Sam AwedaTuesday, May 16, 2017
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here are many things that anyone can seek the face of God about.

So today, I am preaching on "Seeking the Face of God, Example of Prophet Elisha"

But let Dn. Dr. Kayode first commit this hour into the hands of God


Seeking the Face of God, Example of Prophet Elisha.

An individual can seek the face of God for direction eg what type of study he should pursue, who to marry, which job to accept or where to live etc.

A parent can seek the face of God on behalf of their children for various reasons.

We read of many Prophets in the Bible who sought the face of God on behalf of their different countries at various times.

Examples of such prophets are scattered in the Bible. Abraham did on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah. King David, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zerubbabel, Ezra, Nehemiah and many others did at one point or the other in the course of history of their nation, Israel.

The aforementioned Prophets sought the face of God at one particular time or the other when their nation went through troubled times.

And one thing that is common about them was that they sought the face of God for the prosperity of their nation and not for their personal prosperity or prosperity of an individual.

The Holy Spirit of God gave them the understanding that their personal and any citizen's prosperity solely depend on a nation, built and nurtured on a solid economic foundation, different from a situation where a cabal will loot the commonwealth with impunity.

They understood that a nation, where some citizens convert the wealth of the nation to themselves will in no time go into extinction and oblivion .

Those prophets did not set up prayers for 'my night of breakthrough' or forecast someone who was going to be in possession of a big car or mansion by the morning time or before the end of the year'. But they sought the face of God for a collective prosperity.

King David encouraged his subjects as recorded in Psalm 122, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee: O Jerusalem may there be peace within your walls and prosperity in your palaces. This I ask for the sake of all my brothers and my friends who live here (Psalms 122:6-8).

Another song of king David was recorded in Psalms 137:

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; If I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy"

The generation of Israel made this song their National Anthem during the years of their plaque in the Babylonian captivity.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, we do not have sufficient men of God who truly seek the face of God on behalf of the nation, even as the running of Government business has drifted from godliness to ungodliness, leading to terrible suffering of many citizens in the midst of plenty.

We do not have sufficient men of God who truly seek the face of God on behalf of the nation even as we witness most citizens become morally debased; where duping, extorting and cheating of one another is the order of the day.

The lives of the few Preachers who sincerely seek the face of God on behalf of the nation are at risk. Certain Radio stations will stop their preachings, mid-stream, if they are even aired at all. Yet it is their hard earned money with which they pay the radio stations to preach, with no personal gain whatsoever to themselves, but all in the interest of the nation, so that famine and suffering can end, so that we too can be reckoned with, in the comity of nations. Yet those who stand to benefit, should the nation's prosperity be restored are the same people waging war against the campaign of these few Preachers.

The preachings that are acceptable into our ears on the pulpits, on the Television Screen and Radio are invitation to nights of break through or someone who will be in possession of a big car or house, before morning, when all that can lead to the collapse of the nation's economy goes on unabated with the looting of the commonwealth every minute by the offices, which have the responsibility to sustain the prosperity of the nation.

And what has been the result of those sweet preachings?

Our moral decadence has worsened.

In order to be the one, who will fulfill the prophecy of break through before the end of the year, everyone except a few join in all kinds of fraudulent behavior.

People in Government uniform extort fellow citizens, Head of government departments convert money budgeted to run their offices into personal use. Civil Servants in vantage position convert funds meant to run their programs into their personal use. Everyone dupe and cheat the other fellow.

Nigerians are experts in fraud. The moment President Buhari collapsed the bridge on which they remit stolen money overseas, they immediately devised other means.

Warehouses are usually built to store goods.

Now warehouses are built to pile currencies of denominations from all over the globe.

The theft is so massive that the cash can no longer be kept in bedrooms but in warehouses, purposely built to pile them while others are kept in uninhabited flats.

Cemetries do not only house dead people in Nigeria again but are shared with currencies of various denominations from all over the globe.

All these occur even as millions of citizens are starving and dying of hunger. Those monies are sufficient to run the economy of the whole Africa and not only Nigeria.

A Yoruba adage interprets as "Walking in multitude is befitting and beautiful" Meaning, a collective prosperity is beautiful or befitting. And I add that it is not only beautiful but peaceful and joyful.

Had our Priests on both sides of the isles in Nigeria jointly and truly sought the face of God on behalf of the nation, God will have revealed it to them that the prosperity of the nation is the father and clue to individual citizen's lasting and enduring prosperity.

If our Priests on both sides of the isles have really jointly, sought the face of God on Nigeria, their inner minds would have been illuminated to know that it is only the continued prosperity of the nation that will sustain the continued wellbeing and happiness of the future generation.

A nation, which economy is eaten by all the ten fingers, will in no time collapse and extinguish.

Had they this understanding, they would have taught prosperity of the nation in the Churches and in the Mosques.

Imagine everyone to be comfortable to a certain measure, why will anyone contemplate on kidnapping another fellow for a ransom or go into armed robbery, knowing that if it fails or if caught, it might cost him his life?

So there is peace and joy in collective prosperity.

Unfortunately however, the Devil has overtaken the minds of certain Nigerians and Africans generally to think that their importance is measured by how much of the commonwealth they are able to acquire for themselves to sit on and the number of people that troop to their house to worship them while they too proudly dish money of no worth to them as they please.

The Devil has warped their minds that they cannot think correctly. They often forget that they will end up as dust like any other fellow.

The way our founding fathers built the nation was in line with God's plan of collective prosperity.

The founding fathers, at the beginning, made education as comfortable as it could be in the hope that after those ones are educated in various fields, they could plan on how to make the country great, worth living and educate the ones behind them much easier even.

It was like this for sometimes until the most wicked Demon of Satan, 'Mammon' made Nigeria its headquarters and infiltrates the minds of one generation to jettison the original plan of making the nation great but become selfish and they started the milking of the nation until it became dry.

The money to educate those behind them is committed to personal use, roads became death traps. Rather than employing staff, they let them off. Salaries of the few that remain at work cannot be paid. Hospitals are left in dilapidation.

Except that the Mammon spirit of Lucifer has its headquarters in Nigeria and occupied the heads and minds of these people, how can someone whose sanity is correct build a warehouse or dig graves or rent flats to pile up the peoples' wealth, seeing the difficulties, which ordinary citizens are passing though, when workers cannot be paid their wages at due time or paid only20%?

But if we the Spiritual leaders are really called, if we understand the responsibility, which God placed on us, no one need to plead with us to seek the face of God for direction on what needs to be done to restore the nation; join forces together and pull down the forces of Satan, holding the thieves to ransom, warping their minds.

Prophets like Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, Nehemiah etc. engaged themselves with repairing and restoring their nation. They did not shy away from it. And they did the work with no expectation of any personal gains.

Those are the signs of true Religious Leaders.

This kind of business is what should engage Religious leaders in Nigeria, if truly we are.

Politicians can be paid for doing their work but Religious leaders work for the nation is without pay.

It pleased us to be the shepherd of the people and we must be ready to bear the sacrifices.

Elisha is an example of a prophet who sought the face of God and God revealed secrete things to him.

The Bible recorded in 2Kings 6 that each time the king of Syria planned to wage war on Israel, his detailed plans were revealed to the king of Israel.

The king of Syria became so frustrated at a point in time such that he had to summon his officers and demanded to know which of them was the traitor.

"Who of you has been informing the king of Israel about my plans?" He asked

"It's not us, sir," one of the officers replied. "Elisha, the prophet, tells the king of Israel even the words you speak in the privacy of your bedroom!"

I was in Nigeria in the April of 2006. I was frustrated that in our 7th year of return to democracy the desired positive changes were not visible. I cried to God daily.

About 400 clock on a certain morning as I was praying, God told me that my fellow Nigerians in all the states of the Federation behave like Esau, who sold his birthright for a morsel of meal.

God told me that the politicians have given some citizens peanuts money in order to have their votes; that my people have traded their fortune for peanut money and other useless gifts.

Towards the end of the same year, few months before the general election of April 2007, God asked me to put into writing and distribute to my fellow citizens what He told me, when I visited Nigeria in April as why they remained in poverty.

I obeyed and wrote a tract, which I titled "The Gift that ends in Unending Poverty"

Election was around the corner, I wanted the tracts to be read by as many citizens as possible, so I gave a sum of N100,000.00 to people to stand on the streets and corners of Lagos to distribute the tracts written both in the English and Yoruba language.

The Lord is calling Religious Leaders in Nigeria on both sides of the aisles to team together and liberate your citizens from poverty and stop the nation from the drift from the righteous path, which had in the beginning prospered us and be committing citizens to a life of godliness and Righteousness. Because it is only a righteous and Godly life style that will restore our prosperity.

The Bible says it clearly that "Righteousness exalts the nation while sin is a reproach" (Proverbs 14: 34).

The Bible adds to it in the book of Isaiah that "If you are obedient to the commandment of righteous living, then you will eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19)

God is now asking every citizen to go and join a political group of their choice.

The Politicians will not care for you at all.

So better go and join them.

You can no longer be outside of the camp and be complaining. Enter into the camp.

If you remain outside, you cannot be heard.

You cannot be outside and make any correction. They will not listen to you.

God is asking every citizen of Nigeria; men, women, students, young and old, Moslems, Christians, educated and uneducated to henceforth be a card carrying member of any of the main stream parties so that when they are distributing Plasma TV set, Refrigerator, Car, money etc, you can also have your own.

You should no longer accept them meeting you all on a soccer field, clapping and singing their praises while they too throw, rice, milk, money at you in the manner, which we throw bones to dogs after we had eaten the flesh.

This alone will send signal to them that you are no longer going to sit idle and watch them alone enjoy the wealth that belongs to everyone of us; that they alone cannot continue to overeat and be running stool, while you sleep hungry and be counting the ceiling rafters.

With this, they will understand that distribution of things will not be possible and they will now plead with you that they are ready to fix all the things that have been neglected; things which I have been talking about.

So, Pastors and Imams should henceforth announce to their congregations this directive from God. Chairmen of Trades; Tailors, Mechanics, Welders, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Printers etc should make this announcement to their members. Market People should do the same. Head of families should compel their family members to comply.

Pastors and Imams and chairmen of trade should set a time when each member of their congregation should complete this process after which they must show their registration card before they can be allowed to enter the house of worship or be allowed to attend meetings.

I do not want to hear anyone give me excuse that he or she is not educated and cannot join a party. Education has nothing to do with wisdom. Education and wisdom are two different things.

I have many people around me who are not High School certificate holders, but when they talk about politics and the country, am amazed at the level of their understanding.

There is a Yoruba adage that says that if a child knows how to die and does it constantly, the mother should also know how to bury him.

And do not join a legless party but join the mainstream ones that can win elections any day or any strong party that may evolve in future.

Let us pray

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that these words, which you have spoken through me will prosper the souls and minds of all who have heard it.

I pray that it will produce good fruits in their lives.

I pray that it will turn their hearts to the right.

That they will stop considering the good of themselves alone but the good of the others as well.

If they are interested in the good of others, they will not extort, dupe or cheat the other fellow, known or unknown. If they seek the good of others, they will be kind to everyone.

Father give them the understanding that it is in the prosperity of the nation that their prosperity lies;

that their lasting and enduring prosperity lies on the nation with a sound economy.

Father give them the understanding that taking more than what is due to them from the commonwealth will destroy the nation, will lead to starvation and deaths of many others.

Father let those who steal from the commonwealth realize the damages they are doing to the prosperity of the nation and the many lives, which their action is destroying.

Father give them a repentant heart. Father let them make all the necessary restitution, which they need to make. Let them behave like zacchaeus who returned his thefts in four folds.

Father give them the understanding that it is to their benefit if the nation is able to support whatever vocation any citizen wants to pursue.

When there is regular supply of power for example, everyone whose vocation depends on power will be put to work.

When the money budgeted for road maintenance , health services, schools are not diverted, many citizens will be put to work and poverty will be eradicated.

When money budgeted for the running of Police duties are no longer diverted to private pockets, Police officers will stop demanding money from motorists.

Then there will be no more armed robbery, no more kidnapping for ransom and everyone will live in happiness with no fear.

Father bring understanding of these to everyone.

Father I pray for religious leaders on both sides of the isles in the country; please let them understand the responsibility placed on them.

Let them understand that they are your representatives on earth who must do all that is required to turn the hearts of your people to the right.

Father let them put aside their personal ambition, gain or reward and let them seek your face.

With the situation in the country where unrighteousness has pervaded the air very thickly and the majority of the citizens are suffering due to poverty, let them understand their positions as the elders of your people who must find solutions to these problems.

Give them a willing heart to team up together and work for the deliverance of your creation in Nigeria from poverty and hell.

And father, I pray for myself who you have given the inspiration for the restoration of the country that in carrying out your assignments, I will not be consumed.

Any reasonable person should understand that except you have sent me, it is impossible for me to have put this burden on myself.

I have laid down every blessing you have blessed me with to fund this campaign, when I can use the money for the enjoyment of my family and myself.

With all these, some people are still speaking evil of me, some are seeking for my hurt. God arise and let all your enemies be scattered. Forgive those who are speaking ill of me, give repentance to those who are seeking my hurt.

God arise and let all those who do not want this campaign to succeed scatter. Put to shame those who do not want Nigeria to prosper. Let all those who are happy with the suffering, which majority of Nigerians are going through be put to shame.

In your righteousness 'am established Lord, I will not fear nor terror, it shall not come near me. No weapon that is fashioned against me shall prosper in Jesus mighty name.

Father, continue to inspire me to preach the word of deliverance from poverty and hell to your people and let the word have a free course, and after I have preached to others, that I may wear crown in your Kingdom at the end of time in Jesus Name. Amen.