

The truth now is that if you are an angel or you want to become an angel, then move away from Aso Rock, go far away. This Aso Rock will likely tempt Jesus Christ if he visits for a few minutes; they are so negatively clever the unwary will be trapped before realizing it. The various reports of several commissions instituted by Jonathan are still gathering dust inside Aso Rock and yet he wonders why people accuse his government of "not fighting corruption"? I must remind Jonathan that he and his government are not being accused of not fighting corruption; rather they are being accused of large scale and unprecedented corruption and looting. The two are different. The people are saying that you and your government are very, very corrupt and you are not changing your ways. The joke is on the robber who accused the home owner of failing to declare all the assets and cash in his house when the robber asked his victim to make a full disclosure of cash and gold, only to later find a Ghana-must-go bag full of dollars that was not mentioned at all by the home owner. "You are not a honest person at all, you this yeye man," declared the thief, but that was not the time the home owner can laugh, not with a machine gun dangling dangerously in the hands of the thief. This is a microcosm of the situation in Nigeria. 250 petty thieves have been prosecuted by the EFCC, Jonathan reminded the nation, but those who are stealing from the Federation Account, those who are mismanaging and looting the accounts of the NNPC, those who are looting the oil subsidy accounts, those who have stolen oil blocks, those lifting crude oil illegally with the approval of the people in authority, and those who are battering away the oil resources of the nation for pennies are going around free and under heavy police protection, acting big, living large and eating dinner at the Aso Rock dinner table under full security and massive protection. These are the reasons why Nigerians are making it clear that this administration is hugely corrupt, irresponsible and criminal.

When Jonathan said his critics are very corrupt he was only saying, and this is by deductive reasoning, that he knows he is corrupt but he is not as corrupt as his critics. He was convinced that the ICPC and the EFCC are "working hard to tackle corruption." If the EFCC is working hard to tackle corruption as things are, then we can also add that electricity has been stable and without a wink since Jonathan took over. Is any of the BMW Queen, Orubebe, Oronto Douglas, or Diezani Alison-Madueke in jail? Are all these people not central to the fraud called the Transformation Agenda under Jonathan? The agenda is nothing more than a ruse put together to loot the oil revenue of the nation through some pre-plotted plan that is hidden and kept secret from the whole nation. But unfortunately for these fraudsters and their sidekicks there are still a few honest men and women out there who can no longer stand the upward swing in the level of corruption in the petroleum sector. The rationale these fraudulent people have relied upon to justify their criminal activities and endless looting is simply that oil and gas is from their region, but the poorest in the nation who require quick and immediate intervention are their own people from that very region.

The level of poverty in the Niger Delta, particularly in Goodluck Jonathan's Bayelsa is unprecedented and unimaginable, but the transformation team is actually using the name of the Niger Delta to perpetuate selfish schemes and frauds. None of them is in the least interested in the well being of the Niger Delta people, not Goodluck Jonathan, not Alamieyeseigha, not Edwin Clark, the unbridled spokesman and unscrupulous grabber from the worthless regime in Aso Rock . When a leader or a pretender to leadership measures his worth by the loot he's been able to amass for himself, then you can easily conclude that he stands for nothing and he is worth nothing to the people, and that is why Jonathan will never be a role model to any young man or woman, boy or girl in Nigeria. I have said it before, but it has even come to that point where Jonathan cannot and should not tell his son to consider him a role model. He might think his son is a small boy but the boy can tell the difference between how they are living now and how they used to live, how they are squandering money now and how they used to spend money before they came to Abuja.

To be continued.