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number of people have commented that Nigeria, who played significant role, probably more than any country was not recognized nor given opportunity to say 'a word' at the long week funeral program.

We would also remember that after democracy returned to Liberia; Liberia democracy, which was fought by the blood of The Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) soldiers, of which Nigerian soldiers played the leading role, the crowned president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in her inauguration speech barely made mention of Nigeria. After settling in office, United States of America was her first "Thank You" port of call.

Sometimes in 2009, I wrote in this column an article in 4 series titled "The Abuse & Insult on the Black Race, Who is to Blame. An Inward, Honest Critical Examination" I will be revisiting those articles in the near future.

Also, sometimes in 2012, I preached a series of sermons titled "Why 'Am So Concerned about the Backwardness of Nigeria and the Hope I have that we can get over the Myriads of Her Problems"

The sermons were broadcasted on certain Radio Stations in Nigeria. The text of the broadcasts were also published in this column.

Today, I re-cull a section of the part 2 of the series of the four, published in this column on Tue. April 17 2012.

I invite you to read

"I have come to realize that the status vis--vis- respect, abuse or insult any citizen of any nation receives outside his country depends largely on what goes on in his country e g, the strength of the nation's economy, development on the ground and progress of development, industrialization, general welfare of the people etc.

If someone is a stranger in a foreign land but comes from a strong economy nation, where there is steady development in his country and the citizens of his country are not wallowing in poverty, then he will be accorded the deserved dignity by his host.

But if his host recognizes that his people at home are wallowing in poverty and his government back home do not care for the welfare of her citizens, then he receives no respect from his host but insult and inhuman treatment.

One of our career Diplomats working in a certain country once confessed to me a few years back that what other embassies from the countries that command respect, will achieve with their host Government on the phone, it will take them several visits, without even having the audience of anyone on occasions.

While the Embassies among other things are set up to look after the welfare of her citizens in that country, the Nigerian embassies are often unable to do this easily and this is the reason why Nigerians rot away in jails of foreign countries and even executed on flimsy charges without even a prior warning to the Nigerian Embassy in that country; things that will never be tried with citizens of countries that command their respect.

Sometimes in 2008, The News agency of Nigeria carried a report that some of our big men were ridiculed and humiliated in South Africa by a common South African woman Immigration Officer. In fact, The News agency of Nigeria described the treatment as "ignominious". We are talking of personalities involving a former High Commissioner to the same South Africa and two serving Senators. The intervention of the serving Consul-General of Nigeria in Johannesburg and other top Nigerian personalities of our Embassy could not help matters.

While the humiliation is for us all Nigerians, I hope those VIPs did learn some lessons that their brag, importance or VIP status ends the moment they jet out of Nigerian air space. If they think they are important or have any respect outside Nigeria, that thinking is only a brash, self-deceit, self-illusion and delusion. It is all hallucination. And if they fail to be truthful to themselves, they will always learn it in a humiliating way by the likes of that common South African Immigration woman Officer. It was a signal to them that "Nigeria is not a nation that commands their respect"

If they want to be accorded the respect of a Statesman outside Nigeria, they should start to repair all things, which their greed and selfishness have destroyed. They should start to place the nation above their self-interest and personal greed.

Would that South African woman immigration officer do that to someone holding a British or American passport? Never. She will treat them with lots of respect, dignity and decency.

And why should she accord respect to our Nigerian big men? Does she not see the way Nigerians struggle to enter her country? Does she not see the hell Nigerians go through in the bid to escape out of Nigeria, with many dying in the desert and others perishing in the seas while trying to escape?

Does someone now see why Nigeria's situation is so much of concern to me?

In future, I will give more reasons, why I am so concerned with the nagging poverty and backwardness of our nation and after that answer in detail the hope that I have that Nigeria can get over the mirage of her problems that prompts me to commit so much of my energy and time towards having a better Nigeria.

So announce the hour of this broadcast to your family members and friends. With God on our side, Nigeria will become a habitable place, which can sustain those who want to live a godly life.

Let us pray"

Sam Aweda is President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church)