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Continued from Part 3

oday, I am proceeding with my preaching on the topic "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion & Frustration"

This is my 4th sermon on this topic.

But let me first request Dr. Deacon Kayode Samuel to commit this hour into the hands of the Lord.


The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion & Frustration (4)

In the second and third part of this sermon, I have been revealing to us from the mind of God what steps we must take as a matter of urgency so that our suffering can come to an end.

We should allow God to take the control of our lives.

It is only after God takes the control of our entire being that we can do what is right.

Then, we shall be able to consider the good of others.

We shall not be greedy.

No one will take more than what is due to him. No one will be difficult to another person. No one will extort or dupe the other.

Anyone who God lives in his heart, will not sit by his computer and be stealing other peoples' money from their bank accounts. He will not be involved in 419, making other people to weep.

And when we all do what is right, we can be sure that our wealth will go round and poverty will flee us.

And when we do what is right, in addition that poverty will flee us, we shall become acceptable to God and we can rest with Him in heaven. So, it is for our benefit when we do what is right.

In the third part of the sermon, I started to mention some of our democratic processes that have not benefited us in any way, rather, they are adding to our frustration when in actual fact, democracy is supposed to benefit us. I mentioned the cost of maintaining our government officials and Law Makers, which must give way.

What then is our hope?

No doubt, God is working with me. I made one prayer in 2011 during one of my broadcasts titled "The Lesson of king Jehoiakim" that looters will one day vomit their loots.

This prayer is being answered already with the report of treasury looters, who are already refunding their loots. Besides, a lot of properties have been seized from others. Also, many fraudulent accounts have also been confiscated to the government. These monies are able to take us out of the mess, which we are presently in.

Ibrahim Magu, Chairman, Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), revealed that his commission has recovered about $US3.1billion. This was about a year ago. Today, he must have recovered five times above that. The Accountant General of the Federation also reported recently, the acquisition of over N5.2 trillion of dubious accounts, which became possible with the operation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

These monies, if injected into the system should serve a relief to us a lot.

But here lies the constraint with our democracy! Ibrahim Magu said he cannot hand it over to the treasury for use because there are litigations involved and in case the thieves win the case in court, their money can be returned to them promptly. He said he has kept the money in a special profit yielding bank account and if the culprits win their case in the court, their money with the interest will be returned to them. Is this Democracy? No. This is evil.

This sounds seriously irritating to me. Did those looters put us into consideration when they were stripping us to bones, wherein many have died? What kind of Democracy is this?

The government has such a big amount of money in its possession, yet it wants to go and borrow money from International Monetary Fund (IMF) with its hard pills.

And when will the Court cases be over with all the maneuvers and delay tactics of our ungodly lawyers before the money recovered from the treasury looters are made available for our use? After we all are dead?

I know quite a number of people who have died of hunger or hunger related diseases during this time of excruciating hardship, caused by the wickedness of providers of basic essentials of life.

When will EFCC release the money? By the time we all are dead? What a democracy? One elderly respectable physician has described our Democracy as Demoncracy.

What name befits the treasury looters other than murderers?

This kind of democracy we are operating is a killer one. Another one must be fashioned out; one that will save our lives and which will make life comfortable for us.

The sad aspect of this democracy is that it is encouraging people to steal more.

They are not willing to give up their corrupt life style in spite the fact that, they are aware that the Government of Buhari does not tolerate corruption.

They say they can deal with sleeping in EFCC custody for a few days and later go and enjoy their loot.

Our justice system encourage them to steal very bigly so that they will be able to employ big time lawyers who are experts in perverting justice such that by the time the lawyers take their fees, they too still have big money in their account.

So if we sincerely want to end our poverty, our Democracy and Justice System must quickly be revised so that thieves are quickly judged and made to face instant judgment.

Why will the system not deal with these selfish people quickly? People who do not have in their hearts, the love of their fellow citizens?

They care less about the suffering, which majority of the people are going through.

They care less about the prosperity of the nation. Their selfishness and greed have blinded their wisdom to understand that it is the prosperity of the nation that will not let their own generation themselves live poorly in future, no matter what amount of money they piled up for those children and their generation.

They are very short sighted. How long does such money last?

Where are the government robbers of yesterday?

Where are their children today?

They have become nonentities and imbeciles. How will they not? It is the blood of those who died due to poverty, created by their fathers that cried for vengeance.

Their fathers were looting the public treasury thinking they were preserving wealth for them, not knowing that they were digging the holes of their destruction, which will eventually lead to the annihilation of their generation in total.

Fools, who refused the wisdom of God, thinking they are wiser than Him!

Where are the mansions they built today? They have become bushes and inhabitable. They have sold many at ridiculous prices.

How true the Bible is! It says "Proud man! Frail as breath! a mere moving shadow, and all your busy rushing ends in nothing. You heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it" (Psalm 39:6)

Jesus says: "Everyone is a fool who is rich on earth but not in heaven" (Luke 12:21)

How many years have they on earth that they are piling up so much wealth? Worse still, wealth of the whole citizen! It will have been better if it has been wealth from their sweat.

By the grace of God, I will continue this sermon, "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion" next week and I will speak about the need for our two major religions to unite to fight our common enemy; poverty, which is meanwhile a big obstacle to taking our congregations to heaven

Let us pray.

Signing Out

Continued from Part 3