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hatever best way I present my message, we will find those who it will appeal to and may become Christians. At the same time, there are those who will not be, even if they believe that what I am saying has real elements of truth and wisdom.

In the same way, we have many Islamic clerics, who present their messages beautifully. There is one in particular who I do not miss his Friday broadcasts except when I am on a journey.

The presentation of his messages are beautiful, very beautiful and there may be the Church goers who may consider becoming a Muslim but a host of others will not.

With this reality, it is time in Nigeria to accept that Christianity and Islam have come to stay, each having her followings.

The only option open to us now is to decide to tolerate each other and behave to each other as citizens of same country with equal rights.

Again to explore how best, we can use the two religions to our benefit, to lift the country up, to catch up with the developed world. After all, the two religions are from the same origin. One man who the Christians call "Father Abraham" and who the Muslims call "Prophet Ibrahim" is the grandfather of the two religions.

If Islam and Christianity have their origin in the same house, it is obvious that there will be a lot of similarities in their code of practice. Why then would we not work together as children of the same father in faith and use the teachings of our faiths to lift the country up?

A careful study of the teachings in the Quran and the Bible shows a lot of similarities, just a very thin line of difference.

Most Nigerians are either a Christian or a Moslem. This is why I believe very strongly that with our numerical strength, we can trigger the prosperity of Nigeria very easily, simply following the teachings in our holy books.

Discrimination of one another is nothing but ignorance and work of the devil.

So today, the topic of my Sermon is "Christianity and Islam, Children of the Same Father. We cannot Discriminate Each Other.

Let us Pray.

Christianity and Islam, Children of Same Father. We cannot Discriminate Each Other.

Without any contradiction, human race started in the Middle East. The Garden of Eden where God put the first man is said to be located around the present site of Iraq. It was originally called Mesopotamia and later Chaldea.

The entire first set of race angered God and God wiped them out with flood including animals. A man called Noah however found favour with God. Only him, his wife, his three children, their wives, a male and female of all kinds of animals were spared.

The names of the children of Noah were Shem, Ham and Japhet. So it is clear that all people of whatever language and colour of the present world came either from Ham, Shem or Japhet.

All the black people of the world are descendants of Ham. Ham had 4 children by the name; Cush, Mizraim otherwise known as Egypt, Put and Canaan.

Cush means "Black" or Ethiopia from where all the black race descended.

Ham offended their father, Noah and Noah rather than cursing Ham, placed a curse on Canaan, the 4th child of Ham.

The descendants of Canaan had therefore been wiped off the face of the earth.

The territory of Cannan is the present site of Israel and other areas in dispute between her and Palestine.

Israel is a descendant of Shem, while Palestine is another descendant of Ham through Mizraim.

But God prevented a remnant of Canaan from destruction. He did for a reason. God wants the blood of every race of the then world to be represented in Jesus so that no particular tribe, nation or race will lay absolute claim on Him because He was to come for the salvation of the entire race of the world.

So a woman by the name Rahab, a harlot was preserved. Rahab became the great grandmother of king David through who Jesus came.

Shem, the eldest son of Noah was the great grandfather of Abraham, from where two great nations descended i.e. Arabs and Israel.

The two major religions of the world; Islam and Christianity came from these two nations, Arab & Israel respectively.

We in Nigeria and all other blacks in the world are distant relations of Israel & Arab, call us cousins if you like while the Arabs and Israel are brothers.

And if there are differences, call it quarrel between the descendants of the two brothers, what do we have at stake to pitch tent with any of them or let me say it in our popular language "Which is our own in Nigeria" why should we be at arms with ourselves over a quarrel between two brothers? Our stake is only to mediate between them and sue for their peaceful existence.

Another thing any person has at stake is to examine carefully the basis of their different religions and decide, which is beneficial to him or her and this is an individual decision. It cannot be collective because each person will be the architect of his/her own fortune.

A careful observation reveals that the tenets of Christianity and Islam are very similar. It can't be otherwise since they grew up in the same environment. Each carried with him what he saw his father Abraham otherwise known as Ibrahim do.

Moses otherwise known as Musa in Islam claimed that God gave him a set of rules, which form the basis of the religion called Judaism. This was about 1500 years before Christ was born.

Jesus otherwise known as Prophet Issa in Islam or Christ elsewhere came and moderated the laws delivered to Moses.

Those who believe in the moderation, which Jesus made to Judaism are called Christians.

For instance, Jesus said, He came to represent the ram, which Abraham or Ibrahim sacrificed on Mt. Moriah (Gen.22:2). Meaning He would be killed and His shed blood will cleanse every race of their sins and it would no longer be necessary for anyone to kill again on annual basis, any animal to plead for forgiveness of his sins but believing in His shed blood is the ticket to heaven.

Hitherto, the Jews had performed every year a repeat of animal sacrifice performed by father Abraham i.e. Prophet Ibrahim on Mt. Moriah. It was called the "Day of Atonement" and it came up every Sep. 23 of every year (Lev 23:26-32; Lev 16).

The Christians do not follow this practice again with the believe that Jesus blood, shed on the cross had replaced the ram, while the followers of Islam still practice it and call the festival, Eid-el-Kabir or Ileya.

Moses or Musa gave the number of times and the times of daily prayers and directed the cleansing ceremony that must be performed before each prayer.

In addition, God directed three assemblies every year, which as a compulsion every Jewish male, must attend in a certain particular location in Jerusalem (Ex.23: 14-17).

Jesus came and said that these practices were no longer necessary because God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth; meaning we can now pray at any time and everywhere and not necessarily at a particular location (John 4:21-24).

In addition, Christ placed no spiritual emphasis on the ritual cleansing before prayers other than for hygienic purposes.

Moses otherwise known as Musa did not permit the eating of certain animals, which were said to be unclean. Jesus came and relieved His followers of the law. He said, it is not what goes into the stomach that defiles a man but what comes out of the heart. (Matt.15: 17-21).

The point 'am making for relating all these stories is this, everyone should have a right of opinion to his/her believe to these two religions and no followers of any religion has the right to molest the followers of another religion or to be denied of their rights as lawful citizens.

It does not call for hatred or discrimination in the share of benefits, which every citizen has a right to.

My persuasion is this. If anyone is sincerely sure that he knows the way to God, I say it again, if anyone is absolutely sure that his/her faith, belief or religion is the only way acceptable to or by God, such a fellow will work in love to get his friends, relations and all mankind to understand and imbibe his/her faith, belief or religion so that those others will not miss heaven.

Such a sure person will put everything at his/her disposal to get all people of the world to imbibe the truth so that their souls will be saved.

Such a sure person will go the way of friendliness, gentle persuasion, intensive intercessory prayers etc for those he/she presumes are on the way to hell. He will put down his money to pursue every peaceful course to get his/her fellow human beings to see the truth and accept it as opposed to killing and maiming them.

Doing this alone portrays the nature of God, for God is love.

Going the way of vandalism, burning the house of worship and properties of the people of other faith, threatening, maiming and killing people of other faith cannot be zealousness for God but the demonstration of the nature of the devil, under the disguise of religious zealousness. Satan is disguising to them as angels of light.

God has not made any one His defender neither has He asked anyone to murder another fellow for reasons of unbelief. Not in this dispensation again.

My persuasion again is that if anyone is absolutely sure that he knows the way to God, he/she will be prepared to listen, prepared to dialogue, debate where necessary, exercise sufficient patience with those he/she presumes are lost and would not debar or close the avenue or door to himself, members of his/her family and mankind in general to people of other faith from being heard.

He will not disturb the gathering of people of other faith neither will he prevent nor try to prevent their crusade or campaign. He/she will not show any kind of hostility to the people of other faith but instead be sympathetic to them, love them, be patient with them and tolerate their rightful existence to life. In fact, he will not want those he presumes as gentiles (kafri) to die until they imbibe the truth. Not only this, he will constantly plead before God that they receive the truth before they die. Anything different from this is the attribute of the devil whose tactics is that of pretense under the disguise of protecting people from being taught wrong things.

Therefore let everyone get the truth that once you are unleashing violence or supporting violence or happy or indifferent when violence is unleashed to people of faith, other than yours, you are an agent of Lucifer. That is the litmus test.

Our fathers and leaders in the two faiths; His Eminence Alhaji Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, President, Jamat Nasir Islam (JNI), President, General Islamic Council & Leader of Muslim Ummah. Our own father in my own state HRH Alh Dr Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari CFR, Sheu. May God grant you success.

Pastor Ayo Orisatjefor, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Professor Opoola, Chairman, Kwara state Christian Association of Nigeria and Rev. COS Fawenu, the Kwara State Scribe of Christian Association of Nigeria.

Chief Missioner: NASFAT, Ansar-ud-deen Society, Qareed, Hamadiya

All Christian Denominational Heads, Church Pastors and all Imams, God will grant you success on how you will be able to take the shame of this country away.

Let us use the teachings of our Holy books to catch up with the developed world.

For the progress of the nation, my believe is that the most qualified person gets the job irrespective of his religion.

I have scratched my head over and over to relate when religious divide started in this country. I want to think that removal of boarding house in high school is one reason.

In my high school days, no one took particular attention to religion in the choice of who to be made friend. I have spent my midterm holidays with a senior in his home town, yet he is a Moslem. I have a friend, a Moslem, a year my senior from Yashikira who at the beginning of every term, he never failed to bring me those flappy yellow cheese.

Till today, my friendship with people of Islamic faith who we went to school together remains cordial; in fact, very cordial.

In my junior years in the High School, several times the school Mosque was my assigned morning portion to clean. And not I alone but other Christians and Moslems and no one read any meaning to it.

I plead with the Government for God sake to return the boarding school facilities so that we can return to the good old days when both Christians and Moslems live peacefully with no segregation or discrimination.

Of course, we proselyted i.e. a Muslim trying to convert his Christian friend and vice-versa. There were those who changed faith and it never led to any acrimony. Not once.

Let every one of us today start to work on using these two religions positively to take our country to a place of pride, which will accord us a place of respect in the comity of nations.

Signing Out

My name is Sam Aweda, I am the President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission also known as the Peoples' Church.

It is my prayer that you will today consider your status with God, ask yourself whether you already secure a place for yourself in heaven. Your place in heaven is decided when you are still alive and not after you die.

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Sam Aweda is President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church)