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Continued from Part 5

have been preaching for sometimes on the “Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Terrible Confusion & Frustration”

This is the 6th sermon on this topic.

But let me first request Dr. Deacon Kayode Samuel to commit this hour into the hands of the Lord.


The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion & Frustration (6)

As frustrating and confusing the situation is as of moment, the hope is not lost for our general and individual situation to change positively only if we will listen and put in to practice, all, which the Spirit of God has been saying all these years through my sermons.

In the last sermon, which was the 5th, I started to look into how we have ignorantly left to lie fallow one effective instrument, which if we have used, we would not have known poverty in the first instance. This is our religion.

I have pleaded and still pleading that we stop to allowing our religious differences from preventing us to unite together to fight a common enemy, an enemy, which has no discrimination for any of our religions.

The Politicians have not allowed their religious differences to stop them from conniving together in sharing our commonwealth and strip us naked.

I have pleaded and still pleading that we do not accept their baits to sponsoring us to Holy lands.

What again is our hope?

Religious leaders must hate corruption.

If we are able to hate corruption, we shall be able to attack it ferociously in the Mosques and in the Churches.

We should not have dealings with anyone looting our treasury other than them worshipping with us.

We should distant ourselves with anyone walking in ungodliness in the discharge of his/her duty; I am referring to people who extort on their duty post. We should refuse their gifts.

And any donor with large donation to our Religious house must be investigated for the source of his/her income and returned, if there is any doubt about how he comes about his wealth.

We should be dissuaded from asking the government to build houses of worship for us or request them to sponsor any of our projects because once they sponsor any of our projects, we shall not have the courage to correct them when they are wrong.

The only sermon that must be preached, emphasized and re-emphasized at this moment is ‘godliness’.

The time we are in, calls that we pay less attention to miracles but concentrate on how to be qualified to enter heaven.

A blind, a crippled, a dumb and anyone with whatever infirmity will reach heaven if they are Godly while someone who is whole, will burn in hell if he is ungodly, a dupe and a liar.

What is our hope?

The time we are in, calls for serious sacrifice on the part of religious leaders on both sides of the isles.

I am pleading and still pleading that Religious leaders live moderately even if their source of wealth is Godly.

With the prevailing poverty, the life style of Priests on both sides of the isles must reflect that they are aware that there is poverty in the land.

Religious leaders should stop preaching miraculous quick wealth. It has led to unprecedented ungodliness in the nation.

The counsel of Jesus Himself is “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt.6:33)

People do not see the Religious leaders who are struggling to make ends meet but those with high profiles and it is sending a wrong signal to them as if doing God’s work is synonymous to abundant wealth.

Let these high profile religious leaders ask themselves what apostle Paul would do supposing he is alive today and exposed to such tremendous affluence.

He answered it in his first letter to the Corinthians chapter 6 verse 12. Hear him:

I can do anything I want to if Christ has not said no, but some of these things aren’t good for me. Even if I am allowed to do them ------------. Take the matter of eating for example, God has given us an appetite for food and stomachs to digest it. But that doesn’t mean we should eat more than we need. Don’t think of eating as important because someday, God will do away with both stomachs and food (1 Cor.6:12).

This is how, these high profile Priests should also think; to recognize that someday God will do away with their aircrafts and their exotic vehicles and palatial homes but God might on the day of judgement ask them how they have used their wealth, whether correctly or used it to influence people negatively.

Paul said again in 1Cor.10 vs 23-24:

You are certainly free to eat food offered to idols if you want to; it’s not against God’s laws to eat such meat, but that doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and do it. It may be perfectly legal, but it may not be best and helpful. 24 Don’t think only of yourself. Try to think of the other fellow, too, and what is best for him. (1Cor.10: 23-24).

I hope the Priests on both sides of the isles will learn from Paul and consider the negative aspects of their flamboyant lives as to how it affects observers and in effect how it adds to ungodliness in the nation.

But there is another question; is every nook and corner of Nigeria evangelized? Can they not spend their wealth on this?

Our wealthy Priests cannot copy the way of life of their American counterparts because however much those ones flout their wealth, no one pays attention to them because almost everyone has all that makes him comfortable and happy. It is only the government who monitors their wealth to see how it is acquired.

The few flamboyant preachers have thus created an impression that preaching brings wealth and so religious houses multiply in geometrical progression while all kinds of vices are on in the increase in the society.

With the prevalent job scarcity and hardship, many people are trooping into priestly jobs, when they do not even know God. I heard that many of them even do diabolic things in order to have a big congregation.

How can they preach Godliness, when they themselves do not know Godliness or live it? But it is only righteousness that can take us out of the woes that have befallen us according to Proverbs 14:34.

It is only righteousness that can guarantee the individual’s lasting and enduring prosperity. All prosperity built with ungodliness is like building a house on sand.

All, which these emergency Priests have successively done is to impress on people that they are able to perform miracles and heal the sick. They cajole who ever attend their places of worship of being able to make them rich. So they do all kinds of pranks and tricks to fool and deceive the vulnerable.

One pities those who parade them because may you not have a problem that overwhelms you. If you have one, there is the likelihood to fall their victims and mind you their mouths are very sweet.

This is why in our Mission, we teach people that God is not a respecter of person neither has favorites. He hears anyone who calls on Him with sincerity of heart and He will answer you who is listening to this sermon or reading it, only if you will call on Him in sincerity of heart.

But in actual fact, had they the necessary understanding, they can use their situation i.e. their lack of job, to seek God’s face and ask God to open their eyes and direct them to do what is needed, so that Nigeria can prosper again because it is in the prosperity of the nation, wherein lies their prosperity.

Should they request, God will certainly open their minds to do what is needed.

Had they sought the face of God all these while, the legions of Nigeria ‘woes would have been over by now.

In closing these sermons, I pray that the religious leaders on both sides of the isles seek God’s face with their whole heart, so as to know what we need to do to restore the fortune and prosperity of the nation.

God placed the responsibility of the wellbeing of any nation on the heads of Priests and we cannot shy away from it. This responsibility should be above our personal interest otherwise, we are not worthy of being called Priests.

It is now glaringly clear that our expectation of restoring our prosperity through the arm of the law or court processes has failed. The only option, therefore left for us is a joint effort by the Priests on both sides of the isles to turn the hearts of the people to the right. We must concentrate on committing them to living right, living Godly, loving others as themselves, preferring the nation above self because the prosperity of the nation is the answer to their lasting and enduring prosperity.

We can achieve this through Inter Religious Solemn Assemblies. Kindly seek the face of God on this.

Let us pray.

Signing Out

Continued from Part 5