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Continued from Part 1

ast week I started to ask how each person is using whatever position he is occupying;

I was saying that whatever position anyone occupies, whether it is one of high eye brow, an envied one or one of low eye brow, a very low cadre, it is a privilege and everyone must use the privilege to glorify God.

I asked how you are using your position.

Are you using your position to glorify God?

God does not eat like we do, so He does not want your food but He desires your praises. Your praise of Him is His food (Psalm 22:3).

He does not desire your clothing.

But God is glorified when whatever position you occupy, you use it to bless mankind, you use it to make a positive contribution to your country, you do not use your position to cause anguish and distress to anyone in the course of your duty.

I spent quite sometimes to correct the minds of those who think that it is only those in high positions that can make positive contributions to the country.

We are quick to point accusing fingers to those in high positions as being responsible for our woes when we too, we are selfish, unkind at our duty posts, even though it is a low one.

I challenged those in low cadre duties, artisans; motor mechanics, government and company drivers, market women, traders, those who wear government uniform; Police, Customs and Exercise, clerks, account clerks, messengers etc to repent of their evil practices and turn godly so that we all can live comfortably on earth, which will allow us to live the kind of life, which will be acceptable to God, which will make Him to accept us into His kingdom at the end of our sojourn on earth.

I will continue again today talking to you on "Your privilege and how you are utilizing it"

But meanwhile let us commit this hour to God in prayer.


There is one thing that always makes me sad about Nigerians.

Nigerians have been visiting and receiving education in the developed world long before I was born.

No doubt those who have ruled us at one time or the other have studied in those countries and saw what those people had made of their countries; turning them to heaven on earth, yet my people have no motivation to make us to catch up with them. Instead they all are stashing our resources into the already developed world. Money, which they could have used to build their own nation.

Countries that do not even have human resources as we do, have caught up with the developed world and they have turned their countries to Paradise.

Imagine what United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia etc have turned their countries to.

And our leaders are so shameless that they can still be buying mansions for themselves in those countries, which caught up with us and bye passed us, Dubai for example. God will send thunder to those houses and burn them and themselves except they quickly make arrangements to dispose the houses and return the money to the commonwealth coffer.

They messed up the priviledge, which God gave them. Rather than using the opportunity, which God gave them to visit those countries to the benefit of their own country, they have used it for their selfish interest and taste for high life. The judgement of God, the righteous God will come on them, however long.

It is our common wealth, yet they want us to worship them before they dole some peanuts to us.

They will gather the poor people on a field to sing their praises and then fling money, milk, sugar, rice etc into the crowd and the poor people too will wrestle for the items like a dog who its owner fling bones to, yet it is the dog, who brings the game home.

In the countries, which their leaders are dedicated to their citizens, what they have are Departments of Human Services. They have written the rules to be met by any individual citizen who seeks whichever help. Anyone who seeks help, simply visits the department, complete the necessary form and if he or she meets the conditions for help, he has it and if he does not, he is told. This is very neat. It provides no room for the praise sing of anyone.

But in our case, we are too insincere and corrupt. Our legislators have become Philanthropists with our commonwealth. They take millions of Naira of the commonwealth in what is called Constituency allowance, dole a little to their friends, dig few bore holes and inscribe their names on them as if it is their private money they have used to construct them. They spend the rest on their lavish, extravagant life, buying mansions all over the world and jetting all airlines with women of low esteem; the women, which Baba Awolowo refers to as Omoge osere "play girls"

I challenge them today to propose a bill to create immediately, The Department of Human Services in every Local Government, which anyone in need can approach. This is the practice in the countries, where the leaders are sincere with their citizens.

I am talking to you on "Your privilege"

How are you using your priviledge?

Are you an employer of market? I rejoice and thank God with you. But how do you treat your staff? Do you pay them appropriate salaries, knowing that they have family and children to care for, or are you using them as slaves because there is job scarcity?

Do you accord them the respect due to a human being or you just tramp on them and talk to them as if they are no body?

Do you recognize that there is nothing you have, which God has not given you?

Are you aware that those staff of yours are also creations of God like yourself, who deserves to be accorded the respect, deserving of a creation of God?

The Bible frowns seriously about snubbing the poor. Proverbs 14: 31 says that "Those who oppress the poor, insult their Maker----"

Have you ever considered it that God might have blessed you to test your character, to watch how you will treat those who are not as privileged as yourself?

Let us pray.

Signing Out

Continued from Part 1