Sam AwedaTuesday, April 29, 2014
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Continued from Part 2

any times, terrible things happen to people and we even pity and sympathize with them without realizing that it could have been a reward of their wicked actions to someone in the past.

Do not misunderstand me please, several unfortunate things happen from time to time to good people, which is not their fault or due to any sin they have committed at any time and in fact this scenario is the most commonly observed and it is the concern of this sermon as addressed in the part 1.

But at the same time, there are others who bad things occur to them, which is as a result of their wicked acts to someone or their wicked acts to the society.

Imagine so many homes that have broken due to economic strangulation in the country.

Imagine so many people who have died of hunger.

What about those who have died due to non- availability of proper medical care in the country and they do not have the means to travel to India.

Let us face it, does anyone think that God will allow those who have thrown Nigerians into this mess go scot free? Such a person is joking because He has never seen God in action.

Proverbs 14: 31 says that "Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker----"

I know with this my statement, you will want to exonerate yourself and point accusing fingers to the leaders.

Do not deceive yourself, you yourself know the deeds of your hands, which are sabotaging the well-being of fellow citizens.

These actions of yours added to those of others have destroyed the country at large. These individual actions of all citizens added together have hardened the hearts of the leaders to remain un-dedicated to us.

Of course God is abundantly gracious and merciful but at the same time, He is a God of vengeance and judgment.

We have seen people with all security details attached to them become victims of violence.

We have seen people who if longevity of life can be purchased, have the money to do it. Unfortunately, money cannot purchase it. They have the money to seek medical care anywhere in the world, yet they die young, with all their riches.

We have seen people who in spite of the high stability of their automobiles and security gadgets built into those automobiles, yet die easily in road accidents.

We have seen palatial homes razed down by fire killing the occupants as well.

Worse of all these is the repercussion of the sins of some fellows, which are visited on their children as some sit in the comfort of their homes only to receive the news of their children, murdered somewhere or die in a road accident.

This is the reason why family members, wives, husbands, parents, brothers, sisters, children, should not keep quiet when you observe anyone in your family living above his means or reported to be difficult at work, making life difficult for some staff or making life difficult for those who seek one thing or the other from their desk because the repercussion of his actions will certainly bounce back and affect everyone in the family.

To be contd