Femi AwodeleThursday, September 4, 2014




e are not in this world by accident, while we don’t have all the answers to so many questions, we have answer to a few regarding our existence in this world. We know based on the bible that we are tripartite beings (spirit, soul – min/will/emotion and body) see 2 Thess. 5: 23, we know that we are created to Worship God (worship is submitting everything to His Lordship) see Romans 12: 1 and our lives through being obedient should bring Glory to God (be Salt and Light) see John 15: 8.

As humans we know our lives are influenced by our Nature (spiritual and biological) and Nurture (communities – church, neighborhood, nuclear and extended family, education, etc.). We know from scripture that every human born of a man and a woman is born with a “sinful” nature (defaults to self) and we know from science that we inherit 23 chromosomes each from our mom/dad to make our unique 46 chromosomes which determine our physical features, personalities, health issues and lots more. Our nurturing, which includes the values of our family, the cultural believes of our communities (church, schools etc.) have tremendous influence on who we become.

We know from science that we are influenced by external things via what we allow into our soul (mind particularly) via our five (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting) senses, we know that what we allow in is processed in the frontal lobe but also stored in the hippocampus (intellect) and the amygdala (emotional). We know the influences of hormonal flow in us based on circumstances and how they affect our emotion either positively or negatively.

The bible also has a lot to say about our world. According to the bible, our world is influenced by two “spiritual” kingdoms; the kingdom of Darkness and the kingdom of Heaven or Light (see Col. 1: 13). We know that the kingdom of darkness is run by Satan and demons; all created by God but fell from glory and are now left to torment humans. We know Satan is the prince of this kingdom and that their language is lies, we know they have administrative hierarchies for purposes of governance. We know the kingdom of heaven on earth was established by Christ, we know it is a spiritual kingdom within – whose transformation starts with mindset change (death to sinful nature and taking on the mind of Christ) and eventually bear fruit (see Galatians 5: 21) that bring glory to our Father in heaven.

According to the bible, we know that there are three heavenly realms, the first heaven (where we live), the second heaven (where spiritual beings interact) and the third heaven, which is described as the abode of God. We know demonic forces cannot go to the third realm, but does influence things through the second (God in His wisdom allows Satan to come to the third heaven – see Job 1). We know that we humans are influenced by these realms, and our ability to response is dependent on us accepting Christ and having the power and authority to resist Stan and the demons (see Phil. 2: 1-8).

We know that as humans (even after accepting Christ) we struggle between our sinful nature edged on by the kingdom of darkness and our godly nature edged on by God’s word and the Holy Spirit, we know that the one we feed the most (based on what we allow through our senses) is the one that dominates and define our value and character. We know this struggle is real and it is taking place constantly in our mind, whether to do what the bible say to do (even when we don’t fully get it) or to do what seems good to us based on our understanding and wisdom.

Our world and Us intertwine with institutions created to bring about interaction. God Himself put three institutions in place – the Marriage (and family) Institution – this is the foundational institution upon which other institutions are built, the Government Institution (types of governments are man-made, but setting up institutions to govern is God) and finally the Church institution – this is a temporal institution put in place by God, it started with the resurrection of Christ (and coming of the Holy Spirit) and it will end with Christ coming for those who willingly choose to believe and serve Him. Humans have also created their own institutions to administrate their systems – institutions such as Religion, Media, Education, Entertainment, Economics, Politics and Government and Family.

Under religion – our world is divided amongst five (5) main worldviews, Deism, Atheism, Pantheism, Polytheism and Monotheism (Islam, Judaism and Christianity). Under Christianity, there are two main theologies – Liberal and Traditional, under Traditional there are the Evangelical and Pentecostals. The whole thing is very complicated but worth knowing. Under education – we have K-12 and then college ranging from undergraduate to graduate degrees and so many specializations, from S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) to Arts and Humanities. Under government – we have communism, social democracy, parliamentary democracy, constitutional republic, Monarchy, Theocracy (Islamic state of Saudi Arabia or former Hindu republic of Nepal – till 2006 etc.). Under economic – we have Free Market system, Crony capitalism (government heavily regulate and influence), or within any nation’s economy there is the fiscal vs. monetary policy, there is the micro vs. macro economy etc.

Using humans (willing or not), both spiritual kingdoms influence the world mainly through what we allow into us through our five senses, processed in our frontal lobe and stored in our hippocampus (which we then draw from). The institutions themselves are not bad, but the spiritual kingdom that influences the values or principle of any institution is what makes that institution function for good or for evil (with or without knowing it). Let’s take religion for instance, although Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light, no one comes to the Father except through me” many religions also claim to be the path to the light, and many take some of their beliefs from biblical morality they however reject the acceptance of Christ. So, it takes someone who truly seek to come to the place where accepting Christ and being able to defend such reasoning is worth living and dying for. Unfortunately, too many don’t seek to know truth, they are comfortable with emotional rollercoaster, hence easily moved by every wind or (false) doctrine.

A child born into this world today has all his/her nature fully intact but he/she is open to what is taught to him/her as truth, as values and principles to live by and this is how this person would interact with his/her world. The good news is that the God of the Universe gives everyone a chance to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior, so that he/she is transformed by the renewal of mind through the word of God. The process of transformation through renewal is not an easy one, it is one that requires death to self, and by faith trust that God’s word is true, so it requires being vulnerable to Christ (Faith and Trust) and in turn to other humans.

It is imperative for all of us, particularly those of us that call on the name of the Lord, to examine our world and line up those things we’ve been taught with the true word of God, so that we can start the process of transformation in our lives, suing the word of God. Many of us live by the creed of our culture and the hybrid religions we were brought up with, for some of us, we have bought into the Me gospel of our generation believing Christianity is what God can do for or how much resources He can provide for my assignment, and not God burden my heart with what burdens yours or I’m willing to die so that your Kingdom would come on earth.

You are here to Worship (devote yourself to Him as a living sacrifice) and for your life to bring Glory to your Father in heaven, in whatever role or assignments He deems fit to give you (individual, spouse, parent, ministry, etc.). Seek more about the world you live in, religions, spiritually, politically, economically, and find out what the bible says about those things, educate yourself - as understanding (and obeying) the Holy One of Israel is your path to real success on earth.

Remain Blessed