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This article is a warning to faith leaders and those called by God’s name in Nigeria.

y fight in this arena started when I counseled with a couple (a decade ago), who eventually chose to divorce because of a particular law of the land. In my naiveté, I sought to change the said law, only to realize that the entire laws of the land (America) do not favor marriage as an institution, in-spite of multiple evidence that marriage is a huge benefit to alleviate poverty, to help the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of children, that married people live longer and are more wealthy and lot more.

With a fresh zeal, I became a catalyst to many who have been in the fight for years and were tiring; we formed a powerful coalition, only to be derailed by the agenda of the LGBTQ (in legislature). The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer organization is a very powerful international organization with very rich people behind them, willing to give any amount. They have all liberal politicians (conservative policies in England/Canada is considered progressive in America) in their pockets, with donations (the president of the United States changed his mind on same-sex marriage because of donations to his 2012 campaign – that is an open secret) and they have shut-up a lot of (religious) politicians with intimidation, the only people they have not shut-up are true believers who happen to be in politics (so can’t be bought – they are very few in number).

They have formed many organizations that deal with so many aspects of their fight, they even have a website that lists what their fight/agenda is, and they are accomplishing it step by step (they are actually on a momentum now). They use Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals – a book dedicated to Lucifer) strategy on anyone that is gaining prominence statewide or nationally – look for dirt, intimidate, isolate and keep pounding lies (very soon people will believe it) – so many are intimidated into keeping quite.

They currently have the leadership (political/philanthropic) of most western countries in their pocket, and now using those powers to intimidate people around the world. Nigeria and indeed other third world countries should watch out for these western countries such as Canada, England and America, and philanthropists from these countries with agendas (conditions).

The fight against homosexuality or same-sex marriage is not new, every generation get to take a stand, before God judges, many in America (myself included) believe Judgment has actually started, but we are not yielding because we are explaining it away (many Christians are openly scorned for saying judgment is going on), letting our emotion and intellect get the best of us rather than God’s written word.

This fight is really between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness for the soul of man. Satan understands that when humans have iniquity in their hearts, they cannot come near God (see Psalms 15 and 24), he understands that “sin is a reproach to any nation” but a nation that serves God and call His name is “blessed” (see Psalms 33: 12). So using human wisdom and the ungodly people (religious, political, educational etc.) of our generation, we now call what is good bad and what is bad good, because of a depraved mind (see Romans 1). So, this fight is about the Soul of humans - would they have relationship with their heavenly Father based on Holiness or would they have a semblance of it and end up in hell (another topic often avoided today)?

The LGBTQ agenda (around the world) have succeeded for the following reasons:

  • Our educational system in wanting to be western has imbibed and taught wrong ideology. Many, who are my age and graduated from big name universities in Nigeria, were taught Marxist/socialist philosophies and our heroes (those who fight corrupt politicians) are such, and they negate religion or Christianity.

  • Media propaganda enhanced by satellite (CNN, BBC etc.) all around the world. It is amazing to note that there is no solid evidence to LGBTQ’s reasoning (intellectually or spiritually), yet they get good press. Their meticulously laid out agenda, also point to simply the kingdom of darkness.

  • Lack of knowledge within the body of Christ. The body of Christ is so uneducated about the essence of Christianity, that effects (promised blessings based on relationship – see Matt. 6:33), is now what most pursue. The weeds amongst the wheat have taken advantage of the ignorance to teach lies (coated with little truth).

  • The political elites, who make laws in almost all countries of the world, are humans who seek to maintain power, fame and wealth, so most of them would cave in to pressure, even when they know it is wrong in their heart.

Please allow me to explain what the LGBTQ people and their supporters have hung their hats on:

First, Homosexuality is Genetic or We are Born this Way?

The entire human genome has been mapped (that is a science of the 1980s) and there is not a single evidence that there is a gene that propels people into homosexuality. They LGBTQ community have sponsored so many studies, including the twin study by UCLA, with no evidence of “born that way”, there is currently research going on in many laboratories on mutation of genes, perhaps that is a cause?

Every evidence however points to abuse; most of those with homosexual desires were abused as children or at some point in life. One of the annoying things in Nigeria, is that many children were abused by “seniors” in many boys and girls only hostels, some share with their parents (and were told to keep quite) or some were too afraid to share. I have even heard of abuse by trusted people in church. Every single person I know with this desire (homosexuality) was abused, and by the grace of God many have been healed of such depraved mind.

Another evidence that homosexuality is not genetic, is that many have successfully left the lifestyle (Donnie McClurkin is a popular example), something that cannot (and would not happen if gene based).

Second, Homosexuality is the Civil Right issue of Our-Time?

To engender emotional support, the LGBTQ community has positioned their plight as the struggle that blacks and females went through in history; hence it is a civil right battle. Without much evidence the media, entertainment, political, educational elites jumped on the bandwagon, except they are ignoring facts that old civil right movements were based on.

The supreme court of America gave three criteria for anything to qualify under civil right act of 1968, first, it must be immutable (genetic), second, the group must be minority and lack economic and political power. Studies done by the LGBTQ themselves in Omaha, showed that over 60% of the community earn over $50,000 and about %10 own their own business, and the fact that many have left the lifestyle with good therapy and faith makes the immutability claim useless.

Thirdly, that the Bible is Fallible

Late last year (2013), I went to testify (yet again) in front of a commission that was granting marriage rights to same-sex couples (not yet legal in my state) among city workers. Testifying for the bill, was a Rev. (Dr.) Ms. (name withheld – her assistant is a practicing gay) who pastors a large Unitarian church in the city. Her testimony, basically said the bible is fallible, she compared old testament ceremonial law, of not touching a pig with America’s past time “Football” because the ball is made out of a “pigskin” and claim that based on Christianity, Football is sinful (she got a lot of laughter in the room) – Any bible believer know she has wrongly extrapolated, but many on the commission (who claim Christianity had no clue and believed her). She concluded that human laws (such as the bill we are arguing) must override any moral law derived from the bible (because the bible is fallible and should be interpreted based on the culture of the generation it’s been interpreted).

Please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqTbXHsOrGM

The entire Liberal theology and many of its doctrine, in my opinion is weed among the wheat, and we need to do a better job as the body of Christ, teaching God’s truth, beyond just the benefit of Christianity that seems to dominate. Who is a Christian? Why are you a Christian? Who are you in context of your Soul, Flesh and spirit? Etc.

To make the LGBTQ community agenda successful they have to get rid of the only impediment in their way, and that pesky thing is called Christianity. The earthlings Satan is using are not even aware of these themselves because some of them believe they are actually doing God’s work. All over western countries, hate crime laws are surfacing in cities, counties, states and nation, literarily calling the bible a hate speech, and limiting where one can share biblical truth (principles) to a physical building called church, as in Canada, and in the US the supreme court is currently hearing a case between the US Catholic Bishops and the US Government over HHS mandate that overturns centuries old believes of the Catholic church on contraceptives.

We all saw (read) what happened to Pastor Adeboye of RCCG when he visited New Zealand last year, that is what happen to so many in America on a daily basis, people like Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Franklin Graham, etc. and that is why very popular televangelists avoid such (pro-life or traditional marriage) topics like crazy, instead they keep to the feeling good or prosperity teachings. It is amazing that President Obama mentioned the name of three prominent televangelists that he spoke with before changing his believes on same-sex marriage, none of the three (including Bishop TD Jakes) came out to deny/confirm the conversation, nor did they affirm the bible’s position publicly (crazy isn’t it).

What Christians (and leaders) in Nigeria need to do?

There need to be a national organization coordinating the effort to protect the Traditional Marriage Institution. The organization would need to hold every level and aspects of government accountable, because when pressure comes (from home or abroad) politicians typically cave.

There must be a deliberate effort to educate the body of Christ, our legislature and the entire Nigerian citizenry on why it is important to maintain Judeo-Christian values, as a nation (see Psalms 33:12)

- Explain it using scripture (the Bible) - Explain it using science - Explain it using social science

There must be a very conscious efforts to make sure good people are in power (positions of authority – elected or appointed). My observation at the moment is that politics in Nigeria is still tribal based, not ideology based, and as religious as we are as a country we are not people of Faith. The religious beliefs in Nigeria is most often a hybrid thing (ona kan owo oja – there is more than a way to the market).

There must be a clear definition of what is Moral (is it Relative or Absolute?), we cannot condemn homosexuality and same-sex marriage but embrace child marriage (really an abuse)? I anticipate a big debate here because of the North/South religious divide. Furthermore, legislation alone (whether misdemeanor or felony) would not and cannot stop or eliminate this sin (or agenda), it is the body of Christ, in love (armed with scripture and good science) and on our knees, appeal to a depraved mind and ask for Holy Spirit conviction, that eventually leads to transformation.

My biggest fear as this ungodly act meant to send the souls of men to hell, crosses the ocean to the African continent by coercion from the depraved minds (we adore) in western countries, is that we might have lost a key demographics before the battle even starts, and we’ll need to do something about it.

Many of Africa/Nigeria’s bright minds (particularly abroad) are both Marxist/socialist in ideology and are also very religious (the ones that lead and make noise the most are not religious). Most of our college graduates and college students are ignorant of biblical principles yet they are the ones in the choir and bands, when you engage them intellectually on God’s word you find a big intellectual hole (they can’t explain or defend their faith spiritually or intellectually – some even think engaging scientifically is against bible?), meanwhile they top their class in their line of work or study (academically based on intellect-flesh). This points to those of us in leadership helping them have a relationship spiritually first, and then helping teach them the principles of God’s kingdom and not just fanfare that brings them to church.

They look up to people like Prof. Wole Soyinka and other junior marxists (who openly detest religion) but fight corruption at the highest level, and watch church leaders remain silent, some are even more corrupt, so they are disillusioned. Church to them is not more than an emotional charade, rather than a spiritual experience translatable into real world living.

They live in a dangerous time and they need to know that.

Let him who have hears listen to what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Remain Blessed