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Continued from Part 4

oday, I am proceeding with my preaching on the topic

"The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion & Frustration"

This is my 5th sermon on this topic.

But let me first request Dr. Deacon Kayode Samuel to commit this hour into the hands of the Lord.


In the earlier parts of the series, I have been explaining from the mind of God, what we need to do in order to be able to eat of the good of this land.

We have crossed the first river, God has bestowed on us, a leader whose mind seeks God, who hates corruption, who seeks the welfare of everyone.

But still with a godly leader, our situation has worsened. Worsened, because we refuse to change our mindset, which loves corruption.

Even those working with the president are yet to be converted to the character of the President. An example is the outrageous budget they wrote for his care and residence (Aso Rock) for the fiscal year 2017, which certainly the large chunk of it will end in their pockets.

In the earlier series, I have appealed to the dignitaries in the country from taking gifts from those in government and other politicians.

No one should think they are such kind. They only give those gifts as baits to shut people's mouths from their loots of the treasury.

Dignitaries in the society should refuse the politicians and government sponsoring them to the Holy Lands. It is blood money. The monies are to be used to take care of all citizens.

I then went ahead to advocate that certain aspects of our democracy must be abolished totally if everyone should enjoy the good of the land.

For 1% of the population to be consuming 80% of our wealth is no democracy but evil.

Our Law makers are the highest paid, compared with other Law makers all over the world. This compounds our poverty. It is evil. This must be attended to promptly.

Another aspect of our democracy that must be modified is a situation where money recovered from looters of the public treasury cannot be injected into the system until the cases are disposed off in the courts. Citizens are suffering and we cannot spend the money readily available but contemplating on borrowing from the World Bank with all the tough conditions.

Lastly about our democracy; Courts that are looking into treasury loot cases must be made to dispose off their cases speedily.

I am preaching on the topic "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion & Frustration

I will today start to look into how we have ignorantly leave to lie fallow one effective instrument, which if used, we would not have known poverty in the first instance. This is our religion.

I do not know any other country, which people are as religious as Nigerians, yet we refused to take its advantage to better our lots.

God gave us religion for our benefits.

It is a way of life, which if applied should make us happy, make us live peacefully and happily among ourselves, with everyone enjoying the gift of life, which God blesses us with.

Unfortunately our religious differences have been hindering us from uniting together to fight our common enemy, poverty.

One religion holds the belief that only they in their religion are holy while all other people of other religions are pagans and should not be associated with.

They will not visit the homes of people of other religions and they will not allow those people of other religions to step into their homes.

But who has ever been to heaven and returned to tell us what happens there? Well of course, Jesus said He came from heaven and it is only Him we ever read in history books who has made such a claim.

And should I distant myself from people of other religions because I hold such a belief? Also does my belief prevent people of other religions from working together on a profitable project, which is destined to benefit humanity?

And when Politicians note that our different religions have caused a rift between us, they use it to their advantage, when in their own case, the difference in their religions constitutes no barrier to loot the treasury.

Where then lies our hope?

It is a must that the people of the two big religions work together and liberate us from our present poverty and reproach for our good. After all, this poverty has no respect for either the Muslims or the Christians.

What again is our hope?

Religious leaders must hate corruption.

If we are able to hate corruption, we shall be able to attack it ferociously in the Mosques and in the Churches.

We would not have dealings with anyone looting our treasury other than them worshipping with us.

We should distant ourselves with anyone walking in ungodliness in the discharge of his/her duty. We should refuse their gifts.

And any donor with large donation to the Religious house must be investigated for the source of his/her income and returned, if there is any doubt about how he comes about his wealth.

We should be dissuaded from asking the government to build houses of worship for us or request them to sponsor any of our projects because once they sponsor any of our projects, we shall not have the courage to correct them when they are wrong.

The only sermon that must be preached, emphasized and re-emphasized is 'godliness'. The time we are in, calls that we pay less attention to miracles but concentrate on how to be qualified to enter heaven. A blind, a crippled, a dumb and anyone with whatever infirmity will reach heaven if they are godly while someone who is whole, will burn in hell if he is ungodly, a dupe and a liar.

What is our hope?

The time we are in, calls for serious sacrifice on the part of religious leaders on both sides of the isles.

There is the need that we identify with the poor a bit. Our life style must depict one that indicates that there is poverty in the land.

I am quite aware of many Priests who are struggling to make ends meet but people hardly notice those.

The ones they notice are those who are living large, who have large properties, who have aircrafts, who drive exotic cars, who live in multi million naira houses, who have riders and sirens accompany them.

Such a life style may not constitute any sin in itself, so long as the wealth is not from dubious means or from the seat of any government or donations from people of questionable characters or people who stole government's money or from wicked people who use the advantage of being in government's uniform to rob other citizens.

While such a life may not constitute a sin in itself so long as the means is holy, it is sending wrong signals to the citizens as if taking on priestly work is synonymous with wealth or a life of extreme comfort.

And in these days of job scarcity and hardship, many people are trooping into priestly jobs, when many of them do not even know God. I heard that many of them do diabolic things in order to have a big congregation.

What do such Priests who do not know God got to teach their congregations? Can they teach their congregations godliness? Certainly not!

By the grace of God, I will continue this sermon, "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion" next week and I will speak further on how we must use our religions to accomplish what God intends it to be for us, which is to make us to eat the good of the land, which He gives us, which in return, will make us to live a life acceptable to Him, whereby we can live with Him in heaven.

Let us pray.

Signing Out (English & Yoruba combined)

Continued from Part 4