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"Making Nigeria a Land of Praise" Flash Back of Events in 2013 (2) Pastors & Imams Inter-Religious Solemn Assembly Sep. 18. (Jesus for the World Revival Mission, Peoples' Church, Peoples' Rescue Mission)


he report here is the continuation of last week's, "Flash back" of the events in 2013 of the Mission. This time it is the "Inter-Religious Solemn Assembly of Pastors & Imams", which took place on Wed. Sep. 18 at the Indoor Sports Hall of the Kwara Stadium, Ilorin.

If anyone had told me about 2 years ago that such an event will occur, I might be skeptical. But God's ways are mysterious. His thoughts and ways are higher than mine.

But I had committed it into His hands that Nigeria must be delivered of wickedness, selfishness and all vices that are militating against her progress in the comity of nations. Nigeria must be delivered from the oppression of the feudal Lords who are creating unnecessary poverty. I recognize quickly that poverty can make someone who has the ambition of heaven to lose focus. These must be helped. I recognize that corruption is the bane of the poverty. Therefore corruption must be attacked. The only weapon to fight all the evil in the land is the 'word' of God. The psalmist says "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee"(Psalm 119:11)

And who are those charged with the responsibility to commit citizens to godliness other than Imams and Pastors? It then becomes imperative that Pastors and Imams must seek the face of God in order to lead their different congregations to repentance, understanding and godliness.

I quite understand that it might confuse some Christians and also some Muslims, how such can happen

But God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. I thought I was sent PRIMARILY to Nigerian Christians and the book I was inspired to write on the transformation of Nigeria says it all.

But then, the time I had on the few Radio stations, which we paid for is the time when most Church goers would be preparing for Church or had gone even.

Amazingly the radio messages appeal to Moslems and there we were, Christians & Moslems under one assembly seeking the face of God to have our country healed of her various illnesses.

God had foreseen that Christians alone cannot clean the mess we are in. Christians alone cannot sanitize it. It requires a combined effort. So the time given to my broadcast by the Radio stations is a design of the almighty who at His own time is ready to resuscitate our minds, open our eyes and ears to listen to words, which will transform us.

God who knows the end from the beginning, who knows that my constituency i.e. the Church cannot alone do the work of the sanitization of the country, therefore makes likeminded people of the Islamic faith to join their faith together with mine for this campaign. It is not a design of man but God.

I took my campaign fully to Nigeria in 2011. My constituency, the Church however was slow to embrace the campaign. They were eventually provoked to join after the Town Hall meeting of May 18 when the attendance of the Moslems almost outnumbered those of Christians.

The Lord receives all the adoration.

Cross section of Pastors & Imams @ Inter-religious Solemn Assembly

Cross section of Pastors & Imams @ Inter-religious Solemn Assembly

Cross section of Pastors & Imams @ Inter-religious Solemn Assembly

Convener, Pastor Sam Aweda with Pastor Noah Olawale, interpreting @ the Pastors/Imams Solemn Assembly

Sam Aweda is President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church)