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Contd from Part 2

Text of my Radio Broadcast on KW FM 99, Sunday March 09 2014

am often asked, what my position is about the Pastors who live high profile life style.

I have no position other than what the Bible counsels on how we should live our lives which is "Modesty"

This is the position of Apostle Paul in 1Tim.2:9 and15.

The Bible also counsels against "Pride of life" which can be interpreted as love for high taste.

The Bible says that anyone who indulges in these do not have the love of the father. This is the position of Apostle John, the beloved in I John 2:15-17.

Until I have such a huge amount of money at my disposal there is little I can say whether I will behave likewise or not but I can say with all the truth in me "Most probably not"

The ardent prayer, uppermost on my prayer list as of now is to have money to buy air time from at least one radio station in every state of the federation to air my campaign for godly life style by every Nigerian so that we can all be partakers of the wealth, which God has blessed us with, which in essence will reduce temptation to sin and make our path to heaven smoother.

Also that our country will be like any of those beautiful countries, we always want to live.

What other argument does Apostle Paul have on this issue?

We find another one in I Cor.6 & 10

Paul wrote in 1Cor.10. Vs 23 reads:

"You say, "I am allowed to do anything" but not everything is good for me.

You say, "I am allowed to do anything"-but not everything is beneficial.

What does Paul mean by this?

I may have means to live a high profile life, I am at liberty but that does not mean I should go ahead and do it. It may be perfectly legal, but it may not be best and helpful because such an action can hurt someone and take offence, I cannot say "I don't care"

He therefore warned. 24 Don't be concerned for your own good but for the good of others

24 Don't think only of yourself. Try to think of the other fellow, too, and what is best for him.

29 In this case his feeling about it, is the important thing, not yours. 32 So don't be a stumbling block (offense) to anyone,

Paul concluded

33 That is the plan I follow, I try to please everyone in everything I do, not doing what I like or what is best for me but what is best for them, so that I may not be a stumbling block to their salvation.

I believe Paul's explanation is clear, reasonable, godly and acceptable.

Let us assume that the source of the money for which these pastors live their flamboyant lives are genuine, but what about people who take offence with their high life style and may fall from the way of salvation as a result?

Let us Pray.

Contd from Part 2