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n the book of St Matt. 9 vs 34-36 we read that "The Lord had been preaching the gospel all through the towns and villages and He noted that the people were suffering and He had compassion for them. Jesus was full of pity for them. He referred to them as like sheep without a Shepherd. (NLT),

37 Then saith He unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

38 Pray ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.

So the topic for my sermon today is "Prayer for Faithful Labourers in God's Yard"

Let us pray.

But before we proceed, there is an urgent need to talk to God because the people that are afflicting this nation remain unrepentant. It is escalating. We must pray for God's mercy on them so that they can be saved from hell.

The Bible says that he who is rebuked rather than listen but stiffen his neck, will end in destruction. They are our brothers and sisters and we have a responsibility to pray for them so that they do not get destroyed.

Please pray with me.

God my father, Nigeria is in your hands and it will continue to be in your hands.

After the war hero Mohammadu Buhari won the April 2015 presidential election, I preached a sermon on April 21, which I titled "What Next after having a President Whose Heart Seeks God?

In the broadcast, I referred to my broadcast of January 1 2015, where I announced that God had promised that He would give us a leader who will end our affliction.

At the same time, I reminded us that God however added a clause and that is "if you people will not strap (muzzle) His hands in order to complete the fulfillment of His mercy"

God said that for those leaders to be able to end our suffering, everyone in a civilian government other than a military government must be upright because however righteous or godly or determined the leader is, he cannot succeed in the midst of ungodly majority, particularly if members of the Assembly in Abuja are immoral and ungodly. Such a righteous president will be speedily frustrated.

It is almost 2 years that President Buhari ascended the throne. We are all witnesses of how his efforts to stem corruption have been attacked by the highly powerful officials.

Now the President has become ill, perhaps due to frustration. Baba please heal him so that He will be able to continue the good work. You are the greatest Physician.

Father, those who sit on our wealth, who have pauperized the citizens of this country gathered themselves together in Abuja recently to celebrate their victory over righteousness. They are deriding us who they have decimated. They are justifying their rape of the citizens of this country. God how long will you continue to watch evil to prevail over righteousness?

They have written a book where they have found faults with the efforts of this government against corruption.

They have initially made a CD where they sang that real punishments await those who ever try to way lay them.

And who can even way lay them in their bullet proof vehicles, which they have purchased with the commonwealth? Who can way lay them in their fortified dwellings?

But they do not remember you the righteous God who delivers the weak from those that are strong and who repays each one according to his or her deeds.

Where are the powerful people of yesterday?

Father, you promised King David that "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, -- I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him (Psalms 12:5)

Father it is high time you rise for the defence of the weak masses of Nigeria.

Father give them wisdom and understanding to realize that all the power they are wielding meanwhile will soon end, having passed half of their time on earth and what should preoccupy their minds by now is how to enter heaven at the end of their lives on this miserable earth and how to make the country great and how they can take poverty away from the land so that citizens will not have to rain curses on them after they are gone.

Father I pray that you make them like zacchaeus, who returned in four fold to all who he has cheated. Make them like Matthew the Tax Collector who people call 'Sinner' but later became one of the 12 disciples of Christ.

They have raped this country too badly, citizens die like chickens due to poverty. Father let them call another meeting where they will weep and be sorry for the evil they have done to this country and return all the loots in their possession to do the repairs of all, which they have destroyed.

They are proposing to go overseas to recruit Nigerians. Liars and hypocrites! What a deceit? Why do they not recruit the millions of jobless graduates who are roaming the streets of Nigeria, who have returned home the second time to be fed by their parents? What about those in service who are not paid their wages?

Father rise up for the help of your people in Nigeria. Deliver us from these Town Destroyers who call themselves Politicians.

Father, I know that you have delivered Nigerians into the hands of these Politicians to be punished because of their ungodliness. You gave them the whip to deal with us because we are evil except a few. We are receiving the judgement of our ungodliness.

But Father, what about the remnants who seek you in all truthfulness, who do not take part in all the evils that pervade the environment?

Abraham pleaded with you when you decided to rain fire on Sodom and Gomorrah if you will destroy the righteous with the unrighteous? You said "No"

So father I plead for my people Nigerians, on behalf of those who seek you, to end our suffering. Take the whip back from the Politicians and give them a change of mind, particularly members of the National Assembly and all politicians in all parties and the lawyers who are shielding the Satanic looters.

We all saw the roll call as they gathered in Abuja that religion plays no role in their looting of the country. Party differences played no role. But Religious Leaders on both sides of the isles of this country have found it difficult to team up together to fight the pestilence of poverty, yet this poverty may constitute hindrance to their ambition of heaven. Father I pray that you will give understanding to them.

As I end my prayer Father, again I plead that you touch our President, Buari with your healing hands. And please protect the Acting President, Yemi Osibajo very strongly from the evil plots of those who do not wish Nigeria well. Give him the wisdom and the understanding to pilot the ship of Nigeria in the absence of the president. Amen.

This is how the Holy Spirit has led this service. Next time, I will continue with the sermon "Prayer for Faithful Labourers in God's Yard"

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