Sam AwedaSunday, April 2, 2017
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an you believe it that A Nigerian living in the United States found a missing hand set but has refused to hand it over to the owner?

Such an occurrence is not new back home but a few, if really there is any, will believe it can occur in the United States.

But before I relate the US incident, let me refer you to one that occurred in 2013 back in Nigeria, which I reported in one of my writings "When Last Were You Home (Nigeria)? (Part 4) published on August 27 2013.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/aweda/082713.html

I paste the relevant post of the story below

"This story and the one that follows will set you reeling in laughter.

I purchased an extension cord from Aboki who was hawking his wares in a cart. I got home to discover that my 'Air tell set' was missing. I called the phone and it became the voice of Aboki. He could not communicate well neither in Yoruba nor in English. Fortunately my House cleaner speaks Hausa language fluently. Aboki said he had travelled out of town. We pleaded that he should let us know whenever he was back in town.

After some days, I asked my House cleaner to check on Aboki. All of a sudden, I just heard my cleaner roaring in laughter. Aboki warned us never to call him again, else we will be insulted. "You lost a phone and you are crying, supposing it had been the loss of a child?"

Now to the Nashville, TN incident; I usually carry with me, my Techno handset, which I use in Nigeria, in case I need to look up a number, which I do not have on my US hand set. It has two Sims cards; MTN # 0703 432 5191 and Air tell # 0701 773 7233.

I must have gone out with it shortly before Christmas 2016 and I misplaced it. Because it is not a phone on which I receive calls frequently, it took sometimes before I noticed its disappearance. Someone suggested that I call it, since it is roamed. I said oh, that is sensible, because anyone who is not aware that I have travelled out, places call on it. So I did. Lo and behold, it rang and was answered. The discussion went thus:



Me: Please who am I talking with?

Other end: You called my phone and you are asking who you are talking with. Before any response from me, He added: Opa? (Opa is a Yoruba name. He thought he recognized my voice and thought I am Opa)

Me: Recognizing that he is Yoruba, I too responded in Yoruba "Oh, I am not Opa but the phone is mine, I must have misplaced it somewhere.

Other end: In fluent Yoruba language he retorted "Fi owo re te red button, switch off and get off" i.e "Put your finger on the red button, switch off and get off"

That was very rude, terribly rude. The Yoruba language is very respective. When you address a stranger, you do not address him/her in the singular but plural. Here is someone who has never met me, he doesn't know how old I could be and addressing me that way, was disrespectful of him. I immediately had the feeling that the usual home situation is repeating itself.

Remember the incident I recalled earlier with Aboki.

It quickly flashed in my head that I had met another crook, who though living in America still carries with him, the crook, dubious behavior witnessed frequently at home.

My head ached and my old nature instantly acted on my nerves and I replied with abusive word.

I was immediately angry with my poor temperament and I was sorry that I have not represented myself and faith good enough.

I called him again but he would not pick the phone till this day.

I then requested someone to help me call him. He did not respond but the fellow persisted. After several calls he responded with a curse; 'f' word (f*ck you)

I receive bank alerts (Nigeria banks) on the phone. He may think he could find some accomplices who will work with him to steal my money.

I bet this fellow will also join others when we discuss how our Politicians rape us. Imagine such a fellow to hold a political post or put in charge of common wealth!

Things like handsets, handbags etc when found here in the United States are usually traced to the owner and returned. I wonder why anyone will refuse to be converted to the civilized way of life obtainable here.

However, if this story filters into his ears and will be willing to return it, my e-mail address is '[email protected]' I will be grateful to him.