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Text (part 1) of my audio broadcast on Radio Kwara FM 99 on Sunday Dec. 22 2013; first relayed Christmas 2012

any times I have wondered if there is any other personality, who ever lived and is so much talked about in history than the person called Jesus.

His physical arrival on the surface of the earth was foretold hundreds of years before He was eventually born. We never heard of such of anyone in history.

Today, I want to talk about this Jesus and why He came to the earth. Let me suggest to you to call your friends and family members to listen to this important discussion that everyone must consider before he dies.

Let us pray.

Why Did Jesus Come?

The prophesies that preceded the birth of Jesus came not just by only one person but by different people who lived at different ages, hundreds of years apart and who had no opportunity of meeting one another and who had no opportunity of cross referencing one another's prophecy.

In fact, His coming to earth had been pronounced by God the Father, right from the time man lost his relationship with God, by the sin of disobedience of our fore parents after they ate the forbidden fruit.

Jesus was to come and clean the slate i.e. to reconcile us and restore us back to our original relationship with God.

By the sin of our fore parents, all born of human, have inherited sin and by that we lost our position with God as sons and daughters and we were condemned to hell.

Jesus was to come and repair all that were damaged. He was to restore us back to our former estate with God.

God did foretell that, soon as he meted judgement to all that sinned in the garden of Eden i.e Satan, Eve and Adam. It is recorded in the book of Genesis 3:15

Moses made his statement concerning the coming of Christ at between 1400 and 1450BC.

Micah made his pronouncements between 740 and 687BC about the same time as prophet Isaiah.

The thing that so much amazes me most is that all prophesies made about Him, tally and without any cross reference between any of them that gave the prophesies. Yet the people who made the forecasts lived hundreds of years apart and I do not see how anyone or any group of people could have cooked, or faked it.

Micah pronounced as recorded in his book chapter 5:2

"But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, are only a small village among all the people of Judah.

Yet a ruler of Israel will come from you----",

But where was Jesus all the thousands of years before He came as a baby?

The Bible tells us that He was part of God. He was part of God that created the heaven, the earth and all that dwells in; meaning, He was in the same place where God lives. We call the place "heaven"

And we have heard of heaven that it is all day and no night and the streets are all tarred in gold; the foundation and the walls are made of precious stones. There is no sickness and no dying. It is a place we all love to go and live forever (Rev. 21).

Why then will someone who lives there would want to come to this wretched earth that is filled with nothing but wickedness? Why?

That He was born by poor young parents, in a wretched dirty environment and in a relatively sleepy city called Bethlehem, are all in fulfillment of prophecies.

His arrival to the earth left sufficient evidences that something that never happened in the history of the earth was happening.

An angel of God named Gabriel, appeared to a virgin by the name Mary and announced to her that she would be pregnant of the Holy Ghost and the baby shall be called "Son of God" (Lk. 1:35)

Mary had been Beth rowed to a young Carpenter by the name Joseph. The same angel had to appear to Joseph in a dream to explain the circumstance of the pregnancy of his Beth rowed wife and was told the name of the conceived child as "Jesus" for "He will save His people from their sins" (Matt. 1:21)

Heaven and nature stood still on the day of His birth.

A star appeared. Some astrologers from the East saw the star as unusual. They knew the meaning and followed it (the star) until they became sure of where the star stood. They worshipped the little baby and presented Him with gifts (St. Matt.2: 1-12)

An angel of God also descended from heaven to break the news of the birth of the Messiah, which has been prophesied hundreds of years earlier, to some shepherds who were on the field at the outskirt of Bethlehem watching their flocks on the cold winter night.

Multitudes of other angels promptly joined to sing praises.

The astounded shepherds hurriedly left their flock to witness and confirm the event that prompted an angel to descend from heaven to report it, followed by the chorus of hundreds of angelic choir. They located where the new born laid and reported to the parents of the baby, what they had just seen (St. Lk 2: 8-20).

Why would these shepherds and the astrologers worship a newly born? It is because they recognized that the baby is the King of all kings.

I plead with every person listening to me to ponder over all I have just reported and ask God to explain the deeper meaning of all these things to him/her.

But why will the king of kings come to earth in human form and be subjected to all human indignity?

The simple answer is that He came because of you and me, in order to re-unite you and me with God, from who we have been separated due to our sins.

Our fore parents Adam and Eve had a perfect union with God until they sinned. Sin separated them from God. They thereby became outcast.

By that act of our fore parents, we all have sinned.

The Bible in the book of Romans chapter 5 vs 12 reads

"When Adam sinned, sin entered the world. Adam's sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned"

The book of Ezekiel in Chapter 18 vs 20 says "The soul that sins shall die"

The Bible is not talking about physical death alone but separation from God. And if we are separated from God, it means we are disqualified from getting into heaven, where there is no night, no hunger, no pains, no sorrow but is all joy and the streets are all tarred in gold, with the walls and their foundation laid with precious stones.

But instead, we are doomed for hell, where there is excruciating pain and gnashing of teeth.

You may want to tell me that Jesus came for the salvation of the Jews and you are not a Jew.

I can confirm that you are in the plan of salvation made through Jesus.

Because God knew that you will raise this question is the reason why He made sure that the blood of all the races in the world as of the time He came flows in His veins.

I can confirm to you that in His vein flows the blood of Tamar and Ahab. Both women are Canaanites. Canaanites are descendants of Ham, from whom all the black race descended.

Everyone who recognizes himself as a sinner is in the plan of God for salvation through Jesus.

Jesus is the only name that must be confessed by everyone in order to inherit heaven. No other person in history ever claimed that He is the way to God.

It is my prayer that as we celebrate the birthday of Jesus during this season, you will put all sentiments apart; this religion is Jewish, this one is my father's and make the most important decision anyone can make by accepting and confessing Jesus as your Lord and savior.

Let me ask you a question. Supposing you get to the gate of heaven and the name of Jesus is the only ticket you need to be able enter, which you do not have, what will you do?

You still have the opportunity today to make this decision. Tomorrow may be too late as you do not know when your time will be up.

As for me I will rather take the name of Jesus now, get to the gate of heaven and becomes not what is required, I will have lost nothing than to reject Him now, get to heaven and the name of Jesus is all that is required and it will be too late. That you will not have a regret is my prayer.

Next time, detailed account of the significance of Jesus coming to the earth will be explained.

Let us Pray.

Sam Aweda is President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church)