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oday, I will continue to reflect on the Inter Religious Solemn Assembly/Special Prayer for the Nation, which took place at the Ilorin Stadium on Oct. 15 2016.

Let us Pray.


Ilorin Oct.15 2016 Inter Religious Solemn Assembly/Special Prayer for the Nation-Reflections


I devoted the whole of last week broadcast to thank individuals and different groups who contributed to the success of the assembly, including 'his' excellency, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed, the executive governor of Kwara state and his representative to the assembly, Hon. Evangelist Mrs Felicia Faremi, his adviser, Special duties.

Hon. Evang. (Mrs F. M. Faremi), Special Adviser (Special Duties) reading the address of his Excellency, Dr. Abdulfateh Ahmed, KW St. Executive Governor to declare the assembly open.

I am aware that I did not mention some names, who also played important roles to make the assembly and special prayer a success. I plead that they forgive me.

And as I said last week, there are those who will not want me to make mention of the part they played and so I did not mention them in order not to offend them. There are others too, which wisdom informs me that I cannot mention their names. God knows them and God's appreciation of their support is much better than mine.

Eng.Alh. O. Sayi; Alh. M.S. Koro, one time Secretary to Kw. State Govt, now Chairman, Kw. St. Committee on Inter-Religious Matters; Hon. Evang. (Mrs F. M. Faremi), Special Adviser (Special Duties) representing his Excellency, Dr. Abdulfateh Ahmed, Executive Governor, Kw..St; Hajia Zara Muazu, Kw.St. Head of Service

Just as it was when I organized a Town Hall meeting on May 18 2013, so it was with this Solemn Assembly of October 15 2016. The youths in attendance were few. Yet they are the ones who stand to benefit more with the success of our campaign. They are the ones who have longer years on earth. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found.

I wish they knew what this country was like, 40 years ago when every Nigerian University Student studied under one scholarship or the other; when there were jobs for every graduating certificates; when health care was free.

If these youths will devote 1% of the time they spend on British/European football league to learn about this campaign, it is only a matter of time for their problems to be solved.

They are looking at every option to go abroad including through football. But how many of them can succeed through that path?

Many put their lives at risk trying to cross over to Europe by taking dangerous walks through the terrible heat of Sahara desert. Countless have died in the desert.

Many of those who are lucky to reach Morocco or Libya, have perished in the high seas while trying to cross over to Spain or Italy.

Instead of taking such a terrible risk, why do they not join my campaign, which is bloodless and has no risk and which success is certain as it takes only one or two national elections to turn their own country to the countries, which they are enthusiastic to live.

In trying to go abroad at all cost, many of these youths have fallen into the hands of dupes

A young man joined our Church sometimes ago. His story was pathetic. He was a 300 level student. Someone told him that he was going to help him obtain a visa to a Western country at a fee.

Excited about it, he gave the fellow all the money his father gave him to pay for two semesters' school fees and the fellow vanished into the thin air. In arrears of School fees, he was rusticated.

This is an example of the anguish people bring unto themselves when they seek for a short term solution in the same manner, which Nigerians take doles from Politicians rather than prefer to having their proper share of the common wealth.

Many other youths keep parading prayer sessions with beautiful appellation "Night of my breakthrough" There can only be a few who will break through, with that kind of program after a small group of people had shared all the nation's revenue among themselves and there is no further money to create jobs. There is even no money again to pay those who still have their jobs. Worse, retrenchment is everywhere.

The general solution is in the prosperity of the nation because the Prosperity of the nation is the only sure answer to individual's lasting Prosperity and except the nation prosper, individual's Prosperity is Short lived; won't last.

The Prosperity of the nation is what my campaign is all about and that is your night of breakthrough.

Many people had hoped that they were going to meet certain clerics at the assembly; clerics who they love and trust that, they have the interest of their wellbeing at heart. They inquired whether I invited them. I repeat that I reached them. Let us continue to pray that our Good God will break every barrier that do not want us to work together in order to make life better for the very same people we are making individual efforts to help.

Prophetess Bose Adimabua (Chairman, Women Kw.CAN & Alh. Solahudeen Abdulquadir, Chief Imam, Alh. Oseni Olanrewaju Mosque, both doing opening prayer.

Those of you who listen to me regularly will remember that as early as January 2011, I started going round cities praying that God should give us a leader, who loves Him, who will work to alleviate our poverty.

In my broadcast on the first Sunday of 2015, I announced that God has answered my prayer.

Hear it as I said it that day.

"God had said that in spite of all our short comings, He will be merciful to us because of the remnants who seek Him amidst all odds, those who refuse to be discouraged, who refuse to lose hope in Nigeria and in His power to effect changes"

Four months later, God fulfilled His promise, He gave us a former military leader in the person of Muhammed Buhari as president. Only an insincere person, will deny Buhari as God sent.

After the election of President Buhari, the title of my broadcast on April 19 2015 was "What Next after having a President Whose Heart Seeks God?

"What next after having a president whose heart Seeks God, who wants the prosperity of the nation?" I asked.

I answered "We all must reciprocate. We all must go godly"

In that my broadcast after the election of a God fearing President, I reminded us of the clause which God added, which alone can make the God fearing leader, end our suffering.

God added "But this is if you people will not strap (muzzle) His hands in order to complete the fulfillment of His mercy"

God said that for those leaders to be able to end our suffering, everyone in a civilian government other than a military government must be upright because however righteous or godly or determined and disciplined, any head of government, whether at the Federal or State can be, they cannot succeed in the midst of ungodly majority. Such a righteous president or Governor will be speedily frustrated and can even be impeached by the ungodly majority. Reasons for impeachment can never be in want particularly when members of the assembly at Abuja or at the States are greedy and ungodly.

In order to have God's promise of mercy to end our suffering is the reason for the Solemn Assembly.

We need a collective commitment on the road to godliness in order to achieve a Nigeria where we all shall be able to live in comfort.

A cross section of Moslem worshippers at the assembly

Why? Why a collective commitment?

The reason for a collective commitment is because the morale of the godly, meanwhile has reached an all time low. Unrighteousness confronts him/her wherever he/she turns to, leading to discouragement. The temptation to join in the ungodly behaviour is high but a collective commitment will boost the morale of everyone and serve a big encouragement because if I know that others are striving in their different positions and locations to do what is righteous, I will be encouraged that I am not alone in the effort to be godly and from time to time, we can compare notes and pray together.

Alh. M.S. Koro; Chief Peter Olorunisola (SAN) Chairman & vice, Kw. St. Committee on Inter-Religious Matters. Behind in white, Hon. Justice. M. A. Ambali, former Grand Khadi, Sharia Court of Appeal, Ilorin

I went further in my April 19 2015 broadcast to say that in order to allow the President to succeed with his good will for us, we urgently must hold Inter-Religious Solemn Assembly in every region where we will all take a firm commitment with the enabling power of God to renounce and repent of all our selfishness, cheating behavior, lack of concern for the other fellow, renounce and repent of all our greed, ask God to give us power to love our fellow human beings, to do our duty in all sincerity without taking gratification in the performance of our duties, to be helpful to all people who have transactions on our official tables, not to be difficult to them but to be helpful to them. This is in line with the Bible, which says "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach" (Prov. 14:34)

At such assemblies, we shall ask God to cleanse our land from all things that are militating against us to living a good qualitative life, things that are hindering our progress as a nation, knowing that poverty is making many to backslide. It has made many youths to become tools of hooliganism in the hands of politicians.

Every sincere Nigerian, every Nigerian who desires progress for this nation, who wants our poverty to become a thing of the past, now that we have a Godly leader will agree that we need this Solemn assembly, where we will beg God to enable us to live right.

If we all will be sincere, Nigeria has no business with poverty. The wealth, which God gives us is sufficient to make every Nigerian comfortable. But our ungodliness is our obstacle. Our greed, selfishness and inconsideration for fellow human beings, everyone of us except a few, are our enemies.

Cross section, Women, Christian Association of Nigeria (WCAN)

But these behavior should be the last of things that should be our problems in a country like Nigeria, which is so religious. This indicates clearly that it is one thing to be religious and it is another thing to fear God and be Godly.

And except we immediately, everyone of us convert our religiosity to godliness, we shall die in our poverty, we shall run Nigeria aground, kidnapping of human fellows for ransom will continue.

Except we immediately, everyone of us convert our religiosity to godliness, armed robbery by the jobless youths will escalate and we are certainly on our way to hell; no matter what number of times we pray in the day, even should we make Churches and Mosques our bed rooms. So we need the Inter Religious Solemn Assembly.

Consider how the government of President Buhari is so determined to bring to justice, those Nigerians who are accused of drowning our economy, how many has he been able to convict?

If law court fails us, where else can we seek help for the solution to our well being other than the Holy books?

Has the Bible not made it clear that "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is the reproach to any people? (Proverbs 14:34) and that is the reason for Solemn assembly, where we will all cry to God for help so that we shall start to obey His words so that we can all enjoy our God given wealth (Isaiah: 1:19) so that temptation to sin can be stemmed down, so that we can have rest with God after our earthly sojourn.

Someone may ask, if it is Godliness of the people of America, UK and other prosperous nations that make their countries prosper? They are not too Godly but their law works. No one is above their laws. Even if it is their President that commits an offence, he cannot escape his punishment. He will receive whatever punishments that goes with whatever offence he commits.

This is not so in Nigeria. As hard trying as President Buhari and EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu are doing to prosecute those who are accused of stealing our wealth, who decimate us, how many has the arm of the law caught?

So the only option open to our well being and joy is to encourage ourselves to live a Godly life, where no one takes more than what is due to him.

The summary of our way out is to love other human fellows as ourselves. This is the only option left for us, which can allow the national wealth to go round everyone of us.

Do you think that this injunction is for those in government only?

No, it is for everyone in whatever capacity, in whatever position, in whatever job you find yourself.

Do not dupe nor cheat anyone.

Do not make life difficult for anyone.

Make everyone that cross your path happy. Do not let anyone leave you unhappy.

This is the only solution to making our country great and to correct the imbalance in the distribution of our wealth. This is the only way to eradicate kidnapping of fellow human beings for ransom.

Let us pray

Pastor Sam Aweda, addressing the assembly "My Gain, My Burden"