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e read in the Holy Bible a story of some little children who cut their lives short for having uncontrolled diarrhoea mouths. They provoked a prophet of God, Elisha for no reason. The children mocked the prophet and made fun of him as he went through the city of Bethel because he was bore head (bald head). Elisha turned around, looked at them and cursed them in the name of the Lord. Two bears promptly came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of them. The story is the book of 2Kings 2:23-24.

On June 3 the Nigeriaworld published under my column "Preacher's Lenses" my weekly article "How the Medical Treatment received by my Wife in the U S further Propelled me to my Campaign for a Sensible Nigeria"

I thank all of you who commiserated with me and sent me condolences, though many of you never met me in real life.

If you recollect, I attached pictures of a typical U.S. Hospital patient room, which looks like 5 star hotel rooms. They are no different from the patient boarding rooms we have in Saudi Arabia Hospitals where I worked for over 17 years.

Dr. Charles I. Okorie, Civil Surgeon for US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Aviation Medical Examiner for US Federal Aviation Administration & Medical Director, Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center and VA Gateway Urgent Care Center felt that my story was not complete without some pictures of some patients' and operating rooms in some Nigerian Hospitals for comparison purposes. So he posted 5 pictures of those hospitals to me in order to, in his own words "to help my cause"

If this article is not too large, I will share the 5 pictures for all to see for comparison purposes.

There was however one fellow who poured venom and galls on me. You will ask what my offense was "I did not disclose the nature of the illness of my wife as it might be due to her bad life style habit"

This fellow described me as a secretive/ cover-up/ dishonest person. In another instance, he described me as unintelligent.

My first reaction was to seek the indulgence of the editor, Nigerianworld to help me publish it for the whole world to judge who is or not intelligent of the two of us. But then, I observed that this fellow who accused me of being secretive and dishonest, himself did not introduce himself. So I wrote him as follows "

-------, Sir,

Thank for your letter. It remains only a few seconds; just a click, to post your response to the editor of the 'nigeriaworld' and leave it to Peoples' court when I observed that you made no introduction of yourself, no address, nothing about who you are. We do not know whether you are a ghost. Yet you accused me as secretive and dishonest. Posting it to the whole world will be a bad journalism. Kindly introduce yourself properly and I hope it will be posted. But except you do on time, it will be delayed because I will not be available for the next several days.

He replied me after some days as follows"

I have no problem if my response is published on and assessed in the tribunal of public opinions. I am a Nigerian (Kwara State), an attorney by profession and I live at Cherry Hill in the state of Maryland, USA. Of course, a host cannot write a response.

By then, more intelligent people than him and who are God fearing , who have made their marks in their different professions have cautioned him against bulling someone in grief. Quite un African and extremely inhuman.

It was in one of his replies as he bragged about his achievements and accumulation of properties that he let himself out and it was clear that the name he goes with on the net is not his real name and he is not from Kwara State but most likely from Imo State. Yet he has the gut to accuse me of dishonesty. He is a shame to Imo state because a prominent member of the Board of Trustees of my campaign, an accomplished Orthopaedic Surgeon is a native of Imo but went to be with the Lord two Octobers ago.

His responses and another of his company to those who tried to correct them portrayed them as someone who unfortunately must have had a bad upbringing. I shiver how these two fellows spoke extremely rudely to people and ridicule them, who are old enough to sponsor financially their education. The arrow head of the insults was in form 4 (High School) in 1983, the year, which one of those they insulted was awarded a Ph.D in Nuclear Pharmacy.

The reason 'am reporting it is simply to warn everyone about the use of their tongues so that bears will not maul them as they did those children in Bethel as read in 2Kings 2: 23-24.

Proverbs 11:12 says "To quarrel with a neighbor is foolish; a man with good sense holds his tongue.

Leviticus 19: 32 says "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD (KJV) "Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the LORD" (NLT).

Paul counseled in 1Timothy 5 1 "Never speak sharply to an older man, but plead with him respectfully just as though he were your own father" So that you can live long on earth (Exodus 20:13).

The consequences of disobedience is a curse, which leads to destruction. I hope those two boys will promptly tender apology to the elderly people they have spoken rudely to.

I have always counseled that anyone who does not have the gift of discernment has no business with deliverance ministry because many people in travails have brought it upon themselves as a divine judgment due to their actions. And after they get into trouble, they or their concerned relations will be looking for someone with spiritual power for help. And if the deliverance minister is not able to discern, he will put unnecessary burden of endless fasting upon himself or herself.

I also equally counsel from time to time that people who behave badly in the society must not be spared by their relations because often they share in the repercussions of the evils that befall their evil doers' relations.

I have decided that in this article, I will not even mention the fictitious names these offenders go with because if I do, I will be giving them unnecessary and undue cheap popularity. It will be like celebrating them.

I had been tempted on occasions to chip in, at some of the discussions on the social media but for the free use of foul languages, without hesitation that some of those who partake in it engage in.

On occasions I have wondered how different they are from Mushin and Ajegunle area boys except for their good use of English Grammar. I may want to think that many of them are frustrated individuals, who are highly educated but have no job in the West to match their education. Let me counsel them that instead of unleashing their frustrations on one another, let them join my campaign for a sensible Nigeria, where the wealth of Nigeria is shared evenly as much as possible. Then these attorneys at law and self acclaimed medical doctors but who in reality are security guards in the US and UK, can return home after Nigeria is sanitized through spiritual means, which our Mission is working towards and get be fitting jobs consistent with their qualifications and where they will not be discriminated against.

Please watch for next week writing, when I will relate responses from sensible and true lovers of Nigerians.