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Continued from Part 3

engeance or nemesis may catch up in form of disease on the wicked fellow or it may be vented on the child, wife or any member of the family.

I have seen situations when wives of the wicked thought she was carrying pregnancy when actually she was carrying diseases or some useless objects in her womb.

I heard the story of an old late man of God who never gave his military son rest but always questioned him if he was using only his legitimate income for all he was engaging into.

Eli, the priest did not reprimand his sons who exhibited greed and immoral behavior as they officiated at the altar.

The actions of the two boys was responsible for the extinction of the total family.

In one single day, the two boys died in war. Eli, on hearing the news of the death of the two sons, himself slummed from his chair and died same day. The wife of one of the sons fell into labour at hearing the news of the death of her husband and died same day (1Sam 4).

What a tragedy!

So we see how the action of a few caused a disaster to a whole family.

Those of you listening to me, I warn you, if you have someone in your family behaving badly, pilfering from government/public money, difficult to people in the discharge of his duty, call a family conference on him. It is for your own safety and security because his action is destabilizing the life of others in the society. He is taking more than what is due to him, while others are not able to have anything. Do not think God will not take vengeance on behalf of those, who your relation have denied of their own share of the nation's wealth. He will mete appropriate judgment.

The Bible warns "Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife" (Proverb 17:1)

There was a woman in one department, though not the head of the department but she wields power. She hated one fellow, a Scientist, and a sectional head in the department. Though, all this woman had was only a High School Diploma, yet she was always harassing this fellow.

This man, the Scientist constantly petitioned God that God should rise on his behalf over this arrogant woman.

Her husband, a Medical consultant, very godly person, doing his work quietly in another department in the same establishment, one day made a small mistake in the course of his duty and he was fired from his job. Every plea to overlook his mistake fell on deaf ears of the administration.

This Medical Consultant had to be repatriated to his country.

His arrogant wife who was tormenting this Scientist, had no option than to leave with her husband. God indeed rose for the Scientist and set him at safety.

Look at where the sin of this arrogant, wicked woman was visited. Her wicked behavior caused serious hardship on the family.

To be contd