Sam AwedaTuesday, March 13, 2018
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Lagos, Nigeria


(Excerpt in Chapter 1 of my Book "Prosperity of the Nation; Answer to Individual Prosperity")

man of God once wrote: "If I pour out ten buckets of water on you now, is that equal to the kind of refreshing that rain brings? Only your body is cooled, but your environment is still hot. But when rain pours out, both your body and the environment are refreshed"

This illustration perfectly drives home, my vision of National/Collective prosperity because as long as the environment remains hot, the body will in no time itself become hot again no matter the quantity of water, which is poured on the body.

My Analysis:

The "You" and "Your body" in the illustration represents the rich person.
The "buckets of water" is the individual prosperity.
The "rain" is the Collective/National prosperity.
The "environment" represents the other poor citizens while
The 'hot' represents the prevailing poverty among the citizens.

From every happenings around us in Nigeria, which we can all witness vis--vis, fear of armed robbers, poor roads, break down of the Postal and other epileptic communication systems, epileptic power supply, ridiculous purchasing power of our currency, the rich person cannot be refreshed (comfortable), no matter the number of buckets of water poured on him (i.e how however rich he may be) as long as the environment in which he lives remains largely hot.

There is no way in which the rich person can enjoy his wealth as long as other citizens remain poor. Except he is a sadist, how can he be comfortable at seeing the horrible houses in which the majority of the citizens live? How can he be comfortable, seeing the terrible, general living conditions of the masses? How can he be comfortable, seeing on the streets, children who ought to be in schools, hawking soft drinks and mineral water about? not bothered about these. How can they when He drives out of his gate and a multitude of beggars swoop on him. He is never sure of when some armed robbers will way lay him. Fear of armed robbers doesn't allow him to enjoy his night sleep.

(Unfortunately, our Legislators are comfortable, or how can one explain their bogus pay in the midst of terrible national poverty and their conscience is not seared. And what have they to fear when they have resources, in surplus to hire thugs as escorts)

He is on the highway, he doesn't know it, until he runs into some potholes, and his vehicle runs into a ditch, leaving him with fractured bones because the roads have been poorly constructed and are not maintained.

(unfortunately this too does not seem to bother our Legislators and other big wit Politicians as some in their clubs also do die on the poorly maintained roads)

But after the necessary 'rain' falls, i.e. after a National/Collective prosperity is achieved, when the rich man and his fellow citizens, representing the environment in the above illustration, are refreshed, the rich man can have his peace and enjoy his riches without fear. But as long as the environment (majority of the citizens) remains hot, the rich man will himself remain hot and his prosperity, whether by fair, foul or Prosperity faith claim is nonsense and false.

I remember very well, in the 60's in Nigeria, quite a number of private car owners loved to travel in the night because the roads were much freer (not as busy as during the day and so less prone to accidents) and the weather condition was very cool, which was favourable to the smooth running of the engine of the car unlike in the afternoons when the tropical heat could be so devastating. That could be done then because there were no fears of armed robbers. It is like committing a suicide for anyone to do that today in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2000.

After a communal prosperity is achieved, individuals can attain any level of wealth. Level of wealth cannot be equal in any society and no one possessing hands on his body should expect it to be equal, if the fingers on his own hands are not of equal length. But as long as any individual can feed himself, shelter (accommodate) himself in a decent house, clothe himself and his family, has access to good drinking water, has access to good roads and transportation, and as long as the education of his children does not constitute fear or anxiety for him, then, there cannot be any serious acrimony (bitterness) against whoever is very wealthy in the society except in the hearts and minds that are demon possessed. Then, those who are rich themselves can enjoy their wealth without any fear. Their palatial homes would no longer be prisons to them, as they will not have to barricade the homes with any serious security, which have been death traps to many.