Sam AwedaWednesday, November 30, 2016
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any people have it in their brain that the way of Godliness is a slow path to making it in life if at all one is able to make it. And this is the reason why the majority of the people are untruthful in their dealings with others and why they are greedy and self centred.

Today, I want to tell you true stories of some Godly acts done by certain people and their Godly acts came with pleasant reward. I hope the stories will encourage all of you who are listening, to be Godly in all your ways.

So I am speaking today on "The Reward of Godliness-Though May Tarry, will surely come"

Let us pray.


Reward of Godliness-Though May Tarry, will surely come.

When we look around us today in Nigeria, we observe that majority of those who live in opulence are those who have engaged in one form of fraudulent acts or the other, extortionists and those in one government establishment or the other, either in Politics or in vantage position to control vote. They include those who had such opportunities in the past, who took more than what was due to them.

People therefore, particularly, the young ones have taken the belief that it is not possible to be Godly and live comfortably.

I want to tell you that this line of thought is not always correct.

Though I agree that the majority of those who live in opulence have made their wealth and fame through ungodliness, this is however peculiar to Nigeria and other African countries. It is not so, in the developed world where the rule of law is firm and effective.

In the countries where the rule of law is firm, it is not very easy to make excessive wealth just because you are in government or because you are connected to the government in one way or the other, getting contract awards to steal from the commonwealth.

However, in this same Nigeria, there are those who have made it through Godliness and righteousness.

It is the story of 3 of such people I want to tell you today in order to encourage the Godly to be calm and remain Godly and to advise those who are pursuing wealth through cheating of their fellow human beings or by making life difficult for those who cross their path in order to extort money from them to repent of their evil and turn Godly because they can still make it through Godliness.

Greed, extortion of others, pen robbery, get rich quick syndrome, love for excessive high life and pursuit of life comfort through ungodliness, have done this country a lot of havoc. It has made us a reproach and laughing stock in the comity of nations. It is the bane of our lack of progress as a nation, why we are not able to catch up with the developed countries.

And except we urgently repent, there may not be a country called Nigeria again in the nearest future and at the end, people who engage in these evil practices will go to hell. That no one goes to hell is the reason for my campaign.

Jesus said " For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?? (Matt. 16:26)

In the ancient country of Persia, known today as Iran, a story was recorded in the book of Esther of the Old Testament of the Bible. There was a story of a slave by the name Mordecai. He served as a guard in the court of king Ahasuerus.

Mordecai knew of a plot to assassinate the king and he reported it. The coup plotters were rounded up but the king thought nothing of rewarding Mordecai, who God used to spare his life.

Years passed, Mordecai was still not remembered talk less of pay him back his kindness.

But there came a night when the king lost his sleep and he ordered that the record book of his kingdom be brought to him.

Then he read about a plot to assassinate him in the past, which Mordecai foiled. The king enquired if Mordecai had been rewarded. The answer was no.

This incidence happened at a time when it was only a matter of days when Mordecai and all his tribes in the entire kingdom were all to be killed in a plot by Haman, the second in command to the king.

But when it was due in God's own eyes to reward Mordecai for his Godliness, his past act of righteousness was brought into remembrance by king Ahasuerus and instantly, overnight, Mordecai became not only a wealthy man but a powerful man in the empire; next to the emperor himself.

Thus the prophecy of Isaiah in chapter 58:8 was fulfilled. It says:

"Your light will break forth as the morning, your health will spring forth speedily, your righteousness shall go before you and the glory of Lord shall be your reward" (Isaiah 58:8)

There is this story of a onetime Secretary to a certain State Military government. The Military governor found him uncooperative and difficult and was bent on replacing him. The letter to relieve him was already written. But the day, which the Secretary was to be served with his letter of relief, the governor was invited to Lagos and he was moved to another military post.

But after the governor retired from service and established his own company, he requested with a plea that his onetime 'uncooperative Secretary' chair, the Board of Trustees of his newly formed company.

Has Jesus not said it that by their fruits, they will be known? (Matt.6:16)

I am speaking on "The Reward of Godliness-Though May Tarry, will Surely come"

It always pay to be righteous, the reward may not be instant. People may even speak evil of you. If you are not rewarded on this earth, your reward surely is in heaven, which is a lot better than what this world can offer.

You may be slandered for being 'uncooperative' or labeled as 'difficult' but inside them, they will respect you for your uprightness and Godliness and they will praise your heavenly father on your behalf.

A subordinate of this Secretary to the government, was talking about him somewhere, without him knowing that I know him personally. This subordinate testified that any time they went on official journey and the host provided them with accommodation, this secretary would return to the treasury, all the money he claimed as touring advance.

Had every Civil Servant in Nigeria behaved this way, we would never have known recession, no one will have had his salary in arrears unpaid.

Nigeria will have been sending missions to the moon and space by now. We would have caught up with other developed nations of the world.

Health will have been free for all citizens as it was before and for a period after independence.

Our roads will have been solidly built and road accidents would have been minimized.

Education will have been free to the University level as it was at the beginning.

Had every Civil Servant in Nigeria behaved like this Secretary to the government, there would have been jobs for every category of certificates as it was in the beginning.

We would not have known kidnapping of people for ransom.

We will not have got youths in armed robbery because they would have been gainfully employed.

Listen to another story; The World Health Organization (WHO) and certain overseas Non-Governmental Agencies use from time to time our health Scientists to conduct health studies about guineaworm, Poliomyelitis, Malaria and so on in many African countries.

The Scientists would be given touring advances, which are expected to be retired at the end of their exercise.

When most of the scientists would at the end of the exercise write reports of extra spending and ask for re-imbursement, there is this particular Physician, who was retiring the fund with absolute honesty and at times refunding some fund as surplus. I am sure, many people will say that his mother's mate has put a spell of poverty on him.

The Agencies soon developed trust in this Physician and he was always engaged. Almost every month in the year, he was always travelling; Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe etc.

When many of us were rushing to Saudi, I used to joke with him that his 'Saudi' is at home with International Health Agencies'.

Eventually, one of the foreign agencies decided to build a centre in Nigeria. Today, this Physician is the head of that enormous centre with staff working for him. He thus became an employer.

If we all in Nigeria will embrace Godliness in all our ways, there will have been no need for our youths to be trying to escape to Europe, engaging themselves in dangerous walk through the Sahara desert and crossing the Mediterranean Sea, where many of them have perished because there will be jobs for them at home.

The earlier everyone in Nigeria embrace my campaign to return to Godliness in all our ways, whatever one's vocation; make the prosperity of Nigeria our priority, the better for us in order to see our woes disappear.

Let us Pray