Sam AwedaTuesday, July 8, 2014
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n June 3 the Nigeriaworld published under my column "Preacher's Lenses" my weekly article "How the Medical Treatment received by my Wife in the U S further Propelled me to my Campaign for a Sensible Nigeria"

I posted some pictures of a typical hospital patients' boarding (admission) room in the U.S, which are typical of hospitals in other countries of the world that care for her people.

Permit me to re-produce them again.

Patient's entrance room

Patient's toilet room

I now post two responses of many that came into my mail.

1. Mr. Aweda,

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, but may God bless you - that in your grief you still find the spirit and the generosity to worry about those still suffering in the health care system or lack thereof in Nigeria. I will like to speak with you. I will help your cause by sharing some photos of a Nigeria hospital. See attached.

Charles I. Okorie, MD

Medical Director, Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center and VA Gateway Urgent Care Center

Civil Surgeon for US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

Aviation Medical Examiner for US Federal Aviation Administration

This looks like an operating Room (OR)


Good morning brother Sam. I trust you are doing great. I read your story in the papers and decided to extend my heartfelt condolence for the passage of your beloved wife. May her soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The beautiful part is that she is in a better place especially as a born again. She didn't die, she only transitioned to a better and more glorious location. God will give you the fortitude to bear this loss. He will give you beauty for ashes and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness in the name of Yeshua the son of the Living God. Glory to God.

I work in a hospital (non clinical) in Atlanta and I will authoritatively tell you that there is no room for comparison between the health system in the US and Nigeria. My mom passed five years ago in Atlanta but she got the best medical care you could imagine. She got comfort till she finally passed on a Sunday morning. My siblings and I still give glory to God for the life she lived and for the care she got before she passed.

My mom's younger sister got sick and was in coma shortly before we took my mom to Nigeria for the burial. We headed straight from the airport in Benin to UBTH where she was admitted. First she was supposed to be in ICU but she was in a regular ward. What we saw is best left imagined. My older sister (a senior nurse at Grady in Atlanta) asked why she was not in ICU, we were told ICU was full and only more serious illnesses where placed there. My sisters and I broke down in tears. She passed the next day. In May this year we were all in Nigeria for my niece's wedding and my uncle's wife had a stroke in April and it happened that she was in same UBTH but ICU this time only because she is a very influential and strong political woman in Benin. The state of the ICU as a whole is enough to kill a man. My cousins' had to buy flip flops so anybody that comes to see their mom could wear to avoid wearing the funny looking boots by the door that you MUST wear to be able to get into the ICU (pathetic). Is it the dirty looking scrubs to be worn before going into the ICU? (horrible).

Like you said, it is ONLY God's intervention that will bring Nigeria back to its old self. Nigeria has not only derailed but possessed by demonic and spiritual wickedness in very high places. God said, 'if my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways that I will hear from heaven and heal their land. Nigeria needs spiritual cleansing and it has to be from the top. We will continue to pray because until we take care of this tantamount issue in the spiritual, nothing will change in the physical. God is still faithful and is still in the business of answering prayers. It is well brother Sam.

Just wanted to share my own experience with you and to let you know you are not alone in this fight. We shall prevail in Jesus Name. Do have a fruitful day sir.

Warmest regard.