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.S. has vowed to ensure Nigeria compel and sign gay marriage just like they've done. Do you think such can happen in Nigeria sir?

I do not foresee same sex marriage become a law in the Presidency period of Mohammadu Buhari. President Buhari has a lot of promises to fulfill for those who voted for him and can't afford to be distracted by such a rebellion against God called 'Same sex marriage' Also the 7th Senate under the presidency of General David Mark had rejected such a proposal and fixed stiff penalty for the offence of homosexuality.

President Buhari is quite aware of why the ordinary people put him in power. The ordinary people of Nigeria have been decimated and pauperized for years by self-serving politicians. The ordinary people of Nigeria are quite aware that their lot shouldn't be as it is, had their wealth been properly managed and not brazenly stolen by the crooks before him, called Politicians.

The Yoruba language has a very rich interpretation of 'Politician' It is called 'Oselu' meaning 'Town developers' But the Nigerian politicians in the Yoruba language should be 'Ojelu' meaning 'Town destroyers' and the sitting President, Buhari is quite aware of this. And this may be why he is yet unable to come out with the list of Ministers as he constantly voiced out that he wants to appoint only credible people; people with history of integrity.

The leadership of the present (8th) senate has also vowed zero tolerance for corruption, this however is yet to be seen or how do you explain same senators who have just vowed zero tolerance for corruption, people who should allow things to take their normal courses, reading meanings to an invitation to a citizen by an anti-corruption agency and even playing solidarity with the accused.

God told me early in the year that He will give us upright leaders, who will try to end our sufferings but with a proviso:

"But for those leaders to be able to end your suffering, everyone in a civilian government must be upright because however righteous or godly or determined and disciplined, any head of government, whether at the Federal or State can be, they cannot succeed in the midst of ungodly majority. Such a righteous president or Governor will be speedily frustrated and impeached by the ungodly majority. Reasons for impeachment cannot be in want"

I made a prayer in my radio broadcasts shortly after the 2015 election, also published in the Nigeriaworld.com on April 14 2015. nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/aweda/041415.html

Some paragraphs in my prayer go thus:

"By the time General Mohammed started to do things that will benefit the whole populace, the greedy and those who have been cheating us and who have been profiteering from corrupt practices, will be offended and will be looking for his fall. Things will not be as usual for many and they will plot for his removal. Father I pray that you will disgrace these enemies of the general masses.

With General Buhari at the helm of affairs, certainly, things will not be as usual for the Legislative houses and as such, reasons for impeachment will not be in want because distribution of "Ghana must go bags" for them will cease……………."

"A lot of citizens are not comfortable with those who surround the President-elect. People do not trust them because there is nothing progressive about them, which their party stands for. They have made stupendous wealth at the expense of the people they claim they serve and except these people change their life-styles, they will bring Buhari down. But since you are a merciful God, please cause them a change of heart so that they will start to think less of the wealth of this earth but start to consider heavenly things. Father, let them realize that this world is transient; that they brought nothing into the world and they will not take anything away with them the day they die and with their present life style, they are doomed for hell. Father cause them to seek a place in heaven for themselves and to work towards it.

Father, my heart is full of thanks to you for the ray of hope to the end of our suffering and reproach in Nigeria, as I am seeing it"

So, what I think the greatest concern of President Buhari is as of moment is how to get encouragement for his war against corruption; corruption, which has lasted for decades, which has become our reproach as a nation, which has made us to lose every respect in the comity of nations. We have thus become a pariah state.

I made another radio broadcast after the inauguration of President Buhari titled "The faithfulness of God to answering prayers; the Enthronement of a Nehemiah for Nigeria" It was published in the'nigeriaworld.com' on June 2 2015 http://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/aweda/060215.html

At the conclusion of the broadcast, I appealed to Nigerians with integrity who have been scared and intimidated by the rough political terrain in the country to kindly come out and offer themselves for the country and work with Buhari.

This is what I said:

"Certainly, President Buhari is not the only person who has the character of Nehemiah. Looking round, there are in our midst, thousands others with the character of Nehemiah but who have been intimidated by the political terrain in the country. Now that God has made it possible for one Nehemiah to come out boldly and offer himself for service, I appeal to thousands of other Nehemiahs in our midst to come out and rally round the first Nehemiah.

Those of you who built this country with dedication, who had made great services for this country before the self-serving ones hijacked it and who God still endows with good health, please come out again for service. Please come out and teach this ignorant generation good governance. As the adage goes, for evil to be sustained, it only requires good people to be silent"

So as you can see, President Buhari has a lot on his table to tackle rather than thinking of legalizing same sex marriage. He already made it clear to the US president that same sex marriage is alien to our culture.

There is an adage in Yoruba that says that it is after a newly wedded girl is belle full that she starts to count the number of rafters in the ceiling. Most citizens of America do not know poverty, that is why they have time for frivolity, they feel they do not need God any longer, neither should they care for His laws, counsel and precepts. God has sufficiently helped them and they can now ignore and disrespect Him. But they are playing with destruction because by the time God deals with them, they will be sorry for themselves. Watch and see that this is the beginning of the end to America being a 'Super power' It is all in fulfillment of prophecy.

You asked whether such a thing can happen in Nigeria, I carefully answered you that I do not for see it happen during the tenure of Buhari Presidency because he has corruption to fight so that the quality of our lives can be improved. But I have learnt from experience not to say 'never' If anyone, 10 years ago had said that by 2015, same sex marriage will become legal in the US, many people will say it is impossible. But here we are.

To be continued.