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Dear Young Person


ast year, I felt a crushing blow of defeat on an immoral issue (in my city), upon close examination and review of events, it became clear to me that the opposition is not the problem (not darkness at all) but people who are supposed to be light, but whose light is dim or is hidden under a bushel. It occurred to me that, we are where we are in the world because of the church (the body of Christ).

I discovered that there are weeds among wheat (or religious people among believers). In my own way and understanding, I have written about them as the "types of Christians" (see Nigeriaworld.com archive). I was discouraged at the level of spiritual corruption within the church, and to top it all, the attack or intimidation of/on Believers speaking truth, is actually coming from religious people within (some think you don't go far enough, while some think you are too far out - I read all critic, eat the meat and throw out the bone).

As I sought the Lord, on what He'll want me to do in this critical arena (Righteousness and Public Policy) in 2014, it was clear to me (perhaps based on where I am in my parenting life) that, I need to support the fight for righteousness but I'm to move couple of steps ahead, and combat the lies this generation have told young ones, especially those from religious homes. So, from time to time, Uncle Femi would write you publicly on topics, that I believe the enemy has lied to your generation, and I expect you to do your own study (hopefully with your parent) each time, I write you. After your study, discuss the topic with your youth group.


Science is the study of... (nature, humans, world, etc.) based on facts learned (gathered) through experiments (laboratory) or observations. There are many branches of science, some like engineering (chemistry, genetic etc.) are purely based on OBJECTIVE laboratory analysis, some like psychology, anthropology, (Social Sciences) are based on SUBJECTIVE observations and analysis, and some like Medicine (Medical Sciences) have a combination of both OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE analysis (both an art and science).

Faith is the belief, devotion or trust in someone or something without logical proof (Webster dictionary), the bible defines Faith as being sure of what you hope for and certain of what we do not see (because of faith, trust and belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior).

Based on the definitions, some within Christianity and many outside of Christianity, believe that it is impossible to believe in science as a fact and also trust or have faith in an unseen God, and be led by Him based on a set of principles that contradicts human sinful nature. Some religious denominations are content with simply feeding the emotion of the people rather than explain faith Spiritually, Intellectually and in other ways that we exist in this world.

Understanding the nature of humans

1 Thessalonians 5: 23 "May God Himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ".

As humans we are told by the Apostle Paul that we have a tripartite being, that we are spirit, that we have a soul and that we have a body, and while all three work together they function differently. For instance, we are told that our body is simply a shell created from dust and would return to dust, it houses who we are (Soul and spirit). We know that when we accept Christ as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, connects with our spirit confirming that we are God's children and we know that our soul, has our mind, our will and our emotion.

What we know about human spirit:

  • At birth, it is separated from God, hence considered dead

  • Rebirth or comes alive [connects with God] when that human accepts Christ (John 3:16, Romans 10: 9-10 and Romans 8: 16)

  • Our spirit connecting to the Holy Spirit is supposed to guide us (John 16: 13)

What we know about the human soul:

  • It is the abode of the will, mind and emotion, and it is where human life is (Matt. 8: 36)

  • It is where decisions are made and intellectual informations that guides us are stored (Romans 12: 2)

  • It is where what we feel (Job and king David wrote a lot about anguish of the soul). Also Jesus Matt. 26: 38.

What we know about human body:

  • It houses our soul (intellect, emotion, etc. - in the many human body systems) and spirit (which connects with God's Spirit - the Holy Spirit can ONLY connect with a rebirth human spirit)

  • It should be kept Holy (since it houses God-Holy Spirit within) - 1 Corinth 6: 19

  • It grows and then deteriorates with time (Genesis 2: 7 and 3: 19)

God given Dominion and Authority

At creation God, gave humans dominion over every other creation on earth, he created us differently from other animals (each after its own kind). He created humans to have more intelligence than other animals (which has enabled us to create weapons and machinery that enhances our dominance) - while other animals might be bigger and stronger, we (humans) have the intellect to subdue and dominate.

God is the one who gave us the intellectual ability. In Deuteronomy 29: 29, Moses wrote the following to the Israelites "the secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the Words of this law". Based on His timing and history (past or to come - future events are history to God), He allows or give us insight to know a little more of His majesty, those knowledge is now what our generation classify as sciences, whether it is medical sciences, or engineering, or astronomy or whatever branch of science we find ourselves (as a dad, to a future engineer, I pray daily that God will reveal secrets that would change his generation in biomedical engineering to him).

Allow me to open your imagination (as I believe it), on how God reveal things to human at His timing. The book of Revelation of Christ was written about 70AD, and its content has been read through many generations. In Revelation 11, the bible talked about the death of the two witnesses, and that for 3 days the whole world (verse 9 - every tribe, people and language) will gaze on their body, while those of us reading it today would immediately think of GPS technology (satellites), those who read it from the 1st century to the 18th century, could not even imagine what that verse is saying, how everyone in the world could see their dead body simultaneously?.

Through what we now call science, God has revealed what we need to know, when we need to know to us. It is interesting to note that, there are things God has revealed clearly but there are things that are still hidden from us. God has (in His grace and mercy) given us insight to know more about ourselves physically and emotionally. Through mathematics, we now have principles and laws that have helped created things that have made life easy such as cars, airplanes and other household items, and technologies that facilitated easier communication. Genetic engineering is a product of this century and it has already been helpful in treating human diseases.

The sciences of psychology, neurology and psychiatry has helped us understand the chemical components of the human brain, and with time, experts in the field, now know how to treat (not heal) certain diagnoses. People like Dr. James Dobson, a PhD and specialist in child psychology have been able to combine the knowledge of psychology and spiritual insight to help many homes, and Dr. Ben Carson an MD and pediatric neuro-surgeon have been able to combine neuro/surgery and spiritual insight to bring happiness to many homes.

Understanding Spiritual Insight and lies of the Enemy

Since the fall of Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels (now called demons), they have sought to separate God from His creation (humans), whom He created for fellowship. In the Garden of Eden, Satan (formerly Lucifer) succeeded in making Adam and Eve sin, hence dying instantly spiritually (separation from God) and eventually physically (something that was not in the original plan) - see Genesis 3.

Satan usurped the vacuum of dominion and authority God gave to man, and created a spiritual kingdom, referred to as the kingdom of Darkness in the bible (see Isa.61:1, Ps.82:5, Col.1:13 and Luke 1:79). This spiritual kingdom uses everything available to it separate humans from God, primarily using human intellect and emotion. Jesus came to establish another spiritual kingdom that counter-balances the spiritual wiles or schemes of the kingdom of darkness (read the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

Through the kingdom of darkness, Satan and his agents creates elaborate schemes or wiles to deceive humans. For some, he makes them believe that spiritual things does not even exist, life starts and end with what we see only, for some he makes them believe that human intellect is all there is - seeing is believing rather than faith - evidence of things hope for, for some he makes them believe that they have a spiritual relationship even though it is all based on emotional high and lows, for some who identify as Christians - he tells them that Biblical Principles (not methods such as technology) should change with the culture of the time, so on many levels Satan seeks to separate humans from their creator, both here on earth and in eternity.

Another deceit of the enemy is the tripartite nature of man. In most pantheistic religions (which includes the New Age movement), the spirit part of human is removed, and our nature is said to be "mind, body and soul", and there is a lot of emphasis on "mind over matter or positive thinking - changing your situation by learning how to control your mind and thinking only positively", which unfortunately has been adopted by many churches, instead of believing in the work of the Holy Spirit, and obedience to God's word (this are subtle but deadly for the church).

With the Holy Spirit giving us a better understanding of God's word and with God allowing humans to have insight into the functions of the human soul and body, we now know the following:

  • That spiritual kingdoms, have access to humans through our body, specifically the five senses (eyes, ears, nose, taste and touch), information received through this organs are sent to the brain, where the frontal lobe sends information through neuro-transmitters to the storage units (hippocampus or amygdala) on what to do, once that decision is taken. The necessary step is sent through the spinal cord to the necessary part of the body that would carry out the decision made.

  • Neuro-science now corroborate what Apostle Paul describes as renewing our Mind: Psychologists and Psychiatrists (particularly the ones that are born-again) can and have helped people with mindset change (albeit temporary), but they also believe faith based mindset change (or Transformation) is a more lasting panacea (faith based organizations like Minirth Meier clinics, Teen Challenge and the Ultimate Journey, are great examples).

    In the popular book "the unexpected legacy of divorce - after 25 years" by Judith Wallenstein PhD. et. al., Dr. Wallenstein (not a Christian) noted that the people who seem to have done well in their own marriage after their parent's divorce, were those with what she calls religion (or I would call faith) - I highly recommend the book.

  • We also know that intellect or IQ and science (any branch) is limited to what God decide to reveal to us, we are at the mercy of data analysis to figure things out. Science has no capacity to neither know nor predict the future beyond the outcome of the data it is analyzing at the moment.

  • We know that God can and does HEAL (not treat) ailments supernaturally, when doctors He has blessed with intellect can't - see Luke 8: 43-44 (woman with issue of blood)

Here is what we know about the Spirit:

  • We know that when a human being, willingly accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, his/her spirit-man comes alive and the Holy Spirit connects with such spirit (read the entire Romans 8)

  • We know that as a spiritually rebirth person get to have God (the Holy Spirit) come live within (connecting to human spirit). That the Holy Spirit makes gifts available to the human and also produce fruit (pattern of godly behavior, if allowed)

  • We know through Apostle Paul's letter to the church in Galatia, that humans are supposed to die to self-dependence (either emotion or intellect leading) but wholly lean on the leading of the Holy Spirit (see Galatians 2: 20 and Romans 12: 1).

To conclude this discussion, here are my highlights:

Human intellect and emotion, and the ability to use them in different branches of science with revelations from God (Deut. 29:29) is great and should be celebrated but they are limited, regardless of how amazing what is produced is (sending someone to the moon etc.).

When humans spirit connects with the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16), it reconciles us to the Father and we have GOD living within us, so we have insight/access beyond intellect or emotion, into the spiritual realm, and as we get close to God (in Holiness), He start to reveal things to us and guide our steps (scientist or not, intellect or dummy - this is why the Sanhedrin council were amazed at the disciples after they received the Holy Spirit - see Acts 4).

So, we need to see science in its perspective and Faith in its perspective, both are gifts and grace of God. Intellect is a gift to all, believers and non-believers (it produces world's wisdom), while faith in Christ as Lord and Savior is an individual's choice, and it provides more/better revelation, not only in the physical to analyze things (as with intellect), but into the spiritual realms (godly wisdom) - spiritual understanding.

Do a study on the lives of Moses (an engineer) and Apostle Paul (theologian), two people in the bible described as highly intellectual (and highly educated), and how their lives changed once they had encounter with God and were blessed with God's Spirit, Moses in Midian and Paul on the way to Damascus. Also, speak with contemporary people around you, perhaps a college professor who is born-again.

Then, ask your youth (or lead) pastor, if your youth group can have a discussion on "Science and Faith", with a panel of scientists who are also born-again (with fruit). Never run away from the discussion however, as the world (particularly in college) would try to convince you that having Faith is incompatible with being a scientist.

Remain Blessed